Similarly many Christians influenced by his instructions gave up their old beliefs promised their belief in the unity of God. From Our Saints special benevolence there was benefitted and like other Warisi devotees they were absorbed in Divine love till the end of their life.

Haji Aughat Shah Warisi an old devotee of Our Saint in his journal “Ziafat-ul-Ahbab” has published the names of Christian devotees of our Saint along with their petition’s every sentence of which portrays their restless minds urge for spiritual solace and their heart’s cry.

For e.g. Mister Thomson Warisi a native of Africa and an employee of O.R.R. Railway, an old devotee of our Saint states in his letter “Everyday my mind is restless for a visit to Our Saint, you are aware of my mental condition. My wife and I are his old disciples”.

A well read European of high status Mr. Salisburry traffic Rajputana Railway came to Ajmer to meet Our Saint and presented. a petition every sentences of which was a reflection of his yearning and desire every word a breath of his deep rooted belief and article of faith, the effect of Our Saint’s spiritual blessings. He further wrote a letter as follows, “My guide, I know there is none except you as any spiritual Guide. I am sure you will O fulfil my heart’s desire. Bestow a piece of your dress and from your Gifts my heart’s desire could be achieved”.

A satisfactory reply to his every urge was sent to him. His other letter 25thDecember 1903 A.D. came couched in passionate language. He said that he would never part with the sacred gift sent by Our Saint. He further stated that his heart’s yearnings may kindly be fulfilled and his sins be pardoned. He added “I am one of your sons. My condition is changed. I desire that my yearning would be complied with”, He again wrote, “My dear father, please hear my lamentations and help me to tread the right path. I am glad to learn you are hale and healthy. In October I met five devotees of yours at the Urs and from them I learnt that you are well.” Every sentence of each letter of Mr. Saliburry is an expression of his passionate desire and excessive love which corroborated the dignity of Our Saint’s spiritual force.

By his bountiful instructions people professing diverse religions, addicted to ease and pleasure ware transformed by Our Saint into seekers of truth and deeply sunk in love of their Beloved.

Some Christian devotees of Our Saint were blessed with such bounty that Our Saint presented them, robes of honour. These lovers of God adopted the life of a recluse and spent their time treading with bare feet and head. For example Rumi Shah Warisi and old devotee of Our Saint hailed from the surroundings of Turkistan and by religion was a Christian. A greater part of Rumi’s life was spent in travel in India. During the tour the he fell ill at Mandalay (Burma).

Likewise Vilayat Shah Sahib came from Germany to India for trace. He was blessed with Divine gift and joined the fold of Warisi devotees and became a recluse. He went by foot to the Holy Shrine of Mecca to perform Hajj and died on the way.

Abdullah Shah Saheb Warisi was also a Christian. His name was also in the list of mendicants, wearing patched clothes. He was old and feeble but was invoking the name of Almighty God with such force and vigour that it had efficacious on the heart of his audience. He was taking parched barley called “Sathu” once in every twenty four hours. Every year he would visit Dewa Shareef to pay respects to our saint. He spent a secluded life in some rural part of Madras Presidency and died in 1285 Hijrah.


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