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Fassiyathush Shazuliya Tariqa

Warm welcome to the site of Shadhiliya tariqa (Thareeqush Shukr)!

The Arabic word “Islam” itself refers to peace, harmony and the Arabic word “Tariqa” means as “way or path or order “. One may wonder what to do with this path? It is the “way or path” to reach God, and hence the name tariqa.

Shadhiliya is one of the greatest Tariqa in this universe, founded by Imam Shadhili (Razi…), who originated from North East African country.Imam Shadhili(Razi…) 

Being the 23rd hereditary Grand son of our beloved Prophet Hazrath Muhammadhur Rasoolullah (Sal…) Sheikh Shadhili was the first in this world to introduce ZIKR JAHRI. That is Meditating Allah (Jal…) louder so that to get control over all the five human sensations.

Shadhiliyya is the only Tariqa which is called as Thareeqush Shukr. Shadhiliyya preaches to enjoy all (Halal) permitted matters in the world and thank Allah (Jal…) always who provided every thing, and Hence the name THAREEQUSH SHUKR.

The Tribute of spreading this Tariqa world wide through His (Karaamath – E – Jahri) Exhibited wonders goes to Sheikh Muhammadh Ajwadh Al Fassy (Razi…) who was the 21st Khaleefa of our Sheikh. During his tenure as Khaleefa tariqa with Zikr Jahri, Inshaadh, Auraadh and Hizb was spreaded all over the world.

Today there are 117 countries around the globe where the Aa’maals of Shadhiliyya tariqa are being performed. People from all over the world, because of the mixture of their regional languages, pronounce and spell Shazuli(ya) as, Shadhili(ya), Shazili(ya), Shadhuli(ya), Chadhuli(ya), Chadili(ya), Chadhili(ya), Chazuli(ya), chazli(ya) etc., Though it is spelled with various pronunciations and spellings all refers only to this tariqa “Shadhili(ya)”.

Tunisia, Morocco, Oman, Syria, Iraq, India, Srilanka, Pakistan, Egypt, Mauritius, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Palestine, Malaysia and U.S.A., are some of the most important countries were tariqa is in full fledge till today.

Shazuli(ya) Nomenclature

Shazuli is the Holy Nomenclature of the Sheikh who founded the Tariqa called Shazuliyya. Full name of our Sheikh is Hazrath Syyeidhina Imam Noorudhdheen Abul Hasan Shazuli (Razi…) He is the 23rd Hereditary grand son of the Holy Prophet Muhammadhur Rasoolullah (Sal…) and subsequently he belongs to “Syed” clan.

The Genealogy follows….
Imam Noorudhdheen Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shazuli (Razi…)
Abdullah (Razi…)
Abdul Jabbar (Razi…)
Thameem (Razi…)
Hurmuz (Razi…)
Haathim (Razi…)
Qusai (Razi…)
Yousuf (Razi…)
Yousha’ (Razi…)
Wardh (Razi…)
Batthal (Razi…)
Alee (Razi…)
Ahmadh (Razi…)
Muhammadh (Razi…)
Eessa (Razi…)
Edhrees (Razi…)
Omar (Razi…)
Edhrees (Razi…)
Abdullah (Razi…)
Hasan Al Musanna (Razi…)
Abu Muhammadh Hazrath Imam Hasan (Razi…)
Ameeril Mu’mineen, Asadhullah Hazrath Alee Al Murthala (Kar…)
And Syyeidhathinnisa Fathima Az Zaharaa (Razi…)
Hazrath Syyeidhina Muhammadhur Rasoolullah (Sal…).

Basic Principles in Shazuliya Tariqa

The following are the give Basic Principles of Shadhiliya Tariqa .

  1. In solitudity and in public, should always be afraid of Allah.
  2. Should follow Shariyah in speech and deed.
  3. In all stages such as prosperity and poverty, happiness and sorrow, good and bad, should not beg to the creations but to the creator.
  4. When God shows his mercy less or more should be Thankful to the commandings of God.
  5. Like joy and sorrow, fortune and misfortune anything may happen. But should believe that everything is from God.

The Principles of Shazuliyya Tariqa are very much easy to be followed by each and every Muslim. So majority of muslims in the universe follow Shazuliyya Tariqa.

A muslim who strictly follows the above principles after getting a vow (Baia’th) are considered to be Muridheen in Shazuliyya.

Spiritual Genealogy

Spiritual Genealogy of this Tariqa ends with Allah (Jal…) so this Tariqa is called as Thareequllah.

The Spiritual Genealogy of our Tariqa follows…
Al Quthbul Akbar Wal Ghousul Ashhar Hazrath Seyyidhina Imam Nooruddheen Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shazuli (Razi…) was trained by and got his spiritual knowledgefrom his preceptor Moulana AbdusSalam Bin Mishish (Razi…) from

Seyyidhina AbdhurRahman Al Madhani Al Atthar Alias Zayyadh (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Thaqiyuddheen il Fukhair (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Fakhrudheen (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Noorudheen (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Thajudeen (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Shamsudeen (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Zainuddeenil Khazweeni (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Ishaaq Ibraheem Al Basari (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Abil Quasim bin Marwaan (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Abi Muhammadh Sayeedh (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Abu Muhammadh Sa’ad (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Abu Muhammadh Fath As Su’oodh (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Sayeedhil Gazwaani (Razi…)
Al Quthub Syedhee Abu Muhammadh Jaabir (Razi…)
Hazrath Abu Muhammadh Imam Hasan (Razi…)
Hazrath Ameeril Mu’mineen Syedhina Imam Ali Al Murthaza (Kar…)
Syedhul Anbiya Hazrath Muhammadhur Rasoolullah (Sal…)
Hazrath Jibrayeel (Alai…)
Rabbunal Izz Allah (Jal…).

In this same way each and every mureedh entering our tariqa with a vow will have a Preceptoral genealogy ending with Rabbuna Allah (Jal…).

Thareeqush Shukr

This Tariqa is called Thareeqush Shukr, because unlike other Tariqa, ours preaches to enjoy all the permitted things. Shazuliyya alone doesn’t prevent and prohibit it’s muridheens from enjoying the permitted matters, and to Thank Allah (Jal…) who provided that.


Hence all the instructions of this Tariqa are to enjoy the permitted ones and Thank Allah (Jal…) so as to reach HIM. So this Tariqa is called as Thareeqush Shukr. Tariqa of gratitude and other Tariqa are called as Tariqa of Patience.

“Aththaayimush Shaakir Kas Suaayimus Suaabir”. Hazrath Prophet Muhammadhur Rasoolullah (Sal…) said, A person taking his food with gratitude towards Allah (Jal…) is equal to a person on fast with patience (found in: Thirmidhi, Ibn Maaja, Mishkath:365).

So from this saying it is concluded that Patience (Sabr) and Gratitude (Shukr) are viewed equally by Allah (Jal…). Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) has preferred the way of gratitude than the way of patience, because it is very much easier to be followed by the people.

In the Noble Qur’aan Allah (Says…) “La in Shakarthum la Azeedhannakum wa la in kafarthum anna adhaabi la shadheedh”. “If you thank me I will multiply my mercy. And if you disbelieve my distress will follow you”. And in some other place “Yaa Ayyuhar Rusulu Kulu minath Thayyibaathu Wa’malus Sualiha”.”Oh my Prophets! Eat from my good foods and pray me with purity”.

Also it is said in Qur’aan “Yaa ayyuhal ladheena aamanu laa thuharrimu thuayyibaathi maa ahallallahu lakum wala tha’thadu annallaha laa uhibbul mu’thadheen”. “Oh Mumins! Don’t attempt to make thinks (Haraam) forbidded which Allah has purified and made (Halaal) permitted”.

Also from Qur’aan “Yaa Ayyuhannabiyyu lima thuharrmu maa ahallallahu lak”. ” Oh my Nabi! Why are you (denying yourself) forbidding the things permitted by Allah?”

Once Abul Ahwas (Razi…) father visited the congregation of Prophet Hazrath Rasoolullah (Sal…). He was wearing a normal dress. Seeing this Rasoolullah (Sal…) asked “Aren’t you rich and wealthy?” He affirmed to what extent? Asked Rasoolullah (Sal…) He replied “a lot of cattle’s, camels, Horses and Slave and I am as well to do by the Grace of Allah”. Immediately Rasoolullah (Sal…) said “Then why the Mercy and Benevolence of Allah (Jal…) showered on you are not displayed? Let it be visible on your dress and mind. Guise yourself valuably. (From : Ahmadh, Nasayee Mishkath: 375 page).

So the above said Qur’aanic verses and Hadith are the basic why this tariqa is constituted as the tariqa of gratitude. It takes people on their own way and diverts them towards God at last.


Which are considered as Heart beat of our tariqa has been uploaded in a direct pdf format so that visitors may download those Hizbs without any hindrance

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Rouza Of Qutbul Ujud Hazrat Seyyidina Imam Mohammad al Fassy Ash shadhili (Razi) @ Jannatul Mualla, Makkah.

Fassy – The II Shazuli

As per the utterance of Imam shadhili (Rali…), a number of sheikhs, khalifas and murideens entered this tariqa (order) shadhiliya. Among them Hazrat Qutbul ujud seyyidina mohammad al fassy ash shadhili (Rah…) the 21st khalifa (representative) of Imam Shadhili (Rali…) was very much well known in the world of tasawwuf. For his Ilm, QytbaniyyatKaramaats and for his flourishing of shazuliya thareequa sheikh fassy (Rah…) was called as The second shazuli.

Through Hadrat Fassy (Rah…) (called as second shadhili) this tariqa was taken to many a part of the world where even the smell of Islam couldn’t be found.

As Allama saajid (Eldest son of Hazrat Meer Ahmed Ibrahim (Rah…)) says in his poem;

“ Kaun Dhekhey?, Yaa sunethey,?
Aise Kufrastaan mey……
Zikr ka Halqa chalegaa
Az nawaale shazili……”

“Oh! Have any one saw (or) Heard about the voice of zikr (Halqa) in this tainted land of kufr? This has come true because of shadhili.”

Yes! No doubt in the words of Allama saajid… This is possible only because of Shadhili Imam (Rali…) and Sheikh Fassy (Rah…) and their Tariqa (order) Fassiyatush Shadhiliya……

Education Of Sheikh Fassy

Though His father stayed in egypt sheikh fasy travelled to makkah to memorise Quraan with its Tajwidh (Procedural Pronounciation) from some great learned scholars sheikh fassy learned all kinds of knowledge. Everyone there were surprised of His inclination towards knowledge and His memorising power. He started from there in search of a teacher who will unite him with Allah (Jal.) Sheikh fasi spent all his night in prayers and all his days in fasting. He used to recite full Qur’aan daily. Sheikh fassy recited Dalailul Khairat (A book with salawats of our prophet) 21 times a day. Right from His childhood days Sheikh fassy had an habit of going to ziyarat (meeting) of waliyullahs both alive and dead.Great scholars such as Shariff Ahmad Al faiwan, Hasan Al Akrau majzoob wished sheikh faassy and told ” Oh! Fassy, you will turn as a great desirable by god (waliyullah) and a Qutb”.

Allah (jal.) presented sheikh fassy with a great preceptor, the king of sufis, Leader of Aarifeens, ustadul kabir, a sheikh who had Ismul A’alam within him, by name Muhammad bin Hamza Lafir Al madani.

Sheikh faassi entered Shadhiliya sufi path in his age of 25 ie., in Hijri 1242 through his sheikh.

Qutbul ujud Hazrat faasi spent His full 18 years in the service of his sheikh hazrat muhammadh bin Hamza Lafir Al madani and learned Ismul Aalam from ustadul Kabeer, who directed him to hold strictly in day and night, in solitudity and in multitude.

Ustadul Akbar Sheikh mohammadh bin hamza lafir Al madhani also added “All waliyullahs, turned the same only through this Ismul Aalam”.

At the age of 40 sheikh fassy (Rali.) was given khilafat from His sheikh who also permitted sheikh faassy to invite people towards Allah (Jal.).

Obliging his sheikh’s order, Qutbul ujood travelled to various countries and made this tareeqa reach people.

Once it was asked to Qutb fassi (Rali.) that “can an Aarifubillah unite with prophet (Sal.)”? Sheikhuna said “Yes! An Aarifubillah is one, who would be present in the gathering of Hadrat Rasoolullah(Sal.)., would talk with Hazrat (Sal.) in vision, would gain wisdom and secrets from Hazrath (Sal.)”.


This is the Geneology of Imam Fassy (Rah…) to Qutbul Akbar Imam Shadhili (Rali…)

Qutbul ujud sheikh Mohammed Al Fassy(Rali…) got his spiritual knowledge
His sheikh Qutb Mohammadh bin Hamza lafir al madani (Rali…) and he got it
As sheikh moulana Arabi bin Ahmed Ad darqawi (Rali…) and he
As sheikh Qutb Ali Al Jamalil Imraani (Rali…)
Seiyadil Arabi bin Ahmed bin Abdulla (Rali…) saahibil maqfiya
His father Ash sheikh Qutb Ahmed bin Abdhullah Al fassy (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Qutb Qasim Al Iqlaasi (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Qutb Abdur Rahman Al fassy (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Qutb syed muhammadh (Rali…)
Sheikh Yousuf Al fassy (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Qutb Abdur Rahman Al majzubi (Rali…)
Sheikh Quthb Alee As sanhaani (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Qutb Ibrahim ithaam (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Quthb Ahmadh Zarooq Al fassi (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Qutb Ahmedh bin uqbathul Hazrami (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Yahya al Qadiri (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Ali wafa (Rali…)
Sheikh muhammadh wafa (Rali…)
Sheikh Dawood Al Bakhili (Rali…)
Ash sheikh Qutb Ahmed bin Ata’ullah Al Iskandari saahibul Hikam (Rali…)
Khalifatul oola Ash sheikh Qutb Abul Abbas Ahmed Al mursi (Rali…)
Emperor of the world of Tasawwuf Al Qutbbul Akbar ghousul Ashar Imam Noorudheen Abul Hasan Ali Ash Shadhili (Rali…).

The geneology starting from Allah (Jal…) till shazuli Imam is given earlier

Gift and Order From Prophet (P.B.U.H.)

Sheikh fassy Narrated “Once when I was in the Roula Sharif of Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sal.). Suddenly I saw Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sal.) welcoming me holding my hands with his Holy mubarak hands, made mulaaqaat, with His Holy mubarak hands gave a touch on my face and chest and uttered ” WA AMMA BI NI’AMATI RABBIKA FA HADDHITH”. Which means “So Declare the gifts of your Lord”. Ash sheikh Yusuf An Nabahani Narrates in his book entitled “Karamatul Auliya”.Once sheikh fassi (Rali.) visited Egypt. All ulema and students encircled Him to get Prosperity. I was one among them we got a very valuable chance of kissing His Hand to be prosperous. I got Now from sheikh fassi (Rali.) in 1284 Hijri.

Sheikh fassi (Rali.) declared about an incident in that majlis and we were harrilated to hear that. Sheikh fassi (Rali.) uttered that while He was in (Sal.)’s Rowla shariff at madhina Al munavvara, He had seen the Queen of heaven Seyyidha Fathima Zehra (Rali.) very obviously and without a face veil since sheikh was an Aulad (Hereditary Grandson) of Beebi Fathima Zehra(Rali.). This makes us to learn the dignity and glory of Imam fassy (Rali.)”.

Dharoodh to be recited Prophet(P.B.U.H.)’s wish

Sheikh fassi Narrates another incident. “I went to medina and in the Rowla sherif of Hazrat Rasulullah (Sal.) I was in muraaqaba, slowly heading towards our greater headship Hazrath Sal. reciting our shadhiliya tariqa’s salawath “Allahumma swalli Ala seyidina muhammadin Abdika wa nabiyika wa rasoolika an nabiyil ummiyi wa Ala Aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim”.Hazrat Rasoolullah (sal.) appeared and said “extend (towards me) your wird”. I asked “Ya Rasulullah (Sal.), which shall I extend?”

“Extend it as Tasliman Bi Qadari Alamati Dhatika fi kulli waqthin wa heen” said Hazrat Rahmatullil Aalamin.

Reciting a salawat in this way fetches lakhs and lakhs of thawaab, and so this is included in Daily Aamaals of Shadhiliya Tariqa.

Prophet (P.B.U.H.) always in vision

Sheikh Mohammadh Al fassi (Rali.) Narrates.“Once when I was looking into the glorious face of Hazrat Rasulullah (Sal.) at Rawla shariff in madinah Al munavvara, a verse of my sheikh’s sheikh Hazrat Abdussalam bin mishish about prophet sallallaahu Alaihi wasallam came into my mind.

“WAJALILLAHUMMAL HIJABAL A’LAMA HAYAATA ROOHI..” which means “Oh! My creator, make your Habeeb Sal. who is the screen of mercy between You and us, the life of our soul”.

I prayed Allah (Jal.) with the Holy vaseela of Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sal.) in that Holy place to show to my eyes the secrecy of that screen. I could see my ancestor Hazrat Rasulullah (Sal.) filled throught the entire universe. I could see His one side towards Haq (The creator) and another side towards all his creations. I could also see Hazrat (Sal.) distributing the mercy, tajalliyat and attributes of almighty to prophets, valiyullahs and all creations of Almighty is ‘Faiz’.

After that Rasulullah (Sal.) was not hidded from my vision. If Rasoolullah (Sal.) is hidden from my vision for even a fraction of a second, I will never consider myself as a muslim. Said Qutb fassi (Rali.).

Wonders (Karamaath) of Sheikh Fassy

As a qutb, sheikhana fassy (Rali.) has exhibited many a karaamat (wonder).. A few are listed below.i) Saving people from trouble: Hazrat sheikh muhammadh Al fassi (Rali.) once visited a place called Tarapalas and stood alone in meditating Allah louder and louder. When days passed on Lot many ulema, saalihin and all from that city got Ba’it holding the Holy hands of Imam fassy (Rali.) and also involved themselves in zikr majaalis of Imam fassi (Rali.).

There was a vandalist officer in that town, who victimised ladies and girls through forcibly entering into their home. People came and complained to sheikhuna about that vandalist. Hearing this, sheikh fassi (Rali.) too shed tears and said “In the Name of Allah.. This vandalist will never exist among you before this month ends. He will be dismissed or he will die”.

As our sheikh said he was dismissed from the town the very third day. But anyhow with the influence of the higher officials he came back to power again.

The fourth day of his come back he teased at a “syed” (Descendant of Hazrath Rasulullah Sal.) with some filthy languages.

When people said yei! Do you know? He is a descendant of our lovable prophet Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sal.). Hearing this, that Rascal started abusing our prophet.

Shocking to hear this, people created a big hubbub and finally complained it to the emperor and the judges. He was found guilty and his head was sheared.

Allah jal. should relieve all from the anger of Auliya.

Allah jal. says in a Hadith Qudsi “MAN AADANI WALIYAN FA QAD AZANTUHU BIL HARB”

I declared war with those who opposes my desirers (waliyullahs). ii) Giving rebirth to a dead child (or) resurrecting a child:- There was a murid of sheikh mohammed Ajwaadh Al fassi in makka Al mukarrama who was very fond and respecting towards sheikh.

Once that murid invited sheikh fassi (Rali.) and other muridins to his home for a zikr (Hadra) majlis. He made very nice arrangements. A sharif of makkah too took part in that gathering along with his child.

The Hadra started, sheikhuna Imam fassy (Rali.) and all other great scholars of sufism who were muridins of Imam fassi were reciting valifa, yaqutiya.

The child of the sharif of makkah who was playing with other children suddenly languished and fell down swooning. Hearing this, that makkah sharif tottered and screamed “Oh! I’ve lost my son. What will I do ya Allah!”.

Then he took the corpse of his son and streched it before Imam fassi, and entreated with respect.

“Oh! My sheikh! Look at my son with your holy gracious vision. With that my child will resurrect”. Gracious Imam fassi (Rali.) replied “Oh! Shariff, you need not worry about your child. Allah (jal.) will make your child to resurrect”.

Then Imam fassi (Rali.) recited few verses, blowed in a water and made that corpse to bathe. Suddenly that child stood and said “My dad, I am fine now. Alhumdulillah”! After this incidence that shariff from makkah remembered Imam fassi (Rali.) throughout his lifetime and gave respect more and more.

Munaajathul Fassiyathush Shazuliya Tariqa