औलादे सैयदा फ़ातिमा ज़हरा सलामुल्लाह अलैहा का अदब

औलादे सैयदा फ़ातिमा ज़हरा सलामुल्लाह अलैहा का अदब

हज़रत ने फ़रमाया तुम लफ़्ज़े खनज़ीर लिखो और उस पर जूते मारो, उस शख्स ने ऐसा ही किया

पीर कमरुद्दीन सयालवी रहमतुल्लाह अलैह से किसी ने पूछा अगर कोई सैयद गलत काम करे तो उसकी बेअदबी की जा सकती है?

फिर आपने क़ुरआन करीम में से लफ़्ज़े खनज़ीर निकाला और फ़रमाया क्या तुम इस लफ़्ज़ के साथ भी ऐसा कर सकते हो? वो शख़्स बहुत शर्मिंदा हुआ।

आपने फ़रमाया बाबू सैयद की इज़्ज़त उसके नसब की वजह से है न के उसकी अपनी ज़ात की वजह से- अल्लाहो अकबर۔

बाज़ जाहिल अपने इल्म और इबादत के घमंड में चूर लोग सादात की बेअदबी बड़े शौक़ से करते हैं और जहन्नम रसीद होते हैं इस वास्ते इस खुली गुमराही व बेअदबी से हमेशा अल्लाह की पनाह मांगों

अल्लाह हमें हमेशा सादात के कदमों की धूल अपने माथे पर मलने की स’आदत नसीब फ़रमाए

अली से बुग्ज रखा तो अल्लाह तुम्हे मुंह के बल दोज़ख में डाल

फरमाने नबी:-
ऐ लोगो अगर तुम इतने रोज़े रखो कि कमान कि तरहा दुबले पतले हो जाओ..
और इतनी नमाजे पड़ो कि तुम्हारी कमर में खुम आ जाये…
और दिन कि इतनी दावत दो की लोग तुम्हारे टुकड़े टुकड़े कर दे..
इन तमाम आमाल के बावजूद अगर तुम ने अली से बुग्ज रखा तो अल्लाह तुम्हे मुंह के बल दोज़ख में डाल देगा
“मजालिस उल मोमिनिन सफा 382”

Hadith Mohabbat e Ahele Bayt

“मेरी शफ़ाअ़त मेरी उम्मत के उन ख़ुश नसीबों के लिए है जो मेरे अहले बैत से मुहब्बत रखते हैं”
(کنزالعمال ج13 ص86)
:- हज़रत मुहम्मद ﷺ

Quran and Modern Science : RETURNED BY THE SKY

11- By the sky that returns
86-The Knocker, 11

The Arabic word “raj” means “to return, to turn.” Rain is a prerequisite for the perpetuation of life on earth. The water that the sun’s
rays causes to evaporate does not disappear into space. Rain and water
also returned to earth at the time of the Prophet, but scientific knowledge to explain the process was lacking. Once the layers of the atmosphere came to be differentiated, it was understood that the
Troposphere, which is one of these layers, prevented the escape of
vapor into space and contributed to the perpetuation of life on earth.
This layer sends the condensed vapor back to earth in the form of precipitation.
Most of the phenomena that we have studied during our examination of the verse and in which the sky was likened to “a well protected roof” occur thanks to the sky’s return of certain things. The sky
protects our world by sending back the radioactive particles, radiation
and harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the space. While it reflects
back to space what is harmful for man, it prevents the evaporated
water necessary for life on earth from leaving the atmosphere. The
Quran’s reference to this characteristic of sky, explored only in the last


If the atmosphere had not been endowed with this capacity, the maintenance of a desired temperature to foster life on earth would be impossible. Life is possible only within a narrow temperature bracket.
In the spectrum of heat ranging from the temperature in the sun to
absolute zero, life thrives only in a span of less than 1%. Once
attained, maintenance of this 1% span is difficult. A sudden fall and
rise in temperatures would also be deadly. For instance, when we feel
comfortable, say at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, we
witness a sudden increase of temperature, rising as high as 100
degrees Celsius or there is a sudden fall to -100 degrees Celsius,
destruction would be imminent. The atmosphere’s returning power
maintains stability.
The composition of the atmosphere is as follows: 78% nitrogen,
21% oxygen and 1% carbon dioxide plus other gases. These rates are
ideal for life on earth. If, for instance, the proportion of oxygen rose
from 21% up to 22%, the chance of lightning likely to start a forest fire
would increase by 70%. Had the oxygen and nitrogen rates in the
atmosphere been in excess of what they actually are, vital functions
gaining momentum would be to the detriment of life. Had these been
inferior, these vital functions would sensibly slow down again, causing
great damage to living beings. The steady maintenance of these rates
has been possible by a series of phenomena of which the atmosphere’s
property of reflection is but one; but the lack of this one characteristic would be fatal. Who would claim that this perfect umbrella
immune to all adverse circumstances was a fortuitous event? Who
would assert that our being protected and well guarded is the result
of happy coincidences that duly perform their duties in keeping for us
the water and the air vital for our survival? Our Creator has beyond
doubt designed everything to serve its purpose before infusing life to
us. The Quran He has sent was meant to enable us to behold His
wonderful creation.

27- Not without purpose did We create heaven and earth
and all between! Such is the thinking of those who disbelieve.
38-Sad, 27