Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool Aulia r.a

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Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) was a Muslim Sufi Saint, who came from Arab & spread the light of Islam, in those areas of then Sub-continent of India, which are now included in territory of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He belongs to “SILSILA-E-QADIRIA” (a branch of Muslim Spiritual Sufism). 


  Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) was born in 1101 A.D (1689 B.C). in “Teenjah” a small town / port of Morocco. The name of his father was Hazrat Syed Shah Abdullah, who was from branch of Hazrat  Syed Abdul Razzaq (R.A), the 4th son of “Sultan-ul-Aulia”, Ghous-e-Pak, Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani (R.A) of Baghdad, (IRAQ). He was admitted in  “maktab” (muslim religious school), when he was only 4years & 4 months old, the age when mostly children like to play. He always used to think  about the world & creator of world i-e ALLAH.  After obtaining the  islamic education through books, he started to obtain inner knowledge, which is the way to reach the Almighty ALLAH. He was succeeded in his goal, but want to learn more & more & also to serve the mankind.

In very young age, he asked the father to allow him to leave the country for seeking knowledge / education & serving the human being. The loving father permitted him to leave the town / country in  search of invisible facts / secrets about relations of man & ALLAH i-e ‘TASAWWAF’.  He left the town as well  loving parents & relatives, in search of love & blessings of Amighty ALLAH. In those days, the travelling by sea was not so comfortable, but with full blessings / prayers & loves of his parents, he started voyage towards India (the sub-continent).



After a long, tired & un-comfortable voyage of sea, Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) reached Karachi, then a small town / port of  Sub-continent of India.  He was still not pleased / satisfied & wanted to meet a “Peer” / “Murshad” (the spiritual leader, having full knowledge of “Tasawwaf” & to guide others).

In those days, the land of “SINDH” was bright with spiritual power of Muslim Sufi Saint “Shah Inayat”. People were coming from far away areas to get blessings of “Shah Inayat”.  

Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) also reached & stayed there as he found / felt love & peace of mind in that place. He obtained“Be’at” (i-e fully obey to his spiritual leader). He was deputed as Incharge of “Langar Khana” (i-e Mess, having free foods for everyone). He also continued his spiritual learnings.He managed the administration of “Langar Khana” in such a good manner, that Hazrat Shah Inayat was much pleased  with him. 

After a few years, Hazrat Shah Inayat give him “Khilafat” (i-e Transfer of  inner spiritual power / abilities) & directed him to travel towards North West. He also give him a  “ASA” (i-e stick /mace) & advised him to stay permanently in that area, where this “ASA” stops.

Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A), obeyed the orders of his“Murshad / Peer” (i-e Spiritual Leader) & left “Shah Inayat” & colleaque with tears in his eyes. He started journey towards North West, as per directives.




Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) started his journey from “Sindh” & after travelling in route of “Multan” & “Kashmir”, he entered in Hazara Valley & reached “Kokalyan”  near Haripur. 

He stayed on a  “TEELAH” (knoll / hillock) near a steam & forest. He made a cave on that knoll & started worship of “ALLAH”, the creator of this universe. 

Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) spent  12 years in that cave. In spite of worship, he also served the people of nearby town / village, by taking & filling water in mosque at midnight. 

The cave of “Bhoora Shareef” was brightened with light of his  spiritual power & wisdom, which was increasing day by day.

This cave still exist & a number of people used to visit this holy place regularly  to obtain  blessings of Almighty “ALLAH” through kindness of the selected Person / Muslim Sufi Saint, (Aulia). 

After passing 12 years in “Bhoora Shareef”,  Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A), left the place & started travelling towards west & reached a village / town  “Attock” (now “Attock Khurd”), near Indus River.  He stayed there for some times & spread teaching of Islam among the people of the area.

A number of people converted from religion of Hindu / Sikh etc., to Islam & a number of Muslims stop evils & started good manners / behaviors, with day & night efforts of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A). 




This was 1147 A.D (1734 B.C), when Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) arrived in Peshawar, then a small town. His stick (given by spiritual leader Hazrat Shah Inayat) stopped in a place in surrounding of Peshawar, named as “Dabgaran” (Now Dabgari ).

 Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) stayed in Peshawar & started preaching of Islamic ideology. With day & night efforts a  number of citizens of Peshawar converted from Hindu, Sikh & other religions to Islam. The Muslims of Peshawar accepted good manners / behaviors/ (AKHLAQ-E-HASNA) & left evils / bad habits. This was a great success of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) in Peshawar.

In spite of preaching of Islam in Peshawar & surroundings, he also sent his “KHALEEFA”, (Deputies / Spiritual Successors) towards Tribal Areas as well as in Afghanistan, for spreading the real teaching of Islam.

After 34 years day & night efforts of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A), Peshawar became a well known civilized city, having people with love for Islam. Due to route of Afghanistan & India, this city bacame a big city for traders, who travel from west to east. Travelers stay in Peshawar with their luggages, horses, camels etc. in famous Inns near Bijori Gate, nearby to Dabgran. The travelers also came for obtaining blessings of Almighty ALLAH, the creator of Universe).

This was 1181 A.D (1768 B.C), when Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) left this temporary world for a permanent life the next world, because, the soul came in this world has to return back to his creator. Those are lucky, who are blessed by the ALLAH, due to their good habits & efforts for spreading the teachings of the religion, liked by ALLAH, (i-e ISLAM). 

  Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) was buried nearby toHAWELI  (Residence). A number of people came to MAZAR(Shrine) from various parts of Pakistan as well as Kashmir etc., for paying  homage to this great Spiritual Leader & obtain blessings.

In each year, annual anniversary is celebrated in those days when Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) arrived in Peshawar as “JASHAN-E-WAROOD-E-MASAUD”. This is celebrated for three days in last Thursday, Friday & Saturday in each calendar  month of May. 


After VISAL (death) of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A), His eldest son became successor, to preach the Islamic teachings & so on as under;

Hazrat Syed Mir Murtaza (R.A).

He was born in 1149 (A.D) & after preaching Islamic teaching   & served people like his father. He was died in 1208 (A.D) in the age of 59 years. He was laid to rest near to his great spiritual leader father.

Hazrat Mir Hassan Raza (R.A)  

He was nominated as “Sajjada Nasheen” (The Successor) to his father Hazrat Syed Mir Murtaza(R.A). He also made efforts for spreading Islam & served the mankind like his father & grand-father. 

Hazrat Syed Ghulam Raza (R.A)

He was on 4th no. among his four brothers, but nominated as successor to this branch of spiritual wisdom. He was died in 1279 (A.D), after serving the mankind & preaching the golden principles of Islam.

Hazrat Syed Mir Hussain Shah (R.A) 

He was born 1231 (A.D) & after nominating as the                successor, he served the mankind & spread the Islamic          ideology, in such a manner that a number of people loved          him not only in Peshawar, but also in Hazara & Sakhu. He          died in the age of 93 years in 1324 (A.D). He was buried in SAKHU (Punjab). People visite the Mazar (Shrine) & pay     homage & also obtain blessings of ALLAH.

Hazrat Mir Syed Buzurag Shah (R.A)

He was born in 1269 (A.D) & succeeded as “Sajjada              Nasheen), after death of his father. He also served the              people & preached Islam. He died in the age of 65 years in         1334 (A.D). He was buried near to Hazrat Syed ShahQabool     (R.A).

Hazrat Agha Mir Syed Shah (R.A).

He was born in 1351 (A.D) i-e 1882 (B.C). He also preached Islam as well as served the people. He was a very polite & kind person. He died on 30th April 1932. He was laid to rest in the family graveyard of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A).


Hazrat Agha Mir Syed Shah (R.A) had 6 sons named as;

1. Hazrat Syed Muzammil Shah Gilani (R.A),

2. Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Gilani (R.A),

3. Hazrat Syed Qasim Ali Shah Gilani (R.A) 

4. Hazrat Syed Hassan Ali Shah Gilani (R.A),

5. Hazrat Syed Hussain Ali Shah Gilani (R.A) &

6. Hazrat Syed Assad Ali Shah Gilani (R.A).

The eldest brother (Hazrat Syed Muzammil Shah R.A) had been travelling Manser Camp (Attock) & Karachi frequently to meet & look after their MUREEDS (disciples) & shrines.  whereas, remaining 5 brothers remained in Peshawar. After education, all brothers joined various Government Departments for earnings from service & did not depend on the earnings from Shrine of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A). After official duties, they preached teachings of Islam to those who came to meet them.These brothers were famous as “PEERAN-E-SARHAD” (i-e Spiritual Leaders of Sarhad Province, which is now named as Khyber Pukhtunkhwah), due to their efforts for preach of Islam & love for all people & seving the mankind. 

Now, in the 8th generation, children of the above brothers are serving in various Government Organizations & after office hours, preach the good manners / habits  in Islam among people, who came to meet / see them regularly.



To spread the teachings of Islam, Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) sent hisKhulfas (i-e Deputies), spiritually trained by him, towards various Villages,Towns, Tribal Areas as well as in Afghanistan. There were a number of such Deputies, however, we are quoting two famous among them.


Sheikh Abdus Salam (R.A) belongs to North-East Tribal Area of Mansehra (Hazara). It was his honour, that he was the firstKhaleefa (Deputy), to whom Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) awarded Khalafat ( i-e transfer of inner spiritual abilities).

He was sent to His own area (Kohistan) & he did his duties efficiently & preached Islamic teaching & serving the mankind, in those hilly tribal area.  A number of families converted from other religions to Islam, with the day & night efforts.

After death, he was buried in Kohistan. A number of people from various parts of area came to his shrine to obtain blessings of Almighty ALLAH, regularly.


During stay in Attock Khurd, a young Hindu boy came to see Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A). The boy was in search of reality of universe. In few meetings he became a loyal disciple & accepted the Islam. He was named as ” Sheikh Saadi”.

After Khilafat, he was deputed in areas of “POTHOHAR” (PUNJAB). With his efforts, many families converted to Islam. He also continued serving the people.

After death, he was laid to rest in “SAKHU” (Punjab). A numberof people came to his shrine to obtains blessings of Almighty ALLAH regularly.




In Wikipedia, Miracle is defined as under;

“A Miracle is an unexpected event attributed to divine an intervention. Sometimes an event is also attributed (in part) to a miracle worker , Saint or a religious leader. A Miracle is sometimes thought of as a perceptible  interruption of laws of nature. Others suggest that GOD may work with the laws of nature to perform what people perceive as Miracle”.

In Islam, the spiritual Leaders do not disclose their spiritual powers / abilities in Miracles. Hazrat Data Gunj Bakh Ali Hajveri (R.A) wrote in his famous book “KASH-UL-MAHJOOB” that in “TASAWWAF” / “ROOHANIAT” (i-e in spiritualism) KITMAN ( not to disclose inner secrets / abilities / powers ) are compulsory.However, in very rare cases, for the betterment of mankind or to give lesson to someone, Miracles are shown by Spiritual Leaders.

A number of Miracles are attached with life of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A), however, the greatest  Miracle is to get success in converting  thousands of people from other religions to Islam.

However, two famous miracles are quoted as under;


During stay in Bhoora Sharif (Hazara), Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A), was not only busy in worship of Almighty ALLAH in the cave for 12 years, but also served the mankind secretly.  In midnight , he came out from cave & take water to mosques of surrounding areas & fill water for those who will come for prayer in Fajar (morning). All people were wondered.

A woman from “Paracha” family did not have children due sterility, in spite of a long married life. She also heard about this service  & assumed that this man is selected by ALLAH (i-e WALIULLAH). She went near to the mosque in late night & stayed there in secret place.  In midnight, she saw a man having attractive bright face, having water for the mosque. She felt on his feet & prayed that you are near to the Almighty ALLAH, kindly pray for me that I may become mother of children. Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool prayed to the Almighty ALLAH & asked her to go back to her home. After few days, she became pregnant & within stipulated period, became mother of a beautiful child.

All family members were very pleased & became disciples of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A). Now, the children of this family are still have love, respect for the family (successors) of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A).


This Miracle was shown to give lesson to people that they should treat all people equally & do not prefer rich on poors.

When Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) came to Peshawar & stayed in “Dabgran” surrounding to this small town, he was in need of some fire. He send disciples to bring from nearby areas. A marriage party was arranged in nearby area. For serving the guests, rice were cooking in a “DEG” ( a big pot ). The disciples requested the host to give some fire, but no one accepted their request & instead revile them from gathering / function..

When they came without fire & told whole story to Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A). After listening, he asked “what was cooking in big pots”. Disciples told “Rice”. Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) said ” No. These are insects , insects”.

In marriage ceremony, when top of the big pot was opened to serve food to guests, host became confused / disturbed to see insects instead of rice in that pot. Someone clever among them told that you people have returned  beggars (poor disciples) without fire, this seems to be punishment from ALLAH. They came to Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) & with tears in eyes requested him to forgive them. They promised to be more careful in future to compare rich & poor.

Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) accepted their apology & prayed to Almighty ALLAH. When those people came back to marriage ceremony, the big pot were full of tasty rice. They all became disciples & till date their children are also have love & respects for the family (successors) of Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A).