Sayyidina Ibrahim AlaihisSalam was the son of Tarikh bin Nahur bin Sarukh bin Ragu bin Faligh bin ‘Aabir bin Shalih bin Arfakhshan bin Sam bin Nuh as This is from the text of the Book of the People of the Book. The ages of the ‘forefathers of Sayyidina Ibrahim to are respectively from Tarikh to Sam: 250 years, 148, 230, 239, 439, 464, 433, 438, 600 years. The age of Sayyidina Nuh tentang was mentioned when we narrated his biography.

Al-Hafiz Ibn ‘Asakir has related on the authority of Ishaq bin Bishr Al-Kahli, author of Al-Mubtada, that the name of the mother of Ibrahim was Aaneelah and he has narrated a long story about her birth. Al-Kalbi has said that her name was Buna bint Karbata bin Karshi of the Banu Arfakhshand bin Sam bin Nuh itu, Ibn ‘Asakir has reported for ‘Ikrimah that the kuniyalı, of Ibrahim was Aba Ad-difan.

Sayyidina Ibrahim AlaihisSalam , Nahur and Haran were born to Tarikh when he was seventy-five years old. Prophet Lut AlahisSalam started was the son of Haran. Among these three, Sayyidina Ibrahim was the second and Haran died while his father was alive in the land where he was born, Al-Kaldaneen (Chaldean) in Babel (Babylon).

Sayyidina Ibrahim AlaihisSalam married Sarah who was said to be barren and did not have a child.

Tarikh took his son Ibrahim and the wife of Ibrahim, Sarah, and Lut, the son of his brother, Haran and migrated to Kan’aneen ‘from Kaldaneen. However, Tarikh died in transit, at Harran. The party then set off to their. destination, Kan’an the land of Bayt-al-Maqdis. Meanwhile they had stopped at Harran, the Jazirah (Arabian Peninsula) and Syria. The people of Syria used to worship the seven stars, and those who lived in Damascus followed this religion. They turned to the North Pole and observed their rites verbally and physically. This is the origin of haykal, at each of the seven ancients gates of Damascus.

The most of the genealogists, including Ibn ‘Abbas centras, assert that his name was Tarih (or Tarikh, as stated in the beginning). It is said that the idol that he used to worship was called Aazar.The people of Harran also worshipped the stars and idols and, in fact, all the inhabitants of the world were disbelievers with the exception of Ibrahim AlaihisSalam, his wife and Luts AlaihisSalam . He had granted him wisdom and guidance right from his childhood.

When all the people went away to celebrate their festival, he remained behind in their land. He went quickly towards their gods secretly. He found them in a splendid surrounding with plenty of offerings before them. So, he said to them scornfully, “Do you not eat? What is wrong with you that you do not speak?”” Then he turned upon them smiting them with his right hand. And he broke them into fragments – all of them – “except a big one they had, perchance they might return to it.” (al-Anbiya, 21:58). It is said that he placed the axe in the hand of this one he had spared to make it look as though it had been jealous at the smaller ones being worshipped. When they returned they found out what had happened to their gods When they had gathered and brought him they asked, “Have you done this to our gods, O Ibrahim?” (al-Anbiya, 21:62). He answered, “Nay, … this big one has done it.” That is he urged me to do it. “So ask them, if they do speak.” He meant to make them realize that their gods cannot speak. So, they recognised

that they were inanimate and bits of inanimate material. On hearing this, they turned to themselves and blamed themselves for leaving the idols unattended and unguarded. In utter confusion, they lowered their heads down.

When they were overwhelmed in the debate and they had no answer available to them and there was no way out for them but to use their force and authority. They decided to burn Sayyidina Ibrahim and thereby help their gods.

They began to gather firewood from every place they could and it was a huge thing. They were so deeply attached to it that every woman who fell ill vowed to collect firewood for the furnace when she recovered. They set aside a huge land for it and set the collection to fire and it was a huge fire not seen before. Its sparks seemed to touch the sky,

To put Prophet Ibrahim AlaihisSalam into it, they devised a catapult at the hands of one called Hizan. He was the first one to make a catapult. Allah caused the earth to swallow him and he will go down into it till the Day of Resurrection.

Then they got hold of him to restrain him and tied his hands behind his back.

We said: “O Firel Be you coolness and safety for Ibrahim.”

(Al Anbiya 211 Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib AlaihisSalam explained that the verse meant, “Do not harm Ibrahim.”

Ibn ‘Abbas and Abu Al-‘Aliyah said that if Allah had not commanded the fire to become safety for Ibrahim, its coolness would have harmed him

Ka’b al-Ahbar has said, “On that day the people of earth did not benefit from the fire and noting burned through except the chain with which to was tied.”

Suddi has said, “The angel of Shade was with him. Sayyidina Ibrahim A was in a garden and around him was the fire. People could see him but not reach him, and he could not go out to them.”

Ibn Asakir has transmitted from ‘Ikrimah, “The mother of Ibrahim AlaihisSalam was watching her son state and alled out to him, “O my son! I wish to come to you. So pray to Allah to protect me from the heat of the fire around you.’ He said, ‘Yes’ So, she went to him and nothing of the heat of the fire touched her. She embraced him, kissed him and returned

Minhal bin ‘Amr said that he was told that Ibrahim AlaihisSalam stayed there forty or fifty days. And, he (Ibrahim ) said, “There have not been days and nights more luxurious for me than when I was in the fire. I wish I had lived all my life like I lived when I was there.” May blessings of Allah and His peace be on him.

Bukhari has transmitted a Hadiths from Umm Sharik:

The Messenger of Allah ﷺordered that the gecko (house lizard) should be killed and said, “It blew (the fire) against Ibrahim.Bukhari #3359.

Ahmad has transmitted from Sayyidah ‘Ayshah Radiallahu anhoo said that the Messenger of Allah said, “Kill the house lizard because it blew the fire against Ibrahim.* Nafi’ who had heard this Hadith from Sayyidah ‘Ayshah who said that she used to kill the house lizard.Ahmad, 6/200.

Ahmad has transmitted again from Nafi’ that a woman entered the house of Sayyidah ‘Ayshah Radiallahu anhoo and found that a lance was grounded there. She asked, “Why is the lance here?” She replied, “We kill the gecko with it. Then she narrated to her the Hadith of the Nabi Pakﷺ “When Ibrahim was cast into the fire all the animals set to extinguish the fire except the house lizard. It blew on the fire to increase it. (Ahmad. 6/217)


Allah has said in the Qurān:

Have you not considered the one who had an argument with Ibrahim, about his Lord, because Allah had given him kingdom?” When Ibrahim said, “My Lord is He Who gives life, and causes death,” he replied, “I give life and cause death.” Ibrahim said, “Surely Allah brings the sun from the east; so you bring it from the west.” Thereupon he, who disbelieved was confounded. And Allah guides not the evildoing people. (Al-Baqarah, 2:258) In these verses Allah has mentioned the debate between His Khalil with

the tyrant king who claimed for himself divine powers. So, Sayyidina Ibrahim AlaihisSalam turned on him his own arguments and brought to light his deep ignorance and lack of intelligence and the worthlessness of his arguments.

The exegetes and other scholars and genealogists suggest that he was the king of Babel (Babylon). He was Nimrud bin Kawan bin Kaush bin Sam bin Nuh. There are other suggestions too. Anyway, he was one of the several kings on earth. Of the four known kings he was one of them, two were believers and two disbelievers.

As for Nimrud when Sayyidina Ibrahim AlahisSalam invited him to worship Allah without associating partners with Him, he argued with him until Sayyidina Ibrahim is told him that Allah is One Who gives life and causes death.

According to Qatadah, Suddi and Muhammad bin Ishaq he summoned two men who had been sentenced to death. He commanded that one of them should be killed and forgave the other. But this was not the argument advance by Sayyidina Ibrahim AlahisSalam. He was speaking in a comprehensive manner of the creation of the universe and life from nothingness, and death and extinction. That was what he had meant by saying “My Lord gives life and causes death.”

So, when Nimrud claimed to be able to do that, Sayyidina Ibrahim AlahisSalam pointed out to him that Allah brings the sun from the east, “let us see you bring it from the west.” This sun is set on a daily course and moves on schedule just as its Creator has appointed for it. He, the Creator, is One besides Whom there is no God, Who is the Creator of all things. So, if you think you give life and cause death, let us see you alter the direction of the sun. His argument was that He who gives life and causes death can do what He wished. He is not hindered by anyone and is not overcome either. So, if you think you are able to do it, go ahead. But, if you cannot do it then you are not what you think.

Nimrud was confounded. He had no reply to that. According to Suddi this argument took place on the day Sayyidina Ibrahim AlahisSalam came out of the fire.

It is reported by Zayd bin Aslam that Nimrud had food supplies in his control and Ibrahim was not one of those who waited for it. Because of the argument, Nimrud did not provide Ibrahim AlahisSalam with any food while he gave it to others.

Since he was empty-handed, he filled his two bags with sand near his home. He said to himself that it would keep his family occupied. At home, he placed that sack on a side and rested himself but sleep overtook him. His wife Sarah opened the bags and found them full of delicious food. She prepared the food and when he woke up he asked her where she got it from. She reminded him that he had brought two bags filled with it. He understood it was the provision Allah had provided them with.

Zayd bin Aslam has also said that Allah sent to this oppressor king an angel who commanded him to believe but he refused to believe. He invited

him a second time and a third time but he refused each time. So the angel said to him, “You call your crowds and I will call mine.”

Nimrud collected his forces, his armies, at the time of sunrise but Allah sent to him armies of mosquitoes so many that the sun was eclipsed by their numbers. They overpowered Nimrud and his forces eating their flesh and sucking their blood. All that remained of them was bony skeletons. One of them got into the nostril of the king and stayed there for four hundred years. Allah punished him in this manner. All this time, he used to strike his head with a hammer until Allah caused him to die.

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