In addition to old devotees during the last stage of our saint’s life many Christians of higher status and wealthy gentlemen joined his fold and enjoyed the benevolence of his spiritual grace.

In December 1904 A.D. a young European gentleman came from Paris to meet Our Saint and bought with him an interpreter. After taking the oath of loyalty with extreme humility pleaded that he wanted to attain sublimity, see the Divine lustre and Divine manifestation 1n his life time, through the good offices of our Saint, Our Saint smilingly and kindly assuring, embraced him and gifted him with a few instructions consisting of secret and subtle points and from their special effects the fortunate person due to passionate love and excessive joy began to shed tears. Arrangements were made for his stay in Thakur Sahib’s house and Haji Aughat Shah was instructed to see his comforts.

The newly admitted devotee earn in evening to pay his respects and our Saint told the interpreter 10 make him understand God’s love cannot be obtained by rupees or gold coins. The one who does not mind his welfare or health, God meets him and if confirmation is required, in everything. His divine lustre is visible.

On the second day in the afternoon the saint sent for him and gave him sweets and semitahband with instructions to concentrate on one face and the same will be with him always. The employees or our Saint enquired the name of this god fearing Christian gentleman and came to know that he was a scion of an aristocratic family of Spain. His name was Count Galarza, son of a wealthy person. He was always camping in Paris in hotel continental for recreation. Besides Religious learning and other arts he was a doctor of Scholastic Philosophy.

Although he was pious and a believer of God’s Unity; he was in search of recluse and mystics. He came to know the renowned name and unique qualities of Our Saint from Ehtesham Ali Saheb who had gone to London for studies of a Barrister. From that time he was keen to meet Sarkar Waris. He spent one night in Dewa Sheriff and met three times and that too for liv minutes but acquired such spiritual knowledge in such a short period that others took days and days to grasp its significance and to comprehend its inner meaning.

A few days after the demise of Sarkar Waris, Count Galarza wrote a registered letter from Paris dated 13th May 1905 in which he added a paragraph for Haji Aughat Shah Saheb as follows. “I saw my honoured Saint going to the other world and at the same time of his death he fulfilled my desires and made me one with his heart”. From this it denotes his inner cleanliness and correct exposition. The mystics consider true revelation as symptoms of spirituality which after years of effort and endeavour is bestowed from the fountain head of bounty to the novice mystic seeking the path of truth. This appears a strange miracle of the bounties of Sarkar Waris that a Count sitting in Paris in Paris sees clearly the happenings of Dewa Sheriff. Thus he acquired the spiritual blessing from Our Saint beyond his expectations.

In addition to the above benefits he has also stated the other benefit he received and expresses his conviction that his Saint fulfilled all his desire as promised. What was his desire? It is already mentioned above, i.e. to witness the vision of Divine lustre. He also confessed that the Saint had bestowed this benefit is dignified and exalted and it is a combination of all his blessings.

This fortunate Christian had written a second letter dated 8th September 1905 to Haji Aughat Shah Sahib, mentioned only this minute study and stating that Sarkar Waris ordered those commandments in easy language which he had engraved on his heart. In his third letter dated 1st October 1905 he wrote to Aughat Shah in Arabic as his interpreter was away that he was free from literary activities and was diving in the sea of unity of God.

Count Galarza in metaphoric language expressed his spiritual activities in such eloquent language, the gist of which is an ambiguous picture of two sides from one side his spiritual dignity is apparent and from the other one side his research and ardour for unity, Although the two sides are concerned about the inner affair of unity, the difference is, the first one avers complete spirituality and the other the process of accomplishment.

One can infer that the count is absorbed in the Sea of Unity and is aware of the proofs of unity and in this way one can say that he is capable of observing and achieving his desire. The enquiry is not an ordinary achievement but pearl diving into the sea of unity is really a great dignity of the mystics.

For e.g. the well known mystic Sheikh Ali bin Ilahathi’s saying is, “Unity of God is superior to fields of knowledge”. And Abdu-r-Rahman Tafsunji states from all the learning, the knowledge or unity is superior.

Research Scholars among the mystics regarding the truth of the unity of God agreed that it is rather difficult to reach the vicinity of God. Only those with the acceptance of God, breaking their worldly connection, while passing through the valley solicitingly and willingly annihilate themselves before the Beloved, are ready to sacrifice their life to see the divine lustre are capable of achieving their goal. Beside these qualities and the attributes of Unitarians there are superior systems, mystics have also narrated. But, selected personalities are gifted and such sacred people come to the world after centuries and their exaltation and distinction is acknowledged even by strangers.

If anyone expressed doubt about Count Galarza’s external condition his achievement and exalted rank to the ordinary eye rather inconsistent. But in reality one should acknowledge he was always striving to know the real connection of unity.


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