Skeptic’s Reaction

Dr. Moore also wrote a book on clinical embryology, and
when he presented this information in Toronto, it caused
quite a stir throughout Canada. It was on the front pages
of some of the newspapers across Canada, and some of the
headlines were quite funny. For instance, one headline
PRAYER BOOK!” It seems obvious from this example that
people do not clearly understand what it is all about. As a
matter of fact, one newspaper reporter asked Professor
Moore, “Don’t you think that maybe the Arabs might
have known about these things ‐ the description of the
embryo, its appearance and how it changes and grows?
Maybe they were not scientists, maybe they did some
crude dissections on their own ‐ carved up people and
examined these things.” The professor immediately
pointed out to him that he [i.e., the reporter] had missed a
very important point ‐ all of the slides of the embryo that
had been shown and that had been projected in the film
had come from pictures taken through a microscope. He
said, “It does not matter if someone had tried to discover
embryology fourteen centuries ago. They could not have
seen it!”
All of the descriptions in the Quran of the appearance of
the embryo are of the item when it is still too small to see

with the eye; therefore, one needs a microscope to see it.
Since such a device had only been around for little more
than two hundred years, Dr. Moore taunted, “Maybe
fourteen centuries ago someone secretly had a microscope
and did this research, making no mistakes anywhere.
Then he somehow taught Prophet () and convinced
him to put this information in his book. Then he destroyed
his equipment and kept it a secret forever. Do you believe
that? You really should not unless you bring some proof
because it is such a ridiculous theory.” In fact, when he
was asked, “How do you explain this information in the
Quran?” Dr. Moore’s reply was, “It could only have been
divinely revealed!”

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