Ya Ali Madad.

A Unique Virtue Of Imam Ali عليه سلام.

19th Ramadan, the day on which, the most courageous warrior of Arabia, the one who’s mother named him Hayder (Lion), the Asadullah, Imam Ali عليه سلام was struck with a sword on the head by Ibn Muljim, a khawarijite, when Ali was offering His Fajr Salah in his Masjid in Kufa. He was in prostration when this happened. He veiled away from this world on 21st of Ramadan due to the severity of his injuries. Even in this condition, he counselled Imam Hasan that if he survives, then Ibn Muljim should be released and if doesn’t, then he should be punished with only one blow (As he struck it to Imam Ali), whether or not he dies.
Remembering this day, i decided to write an article on one of the unique virtues of Imam Ali (out of many) which is often, not cited by the scholars because many would think that it is a False (Mau’du) report and some may even accuse the scholar of having Rafidhi believes.

One such report is,

It is reported from Hazrat Hudayfah Al Yamani رضي الله عنه that the Prophet of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said
 ان تولوا عليا تجدوه هاديا مهديا يسلك بكو الطريف المستقيم
If you befriend Ali, then He will be your Guider and Helper and He will guide you to the Straight Path (Sirat Al Mustaqeem).
The references for this Hadith are:
1) Al Musnad, Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal (d.240H), Vol 2, Pg 214, Narration 859. The narration is graded Weak as there is difference of opinion that this hadith is “Mursal”. Otherwise, all the narrators in the chain of this hadith are Trustworthy. (Note: Mursal narrations are accepted by Imam Ahmed as Hujjah when he finds even a weak shawahid of the Hadith).
Zaid bin Yathia, who narrates it from Imam Ali himself is Trustworthy. He is graded Trustworthy by
Imam Ajali, Al Thiqat, Pg 172, Narrator no: 493
Imam Ibn Hibban, Kitab Al Thiqat, Vol 3, Narrator no 2096.
Imam Dhahabi, Al Kashf, Narrator 1759,
Imam Ibn Hajr, Al Taqreeb, Pg 352, Narrator 2173.
Scan from Musnad Imam Ahmad.
2) Imam Ahmad, Fad’ail Al Sahaba, Pg 231, Narration 284. This hadith is graded Hasan. Abd Al Hameed bin Abi Jafar is Saduq. Abu Hatim said that he is a “Shaykh from Kufa”.
Scan from Fada’il Al Sahaba.
3) Imam Abdullah ibn Ahmed bin Hanbal, Al Sunna, Pg 541. The hadith is graded Hasan.
Scan from Al Sunnah.
4) Imam Hakim (d.405H), Mustadrak Ala Sahihayn, Vol 3, Pg 73-74, Narration 4434 and 4435. The chain is graded Sahih by Imam Hakim.
Scans from Mustadrak Ala Sahihayn.
5) Imam Abu Nuaym Al Isfahani, Hilyat Al Awliya, Vol 1, Pg 64.
Scan from Hilyat Al Awliya
6) Imam Alauddin Al Muttaqi, Kanz ul Ammal, Vol 11, pg 612, Narration no: 32966 and Pg 630, Narration no: 33070, 33071, 33072. (All are graded Hasan).
Scans from Kanz ul Ammal
7) Imam Bazaar, Al Musnad, Vol 3, Pg 32-33 and Vol 7, Pg 299.
Scans from Musnad Al Bazaar.
8) Ibn Kathir, Al Bidaya Wan Nihaya, Vol 11, Pg 99.


This the reason why the people from Sub-continent and other Sunni countries raise the slogans of Ya Ali Madad. This is proved from Sahih Hadith.