Turrebaz Khan

Combined shoulder shoulder

Turrebaz Khan was another Muslim Freedom Fighter of India, he along with Maulvi Allauddin participated in the attack on British Residency Building. Turrebaz Khan was born in Begum Bazar in Hyderabad and he joined the rebel forces when he heard that Zamindar Cheeda Khan was arrested by British. He along with some 300 fighters marched towards the British Residency Building but British were already informed and prepared. The rebel forces with Turrebaz Khan lacked formal training as well as arms and ammunition. The gunfire went all the night but Turrebaz Khan and other freedom fighters were no match for the trained soldiers of Madras Horse Artillery. Later Turrebaz Khan and Maulvi Allauddin both were captured and sentenced to life imprisonment at Andaman Cellular Jail. Turrebaz Khan tried to escape but he was shot by English Soldiers. When he died his dead body was dragged back to the main city and was hanged near the Residency building to set an example for other revolutionaries. The government of India honored the sacrifices of Turrebaz Khan by naming a road in his memory. The “Turrebaz Khan Road” is situated near University College for Women in Koti, Hyderabad.



Uprising of 1857