Hazrat Khawaja Awais Kagha


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The full name of the saint is Khawaja Shah Jalalud Din Muhammad Awais Jaafri Quraishi Hashmi Khagga. His father’s name is given as Bayazidai. He was a disciple of Shaikh Muhammad Iraqi, a saint of Awaisi chain of Sufis. He is believed to have arrived in Multan during the times of Hazrat Sadruddin and died in the year 700AH/1300AD. Hazrat Shah Rukne Alam is said to have led his funeral prayers. He was buried in the graveyard of Basti Daira which was then known as Basti Shah Jalal. It has also been reported (Gilani, Aulia-i-Multan, 237) that the foundation stone of this tomb was laid by Hazrat Shah Rukne Alam.