The Jewish Rabbi, Zayd b. Saʻna, wanted to test the patience of the Prophet to see if he truly was the Prophet of God. He lent the Prophet money, which was promised to be paid back on a certain date. However, Zayd b. Sa na came to the Prophet before the set date and asked for his money back, but his treatment towards the Prophet was very harsh and he used some offensive words. Hearing this, the Companion ‘Umar got angry and stood up to confront the Rabbi, however the esteemed Prophet said: “[O Umar!] This man is entitled to better treatment from you. You ought to have advised me to repay the loan promptly and asked him to make his demand politely.” I

I Set forth by Abū al-Shaykh al-Aṣbahānī in Akhlaq al-Nabī wa Adabihi, 1:475 S178.

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