Scientific Approach to the Quran

A truly scientific approach to the Quran is possible
because the Quran offers something that is not offered by
other religious scriptures, in particular, and other
religions, in general. It is what scientists demand. Today
there are many people who have ideas and theories about
how the universe works. These people are all over the
place, but the scientific community does not even bother to
listen to them. This is because within the last century the
scientific community has demanded a test of falsification.
They say, “If you have theory, do not bother us with it
unless you bring with that theory a way for us to prove
whether you are wrong or not.”
Such a test was exactly why the scientific community
listened to Einstein towards the beginning of the century.
He came with a new theory and said, “I believe the
universe works like this; and here are three ways to prove
whether I am wrong!” So the scientific community
subjected his theory to the tests, and within six years it
passed all three. Of course, this does not prove that he was
great, but it proves that he deserved to be listened to
because he said, “This is my idea; and if you want to try to
prove me wrong, do this or try that.”
This is exactly what the Quran has ‐ falsification tests. Some
are old (in that they have already been proven true), and 

some still exist today. Basically it states, “If this book is not
what it claims to be, then all you have to do is this or this or
this to prove that it is false.” Of course, in 1400 years no
one has been able to do “This or this or this,” and thus it is
still considered true and authentic.
Falsification Test
I suggest to you that the next time you get into dispute
with someone about Islam and he claims that he has the
truth and that you are in darkness, you leave all other
arguments at first and make this suggestion. Ask him, “Is
there any falsification test in your religion? Is there
anything in your religion that would prove you are wrong
if I could prove to you that it exists ‐ anything?” Well, I can
promise right now that people will not have anything ‐ no
test, no proof, nothing! This is because they do not carry
around the idea that they should not only present what
they believe but should also offer others a chance to prove
they’re wrong. However, Islam does that.
A perfect example of how Islam provides man with a
chance to verify it authenticity and “prove it wrong”
occurs in the 4th chapter. And quiet honestly, I was very
surprised when I first discovered this challenge. It states
(Surah An‐Nisa, 4:82):

“Do they not consider the Quran? Had it been from
any other than Allah, they would surely have found
therein much discrepancy.”

This is a clear challenge to the non‐Muslim. Basically, it
invites him to find a mistake. As a matter of fact, the
seriousness and difficulty of the challenge aside, the actual
presentation of such a challenge in the first place is not
even in human nature and is inconsistent with man’s
personality. One doesn’t take an exam in school and after
finishing the exam, write a note to the instructor at the end
saying, “This exam is perfect. There are no mistakes in it.
Find one if you can!” One just doesn’t do that. The teacher
would not sleep until he found a mistake! And yet this is
the way the Quran approaches people.

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