The Message of the Quran

All greatness and piousness  belong only to Allah and His message. The book of  the Quran is the great mercy of Allah which was given by Him to his slaves. We Muslims are very lucky enough that Allah was given this grace to us. Comparing to this grace, there is no other grace which is available in this world. Allah says in this respect as follows.

“ Oh: people there  was  advise which was sent to you from your Lord. This  is such a advise which is a cure for all  the diseases which are found in your breasts and hearts. Those who accept this book and to them this book shows him the way  and on them, it will open the ways of the mercy.”

     The Quran says “ In the grace of Allah and His mercy, then after that, let them be happy, that is better than what they gather.” (58-10)

    So this is such thing for which they should be happy. All such things which the people gather in the world and among all such things grace of  the Quran that is better than all and  more valuable. And other than the grace of the holy book of Quran there is no such grace available and which deserve to become the cause of happiness and joy and for the celebration. So for this reason, Allah has connected our great joy of the day with holy Quran. The whole month of Ramazan is also connected with the grace of  the holy Quran. In the month of Ramazan fasts are kept and during night Qiyam (standing) are observed. In all mosques recitation of the holy Quran will be found and the meetings of  faith of the religion will be held.

  When the month of Ramadan will be finished then as per the command  of Allah, if you want to celebrate and be happy then it only  this grace and that you should be grateful for it.

 “That you should complete  the required number of days, and that you should regard Allah, Great of having guided you and that you should be grateful.” (2-185)

    So when the month of Ramazan will be ended then there will be the song  of the faith on the tongues of Muslim which is as follows.

“Allah is great, Allah is great, there no God, and Allah is great, Allah is great, all praise is due to Allah.”

This praise of God (takbir) belongs to which matter of Takbir and why there is talk of Kibrai (magnificence) of Allah and why there is hymn and songs of thanks are being sung  and for what purpose is there in this matter.? This is in the holy book of Quran.

   The question will arise that why there is another festival after festival of Ramazan.? The second festival is also celebrated for the holy Quran. For thinking about Ramazan  then there   will come an idea of fasting in the mind. The reality is that all greatness of the month of Ramazan is due for the sake of the holy Quran. The festival is meant for the celebration of the Quran. It is the anniversary of the revelation of the Quran and which is celebrated in the whole Muslim world. Regarding  the 2nd festival, there is tradition available in the book of Bukhari that  one Jew told to Umar Bin Qattab (R.A.) “ In your book   there is one verse available which is as follows.”

“ This day I have perfected your religion for you and completed My favour on you and I have chosen al-Islam as the  religion for you.” (5-3)

    Hadrat Umar bin Qattab (R.A.) says I remember that when this verse was revealed and where it was sent down by Allah and where was the last prophet of Allah  was available there at that time. It was a day of Arafat (major Hajj day) in the field of Arafat and it was a day of Hajj pilgrimage and one day before the festival of sacrifice and on that day, Allah was revealed this verse of Quran.”

    If think in this matter about the first festival, which is the start of the Quran’s anniversary and the second is a day of the declaration of happiness of the grace of Allah.

     The nations used to celebrate festivals for the thanksgiving these things  which attach with  their complete existence of the  community life  and identity is related. The Christians think that their existence of their nation is related with prophet Eisa (A.S.) and according to their believe on his birthday, on his day of the crucifix and on his day of regaining of  life, they celebrate  the festival. The Jews think that the day when Allah freed them from  the atrocities of Pharaoh, and they have crossed over them  from river Nile and was given them freedom. That day has become a day of celebration. But among the Muslims if there will be no any such person and whose life is deserved for celebration is the last prophet of Allah and who is mercy of all worlds and who is a  friend of Allah and dearer to Allah. But Allah declared the day of revelation of his book as the day of celebration of the festival and a day of merriness and joy.

    Some nations celebrate festivals when  the long nights of winter will come to an end and lovely the days of the spring season will commence  and starting of sprouting on the trees and green grass begin to grow on the earth’s surface.  Somewhere it is known as Navroz festival and somewhere this festival will be called as Basant festival. But Allah made for the Muslims that event important when darkness, ignorance and when slavery of false Gods long dark night was over and Allah’s Wahidanat (the belief in the unity of God) and light of Touhid (unity of God) was proclaimed before the mankind in the world. When those chains of slavery  were broken and there was arise awareness of the obedience of Allah  and  then the  man began to put his step for justice, respect, equality, peace and freedom in the new worldly season of spring and put his step into the new world of  the season spring.

      This thing is enough to describe this matter that the creator of  this nation and to with Him this nation’s entire life is related  and its identity and its existence of their life, progress and downfall, its height as well as downgraded, its prosperity and poverty and all of these matters are related to the  holy Quran. This is not poetry, but the Muslim Nation’s 1400 years of history  are giving witness in this matter. This fact is the only great reality of their life.

    Whenever the Muslims have connected their relationship with this book, then they have become in the world most respectable and powerful and as well as become prosperous and rich. And when  they have disconnected their relationship with this holy book of Quran then they have become dis-respectable, downgraded and as well as poor. See the first phase of history period and study the second phase of historical period. So the history repeats itself in this way. Allah’s will is not related to  this thing  and matter that the rule of the world come into the hands of Arabs or at the hands of  the Turks and rule will go into the hands of Abbasids or in the hands of Usman or Saljuqi sit on the throne or  the rule of the Mughal dynasty. In Allah’s practice, there is no injustice in this matter. Because when the Quran was revealed and at that time the action of the power of the rule and its coming and going was in progress. Allah  created one Ummah (nation) in the shadow of Quran because  the nation should carry the message of the Lord of the worlds  and to  heed h the guidance and to fulfill  the duty of  the custodian and bear its weight and it should act upon it and should  appear against the world as witness bearing.

      In this nation’s life the central position was got that day when in the cave of Hira when  Allah was sent down this first message to his last prophet there and after that the messages  were from time to time revealed to him and that message  was revealed from the tongue of one person  and for well coming it there were  small number of persons were there at that time  and those who were slaves, weak and poor and also they were not  big leaders of Arabian tribes and were not much educated people and they do not possess lots of wealth with them and also they does not have decorated with the  head gears on their heads. On the call of that first message such small number of the people were gathered there in response of the message. Then at that time who would have said that the call which was heard in the cave of  the Hira will be heard in some years from one corner of the world to another corner of the world. For this message one who  will accept  it with sincere intention and to act upon it sincerely and then those people would have become leaders and who will guide the world.

      This is an event which  relates to the beginning of  the Makkah life period. Kabab Bin Arat who was helpless salve and when he was accepted faith of Islam then his master used to begin giving him torture and trouble for the crime of accepting new faith and used to tied him and lay down on the fire and due to this reason  there will become soften  of the fats in the body  and due  to the burning fire which  will be extinguished and in that condition  he  was present in the presence of the last prophet of Allah and he said to him “ Oh prophet of Allah there is limit of atrocities, you pray for us.” The prophet of Allah was there in the holy Ka’aba while cover coverlet there and he was sitting with the support of the wall of the holy house there. When he was heard this then his  face was becoming  red like that somebody was rinsed out of pomegranate on his face. He was standing  and sat there and said “ Oh: Kabab before you people to whom this custody of faith was given and they were given trouble in many ways as such that with iron combs their flesh of the bodies were taken out. They were thrown into the fire of pits and brought saws and they were cut into two pieces. But those people were firm on their faith.  By God’s swearing, my work will be completed  as such that one woman from one end of Arab countries on the other end of  the Arab countries will be able to travel freely and nobody will not look at her.”

     The  Hatim  Tai who belongs to the leader of famous tribe Tay of Arabia and he was well known and famous in the world for his generosity. But  from the religion point of view, he was Christian in those days and his son Adi Bin Hatim was there. He said that “ The thing which he did not like most was that he did not like the personality of the last prophet and his preaching mission. When he was got controlled on our tribe and at that time I was fleeing  from there. And then I think that I should go and hear his conversation. If the talk will be a good thing, then it will be in his favour and if it will wrong, then what it will cause me damage in this matter.? So for this reason, I went into his service. When I  entered  into Madina city, then people called Adi Bin Hatim came over there. The people were too much happy to see me there.  And they were surprised that how I came there.?  He said “ The last  holy prophet of Allah caught his hand and he took me into his house. He  asked me to sit on the cushion and he was sitting with me there and he told me “ Adi: accept Islam and I know that’s why you did not accept Islam?.  You think that small number of people and on around them there are attacks of the enemies and they are facing fear from all sides and there is a danger of wars for them. These small number of people who are besieged in Madina city and what they will do.? But Adi I will tell you that from the side of  the Sana city (which is situated on one side of the Arab countries in Yemen) one woman will reach to Makkah and she will be completely safe. You have been seen the treasure of the  big Kingdom of Rome and Persia and all these will come into the hands of my nation. And I will say that there will come one time a person while carrying in his hand gold will come out, but there will be nobody there to snatch it. Adi said that he was seen with his  own eyes  the three forecasts of the prophet of Allah.

    When the small number Muslims were in Makkah then they  were used to be tortured and beaten and were laid on the sand and were beaten by stones, but on their tongues,  there will be Islamic creed that “ People say there is no God but Allah then Arab and Persia will be at your foot.” At the journey of migration when the last prophet of Allah was with Hadrat Abu Baker (R.A.) and Suraqa was reached near him and he said “ Suraqa: one day  will come then bracelet of Persia will be in your hands.”. If it is measured by general measures of the historical logics and then it will deem that it is a matter of mad thing that some small number of people while sitting in Makkah and claim that they will conquer the governments of Roma and Persia  and which will be coming under their foot. And this matter will be same as such that while sitting here somebody will claim that the day will be coming soon when  America, Russia, and Britain will be under his foot. Upon hearing this,  the people will say that this man became mad and he is among insane persons so he is saying such thing. But the Muslims have believed that the saying of the last prophet of Allah will not be wrong. And holy Quran which has promised and it will be happen surely. That message was given them that the time will be coming surely without any doubt in this matter.

     Due to results of the connection and attachment with the great Quran there was progress of the Muslim nation in spiritual development and improvements of great heights of manners and for their share have come of character and habits and in this attributes there was come perfection so for this reason at last what is value of  Roman and Persian kingdoms  was there and  more value of the kingdoms of  the world and at last kingdom of Rome and Persia came under their foot and all such thing was due to favour and benefit of the holy Quran and its attachment and which is more important than every grace of the world.

    Think that the man is gathering wealth, constructing houses and palaces or establishing industries and if he has many acres of lands in his property and all such things will not give the man  the wealth of peace or it will not provide a guarantee in the life after death.  Yes, if there is anything is there which is the grace of guarantee is the only holy book Quran. And with Quran such graces which will and  which  will come in the share of the man and all such benefits which will not be finished and there is no downfall for it. And it is never going to an end in this matter and such thing which will not be snatched from the man.

    All factories, gathering of wealth, luxury palaces, green gardens, lengthy and wide fields and its relation with the man is such that when respiration will be go inside  and outside of the body of the man and on the day when it will stop working of inside and outside  of respiration then in that case all above such things will be going away from the hand of the man. The question is which thing will stay. If there will be bank balance of ten billion amounts with anybody and if there will be no soul in the body and in manifest that  person’s hand could not sign on the cheque. If there will be 100 rooms in the building, then he could not sleep there again  on his bed. If he will have 50 dresses  hanging in the cupboard, but at that time there will be 2  coverlets will become his fate. The person one who will gather wealth and property and he will ignore this thing. All this is temporary, and will end and  going to finish. In opposite of this the Quran which open the way and that is  the way of perpetual  grace and which will not go to an end and in that  case for human beings there is no death at all. In which there will be fruits, trees and shadows are there for permanently and its graces will be remain for always. Those who will go with them and they will there insides for always.

    The Quran has changed the man of the first period of time as such that for which you can imagine in this matter. When you will think about this how it has changed, then you have to think about yourself that how we cannot change.?

      When the month of Ramazan will commence and will go to an end. We remain same at the 30th Ramazan as we were at the first date of Ramazan month. During the month of Ramazan, we will listen holy Quran while staying in the prayer and we will remain same as being there before its hearing after finishing of Quran’s listening.  But the listeners of holy Quran which we were used to be there before and about its condition  which is as follows which says by  the Quran.

 “Who fear in their hearts when Allah is mentioned.” (22.35)

 “And when they hear that which is sent down to the messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of their recognitions of the truth.” (5:83)

   “Allah has sent down the best statements in the form of a book similar to each other and not contradictory and are repeated. The skins of those who fear  their Fosterer tremble in response to the effect produced by it. Then skins and their hearts soften towards the remembrance of Allah.” (39-23)

    It is like that their skin’s small hairs will stand and skin will become hard and heart will become soft. This effect will be there on their skins  and one who will read it by thinking with connection and infatuation. The Quran is being read in our time in our society and we read it and turn its pages. We used to organize soon Quran’s meetings, but whether any person’s heart will become soft in this matter. And there is any dampness in the eyes of any person. Or any person’s small hairs on the body due to fear of its reading will stand. Whether anybody think that it is a verse  of the Lord of the worlds. No, but we want that soon we should cover its reading of the holy Quran by its parts and by its stages  and  finish the Quran. If the Tarawih (special night prayers in Ramazan) prayer will be late for two minutes, then we will ask Imam (leader) of the prayer in the mosque  to please reduce it  and finish it fast to some extent. If anybody had an appointment with the prime minister or chief minister or deputy commissioner and who will call  him in his meeting, then whether he will go there  with such  dissatisfaction and whether he will leave from there so early and soon, no but he will go there before many hours of his appointment and set right his dress. Some time he will see half coat and some time he will see  the crease  of  his Sherwani (is a long coat-like garment worn in South Asia) and some time he will check knot of his tie that whether it is tied properly or not or it is right in its place. He will reach there before and wait for the meeting schedule. From the personal attendant at the meeting place, he will ask what is a time of the meeting?. And when he will enter inside of the building.? This is a condition with those persons who could  not give anything to the man. In their hands, there is no power to give a little benefit or loss. But in whose hands there are power and authority of  the whole universe and all power and all might is there and from Him there is our neglecting style is there that we are neglecting His verses in the holy book as such that we do not want to hear or read it and either we want to understand  the verses of Allah and even we did not want to think over about it.

      The condition of the holy books hearing persons before us and which was described in the Quran and which is available before us. The holy books such portion which was revealed and such verse of Allah  are  being heard in their meetings and those persons think that it is being sent to them for acting upon it. It is not only for hearing or lamentation, because  they adopt  that color  and they become a picture of moving on it and their life will become exegesis of  the Quran. Some companions of the last prophet of Allah  say that “ We have learnt verse al-Baqra in a period of ten years”. Now the people want in the one-night meeting (in the month of Ramazan night in which whole of the holy Quran in reciting in prayers) to finish the whole Quran listening.  Some other companions say that “ We  used to learn 8 verses, then we will understand it then used to act upon it and try to memorize them. Then we used to learn next 8 verses of the Quran and in this way we have finished  a complete verse of al-Baquer.” In this way when they have absorbed Quran and sat in the company of the last prophet of Allah and their personalities have been changed then the world had seen that what rewards were given by Allah to them.  The promise of Allah and His rewards for them in another world, so for the time being left the discussion in this matter. Allah said about the problems of the worlds which  are  as follows.

“And had the people of the cities believed and guarded against evil, We would have opened for them a blessing from the sky and the earth.” (7-96)

The holy book of Quran is a great and incomparable gift of God, which is granted to the man.

     The Quran’s first right is that we should ourselves understand it and act upon on it. For us, its second right is that to explain it to others and present to them. When the light will come and it is not coming  for that the man should cover it with a curtain and put on its blanket over it. The light comes from giving light to the environment. Allah’s book has come to show the right way to the man. It has not come to  cover it and put it in the case for one’s copy of the holy Quran in the shelve of the drawing room as decoration piece or  to read it occasionally.

 This thing was said by Allah, there when he was mentioned about Ramazan and it made obligated fasting.

“ It was the month of Ramazan, during which the Quran was sent down   for the guidance of human beings,  and it contains clear explanations of the guidance and the distinction between right and wrong.  ”(2-185)

     It means Allah says that this lamp we have put in your hand for others. It is not only for yourself. This Ummah (nation) is made so that it should live for the whole mankind. This Ummah with the revelation of the Quran is  being brought  and stood up for the whole mankind. Because with  it has such guidance is there for whole mankind as the guidance of the lamp.

“ Those who hide that which We have sent down in the form of clear proofs and guidance, after what We had made clear for the human beings in the book, they are certainly the persons whom Allah curses and also curse them, those who curse. ”(2-159).

   This book of guidance is for the whole mankind. But those who will keep it hidden over  whom  also Allah  sends the curse and them human beings also curse them. I have sent down such a great grace in their hands, but they are sleeping with carelessness.  The human being curses them because they are  wandering in the darkness of misguidance.  We are suffering from  a number of disease and sicknesses and they have with them a prescription and with that they can cure their diseases and they have  been possessed such light and with that light our ways of life will be enlightened. But these are strange people and they  used to keep prescription in their pockets and they have kept  blanket over the lamp. So for this reason, if they will not curse them than what they can do in this matter.?

“Except those who repent and amend and make clear (the truth which they were hiding).Then those are the persons towards whom I turn mercifully and I am the Accepter of repentance, the Merciful.” (2-160)

 “Those who did not believe and died while they were  infidels, they are certainly the persons over whom is the curse of Allah and the angels and the human being combined.” (2-161)

    See the style of description of Allah and see its hardness and in it there is  anger and a sign of  fury’s look is also there. Over whom is the curse of Allah is there Who was given the book, over whom is the curse of the angels who have brought  down the book  and over whom is the curse of the human being for whom this book was sent down.

  The book where it is a grace and  also it is custody. This grace and custody were given to us. So we have to see that whether we are fulfilling the duties of this grace and custody or not.?

     This book has changed the life of the people before us. So think a little that how it was changed.? The question is what is dealing we should do with it.?

    When this book was sent down, then at that time the listeners of the book were believed every matter of description completely and they did not think that  were only words with the tongue, but they think on the higher level of conscience  of faith on this matter that each word is sent down from Allah.  In the same way when there will appear an important announcement in the newspaper which will have an effect on the day to day life then in that case everybody will ask in this matter. When there will be new regulation then you will become worried and anxious in the matter that from the side of the government whether has announced new regulation.  But my dear friends, but for those persons there was only one government with them  that the rule of the skies and earth is belonging to Allah the Lord of  the whole universe and  nobody is there other than Him. And from  Him whichever announcement will come which will be in the eyes of them.  “ If it is said if you will give one grain in the way of Allah, then there will be reward of it for 700 times certainly and more than it We will give them.”, On this matter they have belief with them. On spending too much as per the best of their ability on the way of Allah their purse will not be closed. The people will bring thousand of dinars and distributed among needy persons.

    They used to give costly gardens in the way of Allah. Used to do labour work and used to give the wages of labor work in the hands of the last prophet of Allah. If they were given glad tidings for sacrificing the life to go to the heaven, then they used to throw same time the dates in their hands so that not even they could not able to wait for such time for eating it and why they think  they should wait for it. It is an event of the battle of Badar that the last prophet of Allah told by standing as follows.

“ And hasten towards protective forgiveness of your Fosterer and the garden, the extensiveness of which the skies and the earth, (3-133)

    At that time, one young man was standing there. And he asked him “ Your honour, whether he can go to the heaven.”? He told him “ Why not.”? The way is still open today. Today, if anybody will open 1000 ways, but our steps will  not go to such way. But there was a matter of the faith and belief were there. That companion had dates in his hand and he said “  For such time who  can wait for eating of the dates. Allah be praised, there was such belief with them. With their Lord and they have faith in the prophet’s promise  and at the invitation of the Quran, they welcomed it and by saying welcoming they have thrown the dates by hand and taken out  the sword in the hand  and he fought and  martyred. This was Umair Bin Hamam. There are so many persons are there and in their hands and edges of the shirts are full of the dates, but they are waiting that a little that this work may be finished and that time may be finished then we will become pious one. If the problem of wife and children will be solved then we will do the work of the religion. In the same way, seeing tomorrow will never  come and at the same  for avoiding  the pious way  and the righteous way will not find and  shin will attach with shin and the edge of the grave will pressed the men in this way.

   We  used to do  waiting with dates in our hands and wait for it for many years. The way of paradise will be found open before us, but we would not follow it. Against of it, the holy Quran has revealed faith in their hearts. So for this when they hear verses their hearts will tremble and shake and shiver and there will be tears flow from their eyes. This thing is like a living reality was there in their life. For them,  the Quran was not like the book of ancestors. It was not like inheritance which will reach to them from their parents. They were watching by  the eyes revelation of Quran. They know that this is from Allah, the Lord of the skies and earth and as a matter of reality they have faith in each and every word.

    Allah’s last prophet has connected them with Allah and they become their slaves and become belongs to Him and remain  in Him and have surrendered their belonging to Him. The prophet of Allah said, “ The sign of faith is that to have a love of  Allah more of than other things. ”

“ And those who believe are strongest in the love of Allah.”(2-165)

    The love of Allah is not only  the status of holy persons  and keeping of the love of Allah  is  also dignity of every person of faith and its sign of faith. Those companions  have had the love of Allah than all relations and all things. Than for such love there was no father, mother, son and children, wealth and property was not important there for them. All these  things were there and they have relation  to these things, then they have not left the world and  do not go  to any corner and sat there. While leaving the world they did not go to the jungles and not sat there.  But while living in this world and in the society they have had more love of Allah than all these things. In sparing the time in the company so they run for congregational  prayer. In the love, of Allah, they used to spend wealth and world. When the time of giving life will come then they used to come there by rushing. When there come order of  the prohibition of liquor they throw it glass of wine and broke it into small pieces and taken away with its liquor immediately from their mouths.

     All this was due to the result of the love. What is thing  about  love.? Its condition and nature, nobody will not able to describe it.? But everybody has  the experience of the love of anything with him certainly. When there will be love there, then in that situation in front of him nothing will be stayed. If there will be the love of Allah will be there then in that condition then the love of any things will  be given love at all. Other than a love of Allah another thing’s love will not be there.

      The event of Ibrahim (A.S.) was mentioned in the Quran. He was speaking  to his nation. When he has seen stars then he said “ This  is his Lord. But the stars were set and he said those who are set are not his Lord. And I do not love it.” Then the moon rose, then he said it is bigger than stars and it is his lover. But the moon was set. Then the sun rose, then he said it is bigger than all. The sun was setting. And he said

“ I turn my attention towards him who initiated the creation of the skies and the earth, being upright, and I am not of the polytheists.”


    The meaning of Hanif is to be a disconnect  from all and to have become one person’s belongs. And I am not among polytheists  and my direction towards such side  for whose there is no partner with Him. In the life do you  know How many there are stars,  how moons and how suns are there on which our eyes are fixed. We think perhaps it will be always there.

“Who accumulates wealth and keeps on counting it.” (104-2)

   But the moon will be set and the stars will be set and with these things by setting what is a result of love with them.? If the man does love with such things for which it is as follows.

“ Everything will perish except His person, His is the judgement and towards Him will you be returned. (28-88)

“All who are on it will perish.” (55-26), and there will remain the face  (Person) of your Foster, Possessor of glory and honour. (55-27). The face (Person) will not perish. Then man, why should love with those things which survive today and will not remain  tomorrow. The man should love such things which will always survive.

    For this reason the companions of the prophet of Allah were such in demand as such that paradise was in their looks always. For them heaven and hell were not preaching, call of the Muslim priest.  They used to hear about heaven and hell day and night in their meetings as such that they are looking  for them and which is placed before them. They have faith for this matter. And they used to understand  that if they do this then they will be allowed to enter into the heaven. And if they do other things, then they a will be  reach to the hell.  If illegal things will be entered into the stomach, which will be very tasty and which is as such a like a fire of live coal which we are filling in our stomach. There will be too much benefit in not fulfilling the promises, but it is  like a fire which are kept on our tongues. In the same way, if done service of the persons of Allah and will do obedience of Allah, then there will be gardens of heaven,  there are  flower beds and palaces are there which will be given to our share.  In the holy, of  the Quran, there are frequently  there is mentioned about  the condition of heaven and hell. In many places there is mentioned  the scenery as such that like that these are palaces, these are variety and kinds of food provision like this meat of birds and these are the fruits and these are friends and these are companionship and meetings. All such things for them it was reality and in the eyes of thinking  and they see all such things. When there will discuss about hell this hammer of the fire, this is hot water, this is hot meals, this bed of fire, and this scene also will come before them as a thing of  reality.

    To whom have made them such powerful that Roman and Iranian empires were defeated by them.  In the words of  an orientalist “ That orphan boy of Makkah to whom there was nobody to care. After 80 years from Spain to China, in valleys, in deserts, in the jungle and in cities his name was started calling. Who did this and by which people? And this is done by such people who have had complete belief in the last prophet of Allah and faith and whom in the book of Allah they have had a wealth of faith. This book was changed as such that when they have changed  and with them all promises of Allah were fulfilled.

      In the same way when we have overlooked this holy book, then in that condition its all promises were also not fulfilled with us. Some time Mangole were become rulers of us and some time European were become our rulers. Our respect, wealth, curiosities of knowledge and treasure of wealth were gone in the hands of outsider people. Why it was happening.? Not for this reason that we were weak or we do not have less stock of  war weapons with us. The Arab-Israel war, which took place on the 5th June in the year 1967 and which was fought for four or five days, but it is fact that with  the Arabs had large numbers military with them and war planes and tanks were much more in quantity than Israel. But planes were destroyed while standing  at the airports and base of missiles were given  by the general of the Arab army to Israel.  The largest  number of Muslims was a defeated by fewest number of Israelis. At that time it was raised question that in holy Quran it is described that Allah was sent down on  the Israelites for always disrespect and indigence.  But, how Jews were becoming successful in the war.?. This is fact that there is no relation of Allah with Jews or with Muslims.  And his relation is with faith and action of good deeds. When Allah was degraded Jews and on its place Ummah (nation) of prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was given respect.  Then Muslim a were becoming  a supporter of the book of Allah and His invitation of Touhid (unity of God). When Muslims were becoming careless then on them disrespect  and  indigence were sent down by Allah. With them also such dealing was effected  like such that generally it is done in our community when any employee will do unfaithfulness, then street currier ask to stand  that person and beat him with shoes. In the same way of  the Jews, Allah was given a punishment of beating by shoes to us and Allah said see what was your position before and today you were disrespected at such level. Why the Muslim nation is facing such disrespect and disregard. Because the holy book which was given us such grace and the custody, which was given to us for which we are not fulfilling our duties and from it we have disconnected and  opting the way  of strangeness..

      Allah’s books are with us and our greatness and exaltation as well as  all treasures are hidden in it. All keys to  success are in its  edge and doors of success are in it. Success, salvation, peace, forgiveness and there are no doors are outside of it. We used to read newspapers daily and weep on the condition and recite elegy for it. But I would  tell on you that there is one prescription is there which is available for the cure of our  community and national diseases and this holy book of Quran is from Allah.

    What is the root cause of our diseases? The root cause of our diseases which is there available in our hearts. The Quran told about the root of disease will be there in our hearts.

“ Then certainly, the eyes are not blind, but the hearts, that are in the bosoms are blind.”(22-46)

   In the manifest the eyes are not found blind, but the hearts are found blind. Today politician or merchants, bureaucrats or who shed the blood of their brothers and they know well what is good and what is bad.? There is no less knowledge with them and nobody does not have blind eyes and all are seeing that this is bad deeds and in spite of this they used to do bad deeds assert boldly,  and all of this is because their hearts are becoming  blind which are there in  the breasts. When it will become such condition then there is a cure, is there which is  with the hearts that are in the bosoms.

   There is saying of the last prophet that in the body flesh there  is  a lump of flesh and if it  will be correct and if it will be worse then in that case all body systems will become bad. And hear and understand that this heart is the center of your personality and this is such a place where greed, voracity, love, hate emotion and stimulate are gathered there. It is said that upon becoming bad of a small thing, then how life will become  worse.? Today there is disease of cancer, which is general disease. In the body of the man there many billion  cells are found there and among them if one cell will not function properly, then it will confirm  that there is like a warrant of death of any person.  This is  a sign of cancer. And after this any other material support will not save  the life of  a human being. So the root cause of the disease is starting  only with one cell.

     As a matter of fact, the heart is an important part. In it love of Allah, love of the prophet, love of the Quran can be created and ignorance of it will cause bring down  a storm  and  the outburst of losses.  For  bringing the condition of the heart in a good state, there is one condition is that we have  to decide to do something and when we will decide to do something then our condition will be improved in this matter. If we determine that we should have to understand the book of Allah  that  what is written on it  then it is not a difficult work.

    May Allah shower his light and grace over the mausoleum of    Hadrat Shah Wali Ullah  as he and sons have done such service to the religion of Allah and for this reason in the Urdu language there is available Quran’s authorized and correct translations. See his any translation book and determine that  our 24 hours of the day are spent  in business, jobs, and with family members and from this time if we spare daily five minutes to read only 3 verses of the Quran and if not know reading it then hear it from somebody. And in this way one can finish the whole Quran in the period of four or five years.  This is not a difficult work. Even though today it seems as difficult work that to read the whole Quran. But if there is will and determination and decided in this matter that to spare  five minutes  daily to read Quranic verses like that Allah is talking to us then in a few days there will be tasting  and flavor will be there and which will be increased  and that you will be drowned in it and read it.

    Imam Ghazali was mentioned in his book “Ahya Uloom” that “ He was used to reading  the Quran like that he was ready by himself and in that condition he could  not feel any taste in it. Then he  began reading like that he was hearing by the prophet of Allah, then, in that case, my taste was doubled.  Then he was reading  like that angel Gabriel (A.S.) is addressing with me and he is reciting the message of Quran that then there is no  limit of this taste. And in the last I understand that Allah was addressing with me and at that time he got a real taste of holy Quran.”

     Allah sent this holy book of Quran for us. He is saying to us many times that he was sent down this book for you and he is addressing with us. If we spare daily only five minutes with this message and go in its company and have determined that we should read daily only 3 verses and try to spend our lives as per it, then in the period of five years the whole Quran will be recited completely and in this way, this big work will be done. If Quran’s meaning and translation will reach  for everybody in the nation, then there will be  no reason that its condition will not change in this matter.

    The second thing if we spare five minutes   time in the day or night in our time and during this time to sit and think over that today what such work we have done from which Allah will be happy or angry with us. It is enough that you ask this with your heart and not do anything. The reply of this question’s answer will be  ripped at your heart  and that your condition will be improved  when you will not do correction on this matter. But daily ask yourself that today what such work I have done from which Allah will be angry with me and which take towards the fire of hell. If there will be no need of  an act of correction practically  other than those as this review and check it will prove as a program of correction.  But with only work of correcting the matter will not be solved. This book is given for this reason that you should stand with this book and provide this book to others. For this purpose spare your time and spend your life as per this book. There is a right of this book of Allah on you and the last prophet of Allah who spend  the whole period of life for fulfilling this duty.

     Regarding Sunnah and Hadith’s definition all persons known well in this matter. As per  our Muhadith (a scholar of  the tradition) who defined it that “  Work which has done by the last prophet of Allah  or such talk, which he was said or such talk and work which was done before him and for such work he was told it  is good or upon seeing it, he was becoming silent.” This technical definition of Hadith (sayings of the prophet) which was defined by Muhadits (a scholar of the tradition).  This is Sunnah (practice) of the prophet of Allah that our dress, on our faces there should be beards. Think some time that from the cave of Hira up to the time when the prophet of Allah left mortal world and till such time  in which work  the days  and nights of the prophet will be used to spend. What is  the best practice of the prophet of Allah. That is to give preaching of the religion of Allah to the mankind. Then he was  in the morning and evening day and night in the streets of Makkah and in the valley of Taif city and in Madina city and in  the Prophet’s mosque in Madina, while sitting in his room,  and taking armies in the battle fields what work he was doing there.? He was giving invitation of the religion of Allah. And for it, he  engaged in the religious wars and without  this action, then there was no possibility of the work of the  holy Quran.

    If we are dealing with belief and faith with the holy Quran for all individuals, for the whole community and whole Muslims nation’s problems, all other difficulties will be solved as such that there were no problems will remain there. Otherwise, these problems will be there on our heads and life will become as punishment to us and we will spend our lives in such punishment.                            

         This is the message of the holy Quran by Allah.

The miracles of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani R.A.

Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani R.A., is the leader of the  all holy persons like the prophet  Hazrat Mohammed (peace be upon him.) who is the leader of the group of all prophets of Allah which have been sent down on the world. So for this reason he is called and he is famous as a chief saint of all saints. His  spiritual benefits and favours from his miracles  were available in the all period of time and even today is being continued and till the day of the judgment, such favour and benefits will be available to the mankind in the world. Because the favour and benefits  of the holy persons which is available during the life period and which will be also available in the world after their demise from the world. Allah the most Merciful and Beneficent has kept the holy persons in every period of time so that there should available favours of miracles and benefits to the mankind from them.

   The holy persons due to nearness of Allah and perfection in the obedience of the prophet of Allah they were away from the sins. Allah has given them the most excellent status to the holy persons of the nation of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and Allah’s  divine power   being  manifest  by the holy persons.


So for getting  favour and benefits from the holy persons is in fact of getting  favour and benefits from Allah because  their saying, actions are according to the commandments of Allah and as per practice of the last prophet of Allah.

  The Qutub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) of all time’s favour of spiritual miracle is  available in his saying which is as mentioned as follows.

“If my disciple’s  hiding will be open and he will be  there in the east and if  I am in the west then I will cover it.”

  In this way his disciples and devotees were able to get his favour  of miracles and benefits of spiritual powers in all time and at always. And they think him as a manifest of help of Allah and so for this reason they see his favour of miracles and benefits from him. There is saying of the prophet, which is as follows.

“ If your animal will run away from you then you should call as oh people of Allah help me.”

    For revival of the religion of Islam, Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani R.A. is such an enormous personality and  a great leader and due to the blessing of his hand while finding the religion of Islam as a patient in the exemplary  shape and given new life to it and  so then he was becoming famous and well known by the title of Mohiuddin.