علم و حکمت کے مدینے کی کشش ہے مجھ کو » لطف دے جاتا ہے کیا کیا مجھے ناداں ہونا Ilmo Hikmat Key Maddenay Ki Kashish Hai Mujhko, Lutf Day Jata Hai Kiya Kiya Mujhey Nadan Hona

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) has claimed that he is the city of knowledge and abode of learning. In this Couplet Iqbal says that his fondness for seeking knowledge has made him a lover of the Holy Prophet and since today’s advanced man thinks that those who are still adherents of old and bye-gone sayings are illiterate he is proud of being called so, and inhales breath of pleasure and satisfaction in following the prophet even if he is taken as an uneducated one. In fact the Prophet being the fountain of knowledge it is prudence to seek knowledge from him and be perfect. COUPLET 2

زندگی تجھ سے ہے اے فخر براہیم اپنی و کر دعا حق سے کہ مشکل ہوا جینا اپنا

Zindgi Tujh Say Hai Ay Fakhre Barahim Apni, Ker Doa Haq Say Ki Muskil Hawa jina Apna

Allama Iqbal is deeply grieved to see the downfall of Muslims who were once a ruling nation in the world. He, therefore, seeks Divine Blessings through the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and says:

“Oh Prophet, you are the pride of the progeny of Hazrat Ibrahim, we received all emenince in life through you. Do please pray God to improve our position and elevate us to the high position which as Muslims and true believers we do deserve. At present we are under degradation and our condition is pitiable.”


بزم عالم میں طراز مسند عظمت ہے تو * بہر انسان جبرئیل آیۂ رحمت ہے تو اے دیار علم و حکمت قبلۂ امت ہے تو “ اے ضیاۓ چشم ایماں زیب ہر مدحت ہے تو درد جو انساں کا تھا وہ تیرے پہلو سے اٹھا » قلزم جوش محبت تیرے آنسو سے اٹھا Bsme Alam Main Taraz-e-Masnade Azmat Hai Too,

Bahre Insan Jibraeele Ayae Rahmat Hai Too

Ay Diare Ilmo Hikmt Qiblae Ummat Hai Too, Ay Zia-e-Chashme Iman Zaibe Her Midhat Hai Too

Dard jo Insan Ka Tha Who Taray Pehloo Say Utah, Qulzeme Josh Mohabbat Taray Ansu Say Utah
Allama Iqbal says:

“Mohammad the Prophet of God (s.a.w.) is the source of Divine Blessings for mankind. The Prophet led the man to his high position. Those who followed him got high status in the world. So it is the Prophet (s.a.w.) above who showed the right path and led the man to elevation. He was kindkearted. After his victory in Mecca he forgave all of his enemies and set them free. He spent the days and nights of his life in reforming the nation teaching the human beings how to lead a happy and social life comprising love for all human beings and doing justice and working out the application of equity and fairness of things in all phases of social life.


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