Ghalib ibne Fahr

His patronym was Abu Teem and his mother was Laila binte Harith. He succeeded as ruler of the tribes of Arabia after his father’s death. His reign too was highly successful. He had two sons: Teem and Lavi.

Lavi ibne Ghalib

The name Lavi is derived from Lai that means radiance and brightness. His Kunyat was Abu Kaab and his mother was Atika binte Yaqlad. He became the ruler of Arabia after his father’s death. He dug a well outside the Kaaba that was called Aiseera. The locals and the visitors to Makka used its water to quench their thirst.

Lavi had four sons: Kaab, Aamir, Saama and Auf.

Kaab ibne Lavi

His Kunyat was Abu Masees and his mother was Madia binte Kaab Qazaiya. He was known for his exemplary character. He used to provide succor to the oppressed. He was the most respected person of his times. A new calendar was commenced with his death that was current till the Aam al Feel came into vogue. This proves the popularity that he had enjoyed. Generally an Arab calendar originated only when a highly eminent person expired or an event of great importance had taken place. This calendar was current for 520 years. This was the intervening period between his death and the Event of the Feel or the Elephant. Prior to Kaab, the Arabs used to call Friday as Aruba. He proposed calling Aruba as Jumaa and started the practice of Ijtema or gatherings. In these gatherings he used to give sermons. It was during these gatherings that he started the practice of saying “Amma baad (and then)” while delivering the sermon. Later on Qas ibne Sayeda Ayadi started using this term in letters. Kaab was a great orator of his times. Besides his sermons on Fridays, his oratory used to be a very important event during the large gatherings at the time of Haj. In these sermons he used to talk on topics like sanctity of agreements, protection of rights, norms of good behavior and the respect for the Bayt Allah or Kaaba. He also used to give the tidings of the arrival of the Messenger the Prophet Mohammed (s.a.) In one of his sermons he said:

“Adopt kindness and be considerate of relationships. Keep your promises and enhance your wealth through trade that will help you maintain thoughtfulness and generosity. Wherever there is need for spending wealth, don’t abstain from doing it. Recognize the greatness of the Haram (the Kaaba) and remain attached to it. Soon a great news will emanate from it and the last of the Prophets will emerge from here. This tiding was brought by Moosa (a.s.) and Eesa (a.s.)”

Ref: Ansaab al Ashraaf, Vol 1, Page 41 Kaab had three sons: Mara, Adi and Hasis.Mara ibne Kaab

His Kunyat was Abu Yaqza and his mother was Makhshi binte Shaiban. Mara was an Arab leader of much eminence. He excavated a well near Arafat from which he used to quench the thirst of the passersby. He had three sons: Kalab, Yaqza and Teem.

Kalab ibne Mara

His given name was Hakim and his kunyat was Abu Zahra. His mother’s name was Hind binte Sareer. He became known as Kalab because he was seen much on expeditions with hunting dogs. In the Arab tribes his personality was much respected. Both his paternal and maternal ancestors enjoyed much eminence in the society. He was very well known for his wisdom and sagacity. Arabs generally came to him for arbitration when disputes arose between them. For public welfare he got excavated three wells, Khum-Rum- Hadar, on the outskirts of Mecca.

Kalab had two sons: Zahra and Qasi.


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