Hazrat Abu Baker Bin Hasan Bin Ali (A.S)

 Abul Faraj quotes from Madaeni, who, through his chain of transmitters, quotes from Abu Makhnaf, from Sulayman bin Rashid that Abdullah bin Uqbah Ghanawi killed him.

In the narration of Umayr and Ibn Shimr, it is related from Imam Muhammad al Baqir (a.s.) that Uqbah Ghanawi killed him.

Sulayman bin Qibbah in his elegies remembers him thus, “A drop of our blood is upon the neck of the progeny of Ghani, while the (responsibility of the) other blood is remembered upon (Bani) Asad which cannot be computed”.

Abul Faraj considers his martyrdom to have occurred before that of Qasim. But Tabari, Ibn Aseer, Shaikh Mufeed and others relate his martyrdom after (that of Qasim). And Allah is the Best Knower.