Hazrat Daniel Alaihissalam


Tomb of Prophet Danyal (upon him be peace)

This mausoleum, in the south western city of Susa in Iran is believed to house the tomb of Danyal [Daniel] (upon him be peace). He is best known for the time he spent in a den of lions.

  • Ibn Abi Al-Dunya narrates the following, based on a chain of citations:
    Nebuchadnezzar (Bakht Nasr) captured two lions and threw them into a pit. He then brought Danyal (upon him be peace) and also threw him in but the lions did not attack him. He stayed there as long as Allah (ﷻ) willed him to stay there and then he felt a need for food and drink. So Allah (ﷻ) revealed to Armiya (upon him be peace) [Jeremiah] who was in Bayt al-Maqdis to prepare food for Danyal who was in Babylon, Iraq. When he had prepared the food, Allah (ﷻ) had him carried along with the food to Danyal. There he informed him that Allah (ﷻ) had asked him to deliver food to him and he remarked that indeed Allah (ﷻ) had remembered him and He praised Allah (ﷻ) considerably for the numerous favours He had bestowed on him. He ended his praise with the words, “Praise belongs to Allah (ﷻ) Who is our hope when all hopes are cut off from us.”
  • The above place is known locally as Aramgah-e-Danyal.
  • The Jews do not believe Danyal (upon him be peace) to be a prophet.