Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Chishti (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)

  • Name: Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.)
  • Titles: Qutub-E-Waqt
  • Silsila: Chistiya and Shorwardi
  • Predecessor: Hazrat Makhdoom Sheikh Sarang Sahab (R.A.)
  • Successor: Hazrat Makhdoom Sheikh Saududdin Khairabadi (R.A.)
                       Hazrat Sheikh Qutubuddin (R.A.)
  • Date of Birth: 800 Hijri 1397
  • Date of Wisaal: 23rd Safar 884 Hijri 1479
  • Date of Urs: 22nd Safar till 25th Safar
  • Resting at: Near Medical Collage, Lucknow, India
Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) belongs to the family of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A.). His father name was Hazrat Sheikh Kutub (R.A.). He moved from Delhi to Jaunpur after residing for someday In Jaunpur he moved to Dalmau. But due to bad conditions of wealth he moved finally to Lucknow. After coming to Lucknow he directly meet Haji Harmain Sahab (R.A.) whose Mazaar Shareef is in medical college Lucknow.
Both of them had a great relationship and in few days they become very good friends. One day Haji Harmain Sahab (R.A.) told Kutub Sahab (R.A.) to get married and told him that from him a boy will born whose name will be added to Hazrat Haji Harmain Sahab (R.A.) and one day he will make our silsila very proud, Hazrat Sheikh Kutub (R.A.) got married very soon and the time came when Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) was born as told by Hazrat Makhdoom shah mina Sahab (R.A.) was born in Lucknow in 800 Hijri 1397.
Haji Harmain Sahab (R.A.) told her wife that the boy who will take birth at Hazrat Sheikh Kutub (R.A.) will be feed by her milk. On hearing this wife told that there is no milk remaining in her as she had become old. On which Haji Harmain Sahab (R.A.) told her wife that when boy will be born Allah will by his grace give her the milk to feed the boy and when Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) was born there was enough milk to feed the new born Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.). Haji Harmain Sahab (R.A.) wife use to tell that whenever she was without “Wazu” Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) not use to drink milk.
  • Education
Qazi Faridun gave the zahiri talimat to him. When Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) was 10 years old Hazrat Bandagi Miya (R.A.) who was the khadim of Hazrat Raju Kattal (R.A.) and was great knower of marifat teached other Spiritual exercise to him. When Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) was 12 years old he became the Qutub-E-Waqt.
  • Qutub-E-Waqt:
His Qutubiyat was disclosed by Hazrat Dada Zinda Shah Madar (R.A.) of Makhanpur Shareef to one of his mureed who use to visit him often taking the request and the problems of people of Lucknow. One day when he the mureed of Hazrat Dada Zinda Shah Madar (R.A.) told him about the problems of the people of Lucknow Hazrat Dada Zinda Shah Madar (R.A.) told his mureed that the wilayat of Lucknow has been given to Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) on which the mureed in enquired that who is Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.). Hazrat Dada Zinda Shah Madar (R.A.) then replied that he is 12 year boy and what he look liked and told his mureed that from today onwards all the problems and request will be addressed to Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) from that day his fame spread all over Lucknow and people from all over the place and religion use to come to visit him for solving their problems and Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) use to solve the problem with great love and kindness.
  • Khilafat:
Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) was the mureed and khalifa of Hazrat Makhdoom Sheikh Sarang Sahab (R.A.). The Mazar Shareef of Hazrat Makhdoom Sheikh Sarang Sahab (R.A.) is at Mazgawan Shareef near Barabanki. 
Hazrat Sheikh Sarang Sahib (R.A.) was the mureed of Hazrat Haji Harmain Sahab (R.A.). Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) use to walk bare foot from Lucknow to Mazgawan Shareef to meet his peer Sahab, He belongs to the Chistiya and Shorwardi silsila. 
Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) was very parhezgar and muttaki. In the night of cold winters when ever he used to feel asleep he used to put cold water on himself completely making him and his cloth wet so that he can’t sleep due to the wetness and can worship Allah. Some times he used to sit on stones and when he felt very tired he used to sleep on that stones making him unable to sleep. He used to spend whole nights worshipping Allah and fasting many days. In this way by killing his nafs and the inner evil desire he got the real divine light of Allah and his beloved prophet (S.A.W.).
  • Miracles
Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) has shown several miracles in his life from which talking about a small number of them.
  1. Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) khanka was very old and was made up of wood and mud one day due to heavy rain the khanka came down killing the people sitting in the khanka. On seeing this Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) told his khadims To remove the people buried inside the fallen khanka and to put each of them people in the water filled in the pot hole near the plant of khajoor (date). As soon as the people were submerged in the water they became alive surprising the surrounding people and the time came when all the people were alive leaving one.
  2. Once Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) student Hazrat Makhdoom Sheikh Saud khairabadi (R.A.) was fallen very ill And was not getting well. He tried all the medicine but the medicines were unable to cure him. One day he told one guy to go to his Peer Sahab and tell him about the problem Hazrat Sheikh Saud khairabadi (R.A.) was going through. The guy went and told the whole thing to Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) at that time Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) was busy preparing food for Hazrat Nasiruddin Chiragh Dhelvi (R.A.) Urs-E-Mubarak from somewhere a roti dipped in ghee and sugar came to the bargah of Hazrat Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.). He gave the roti to that man and told him to give the roti to Hazrat Sheikh Saud khairabadi (R.A.) and tell him to eat the whole roti not leaving any the guy gave the roti to Hazrat Sheikh Saud khairabadi (R.A.) and Hazrat Sheikh Saud khairabadi (R.A.) ate the whole roti as told by his Peer Sahab after eating the roti Hazrat Sheikh Saud khairabadi (R.A.) felt asleep and when he got up he was in full health.
  • Demise:
At the time of the demise of Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) he use to mainly stay in his hujra as he was severely fallen ill and for six months he did not spoke with any one and after six months his condition became very critical and finally he took the pardah (died) 23 Safar 884 Hijri 1479. 
At the time of his demise his age was 84 years. The Urs-E-Pak of Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) is celebrated with great joy and love and it starts from 22nd Safar and remains till 25th Safar.
Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Mina Sahab (R.A.) had two khalifa’s:
  1. Hazrat Makhdoom Sheikh Saududdin Khairabadi (R.A.) 
  2. Hazrat Sheikh Qutubuddin (R.A.)