About them (twelve persons) there is no difference (of opinion).
Volume 1, Parts 1.59.1
Muhammad Ibn Umar informed us, he said: Muhammad Ibn Sálih related to me on the authority of 'Asim IbnUmar Ibn Qatadah, he on
the authority of Mahmud Ibn Labid; (second chain, he (Ibn Sad), said: Yunus Ibn Muhammad al-Zafari related to us on the authority of his father; (third chain) he (Ibn Sad) said: Abd al-Hamid Ibn Jafar related

Ibn Sa’d’s (public_html/religie/hadith)
to me on the authority of his father and Yazid Ibn Abu Habib; they
related on the authority of Abu al-Khayr, he on the authority of Abd alRahmán IbnUsaylah al-Sunabihi, he on the authority of Ubádah Ibn alSamit; they said: It was in the year following the year in which the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, had met the party of six members, that the party of twelve members met him, and the occasion is known as al-Aqabah
al-‘Ula. They were: from the Banu al-Najjar were As’ad Ibn Zurarah
Awf and Muádh the two sons of al-Harith and their mother was Afrà; from the Banu Zurayq were Dhakwan IbnAbd Qays and Ràfi’ Ibn
Malik; from the Banu Awf Ibn al-Khazraj wereUbádah Ibn al-Sámit,
and Abu Abd al-Rahmán Yazid Ibn Thalabah; from the Banu Amir IbnAwf was Abbas IbnUbàdah Ibn Nadlah; from the Banu Salamah
was Uqbah IbnAmir Ibn Nabi; and from the Banu Sawad was Qutbah
Ibn Amir Ibn Hadidah. All these ten belonged to al-Khazraj and there were two persons of al-Aws. They were Abu al-Haytham Ibn al-Tayyihan of (the tribe of) Balla, an ally of BanuAbd al-Ashhal, and Uwaym Ibn Saidah, a member of Banu ‘Amr Ibn Awf. They pledged support (to the Prophet) taking an oath, prescribed for women: "We will not associate partners with Allah, we will not steal, will not live in adultery, will not kill our children, will not calumniate knowingly and will not disobey commands". (Qur'an, 60:12) The Prophet of Allah said: If you fulfill, paradise will be for you, and as to those of you who fall short of it, it rests with Allah, that He may torment them and if He likes He may forgive them. Fighting had not been ordained upto that time. Then they returned to al-Madinah, and Allah manifested Islam. As'ad Ibn Zurárah used to call together in at-Madinah those who had embraced Islam. Al-Aws and al-Khazraj wrote to the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him: Send a reader of the Qur'an to teach us. He sent Musab Ibn Umayr al-Abdari
to them. He lived with As’ad Ibn Zuràrah and taught them to recite the
Qur’an. Some of them (narrators) narrated that Musab used to call them together. Then he (Musab) came with seventy of them and met the
Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, during the season (of pilgrimage).


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