ای سوار اشهب دوران بیا * ای فروغ دیده ی امکان بیا Ay Saware Ash-habe Dowran Biya, Ay Faroghe Deedai Imkan Biya

Iqbal’s heart is full of love for the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and addressing him he requests: “Oh the rider of the steed on time come again as this world still needs yon, come because you are the light of the eyes of this Universe”

It is a historical fact that the Prophet (s.a.w.) brought a great chauge in the world. He showed the mankind the rational ways of life and the people yielded to him and accepted his doctrines willingly. Allama Iqbal noticing the downfall of humanitarian concepts again desires the Prophet (s.a.w.) to come and guide the people.


رونق هنگامه ی ایجاد شو * در سواد دیده ها آباد شو

Ronaqe Hangamae Ejad show, Dar Sawade Deedaha Abad show “Oh Prophet (s.a.w.) kindly come and adorn this world with beauty of your person and charm of your character and do reside in the corners of our eyes”. Iqbal is over-powered with the love for the Prophet (s.a.w.) and hopes that the emergence of the Prophet (s.a.w.) would annihilitate all the evils of this man made rules and truth would be followed bestowing ease and comfort to mankind.


شورش اقوام را خاموش کن * نغمه ی خود را بهشت گوش کن Showrishe Aqwam Ra Khamosh Kun, Naghamai Khud Ra Behishte Gosh Kun

The peoples of this world are waging war against each other. The mankind was in miseries before your Prophethood and one nation used to dutroy the other nation but your preachings have ended the war. They had become like brothers and the world was free from chaos. Today the man has again lost the true sense of justice and equality and thus world needs you again. According to Allama Iqbal the cure and safety of human-beings lie in the adoption of Islam and working out its principles in practical life.


خیز و قانون اخوت ساز ده « جام صهبای محبت باز ده *

Khaiz-o-Qanoone Ukhuwat Saz Deh, Jame Sah-bai Mohabbat Baz Deh

Addressing the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) Iqbal requests and says “Come and once more teach the lesson of brothethood to the human nation and let them drink the wine of love of brotherhood” The Holy Prophet has removed the difference of the Race and colour and all human beings were placed on one level. The Prophet (s.a.w.) has created brotherhood between the muhajir (emigrants from Mecca) and the Ansars (Locals of Medina) and each Mnhajir was declared as brother of one local. The locals taking them as their brother had given them half share that is the share of a full brother from their Properties. Iqbal demands the application of this very law of brotherhood and therefore seeks the help of the Prophet (s.a.w.) to come again and teach them this very doctrine. The history tells that the tribes of Arabia were most uncultured. They had no law except that of might and would fight against each other for years and years together for trifling matters. The preachings of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) changed their character. By embracing Islam, they got their manners polished and began to love each other and recognized the value of man. The saying of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that all Muslims are brothers to one another made them love each other and ended their long standing tribal enmity.


باز در عالم بیار ایام صلح « جنگجویان را بده پیغام صلح

Baz Dar Alam Biyar Ayyame Sulh, Jangjoyan Ra Bi Deh patghame Sulh

“Oh Prophet (s.a.w.) come and reteach them the lesson of unity and reconciliation. Let those who are fighting and waging war against each other decide their matters through compromise and talk so that the days of peace may again dawn in the world.”


نوع انسان مزرع و تو حاصلی * کاروان زندگی را منزلی

No-e-Islan Mazrao Too Hasilay, Karwane Zindagi Ra Manzilay

Iqbal says “Oh Prophet (s.a.w.) human beings are like crops and you are the harvest. You are the destination of the caravan of life”.

The Preceeding of God that is Adam, Noah and Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) irrigated the field of humanity and you by giving it a finishing touch made it produce its harvest and therefore you own the crown of completing the task of God in showing the path of virtue and enabled the man to reap the benefit of a pious life.


ریخت از جور خزان برگ شجر * چون بهاران بر ریاض ما گذر

Raikt Az Jore Khizan Barge Shajer, Chun Baharan Ber Riaze Ma Guzer

“The vicissitudes of this world have made the Muslims away from the right path. They have forgotten the lessen taught by you.” Iqbal wants and desires that the Muslims should recollect the preachings of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) to regain their past glory.

COUPLET 8 سجده های طفلک و برنا و پیر * از جبین شرمسار ما بگیر

Sijda Hai Tiflak-o-Berna-o-Peer, Az Jabeene Sharmsare Ma Be Geer

“Oh Prophet we are ashamed of our short-comings and our foreheads are desirous of paying homage to you. Please come and accept our tears of repentance and show us your brilliant and truth showing noble face.” This is a prayer of the poet on behalf of all the Muslims in the court of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).


از وجود تو سرافرازیم ما * پس بسوز این جهان سازیم ما Az Wajoode To Sar Afrazaim Ma, Pas Ba Soze Een Jahati Sozaim Ma

“We the Muslims are proud of your high personality. We achieve all loftiness because of your high status in the realm of nobility. We can gain eminence and high position amongst the nations only by following you. It is your love that is burning in our heart.” It is a fact that love for the Prophet (s.a.w.) is the only remedy to lead us towards the aim of leading a successful and happy life.

Allama Iqbal means that love of the Prophet (s.a.w.) shall lead us to comprehend the truth and shall show us the way of God. The love shall force us to follow the preachings of Islam and when we shall become true Muslims in our actions our problems of this world and of the hereafter shall be solved. God has completed his message throngh the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and now our salvation lies in following the Prophet (s.a.w.).


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