“Do not hoard; otherwise, God will withhold from you,” the Prophet warned his followers. Hoarding resources and provisions is harmful to society, and this is contrary to the teachings of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad strictly condemned such practices.’ He taught his followers not to hike prices saying, “and do not go ahead to meet the caravan (for buying the goods, but wait) till it reaches the market.” This command was to stop prices from being raised and a monopoly being developed, because society should be built on a fair and just distribution between all members of society. ”

Likewise, the Prophet disliked waste, even if there was no fear of that resource being depleted. For example, the esteemed Prophet said: “Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream.”3 Even if a resource was unlimited, he taught us to preserve it and to be mindful of how we make use of it, lest one day God takes this blessing away from Thus, avoiding waste is a way to be thankful of God’s blessings, and this is what the Prophet taught his followers. us.

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