Hazrat Usman Bin Ali (A.S)

Othman Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib

One of the martyrs in Karbala. He was the brother of Abul Fadhl Al-Abbas. His mother was Om-Al Baneen (Fatima Al Kilabyyeh).

He said that his father Imam Ali had said: ‘I called him Othman because of my brother Othman Ibn Madh’oon’. In Karbala he was hit by an arrow by Khawly Ibn Yazeed, which made him fall to the ground, then another man came and killed him. He was 21.


Othman IbN Ali (Ibn Abi Talib) stepped  forward, his mother was UMM AL-BANIN Bint Hazzaam Ibn KHaled from the Bani Kilaab (the mother of Abal-Fadhl Al-Abbas i.e. his brother, both of them are half-brothers of Al-Hussein), and he said (at the battlefield!):

“Verily, I am Othman the, possessor of pride, my Shaykh is ALI the owner of (good) apparent deeds, and cousin of the pure Prophet. My brother is Hussein, the best of the best …”

“… finally, Khawli Ibn Yazeed Al-Asbahi shot and hit him at his forehead, he (Othman) fell off his horse and one of the men from Bani Abaan Ibn Haazem cut off his head. Abu Al-Faraj (the Shiite) says: Yahya Ibn Al-Hassan reported on the authority of Ali Ibn Ibrahim on the authority of Ubaydallah Ibn Al-Hassan and Abdallah Ibn Al-Abbas, who said: “Othman Ibn Ali was killed when he was twenty one years old …” – Source: Bihar Al-Anwar, by the Shiite Mulla Baqir Al-Majlisi