The Pact of Hilful Fuzul (Waqia Hilful Fuzul)


The Pact of Hilful Fuzul

This event took place in the earlier days of youth of Nabi (s.a.w.s.). This nobly active youth gathered the youths of the tribes like Bani Hashim, Bani Asad, Bani Zuhra, Bani Qaiyim in the house of an old gentleman named Abdullah ibn Jazan and formed an organization in which oath was taken from every youth that he would help every

oppressed person in Mecca or who came to Mecca from another place and met with problems; that if someone oppresses others he will be made to give what was due to the oppressed justly. This pact was called Hilful Fuzul.

It is all the more worthwhile to hear the truth from others. Just see what an expert western historian has written:

The Hilful Fuzul organization was like an army formed by a group of brave and courageous justice-loving youths. It was constituted to ensure that each and every oppressed person gets justice and his or her dues. These soldiers were not taking any remuneration from anyone but were serving the society voluntarily. In those days the Arab Bedouins acted freely in whatever way they liked. There was none to check their behavior. If anyone from a tribe killed a member of another Arab tribe the whole tribe of the killed one would wage an all out war against the whole tribe of the killer. There were no norms for warfare.

There was neither police in Mecca nor any court. Every tribe formed their own rules. If anyone arrived in Mecca from another area and fell a victim of oppression there, he had no one to help. He would have to bear the injustice or return from Mecca , complain to his tribe who may come and fight with the Meccans in revenge. But if any tribe from outside arrived to fight with any Meccan tribe, it was being regarded as an insult to the tribe of Quraish and all the Meccan tribes would jointly fight with the outsiders. Therefore, hardly any tribe from out of Mecca ever dared to wage a war with Meccans.

In such circumstances the above-mentioned youths of Hilful Fuzul used to help every oppressed person. They gathered

around the Holy Ka’ba and swore that they would never forget their responsibility of assisting every oppressed person and would assure that the oppressed one got his rightful dues, even if the oppressor was the richest or the most influential person. That is why these volunteers used to rush to help even if the oppressed one did not belong to Mecca , even if he came from another part of the country.

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) himself once said: The best part of my past life was spent in the activities of Hilful Fuzul. That service has given me much honor and respect. I would not have stepped out of that agreement even if I were to be offered one hundred red camels.

The same western author writes further: This noble formation of Hilful Fuzul was the main achievement of the youthful days of Nabi(s.a.w.s.),It is noteworthy that the idea of providing justice to everyone came to Nabi (s.a.w.s.) at a time when nobody there even thought of any kind of human rights. Thus it was a very big revolution in social life. His activities weakened all oppressors and when the Holy Quran spread its light every sort of ignorance and darkness was removed from the land. Before that no one ever dared to question an oppressor.

In addition to the aforesaid moral virtues Nabi (s.a.w.s.) was full of God-given intelligence and wisdom. Otherwise how could he be a prophet? His power of making the most appropriate decisions in every social, personal or political problem was extremely wonderful.

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