Hazrat Umm Shareek r.a

The Unwavering Faith of Hazrat Umm Shareek

She was the prime example of steadfastness and faith. As soon as Umm Shareek, Ghazziyya bint Jaabir al Aamiriyyah uttered the words of La ilaha illa Allah she understood this meant she would have to sacrifice everything for this path. In fact she would dedicate her time to calling to the path of Tawheed(Oneness of Allah).

Umm Shareek al Aamiriyyah  embraced the Deen of Islaam as soon as she heard of it and began to spread the Dawah among the women of the Arabian peninsula. She did not rest at all. She would go from house to house, circle to circle until her affair became known to her people. Her husband Abu Akkar’s family disliked that Umm Shareek not only accepted what they saw as a strange and wrong way of life but was also calling to it!  By now Umm Shareek converted many women. This very much enraged her in laws who then resorted to slandering Umm Shareek to give her a bad reputation.

Her in-laws began to slander her so that no one would follow her but they failed miserably. Who would believe lies and  slander when it was known that Umm Shareek was a chaste and honorable woman! Losing patience with Umm Shareek, they came from San’aa(Yemen) and took her from her location of Dhul Khalasa straight to the scorching heat of the Arabian desert.

They then began to psychologically torture her in order to shake her faith. She was not given a single drop of water and was made to sit directly under the scorching heat! They made her walk around in the scorching heat under no shade! Umm Shareek was weakening physically, but her emaan was only increasing!

Truly,  Allah is with the Muttaqeen(The  God-fearing) and Saabireen(The Patient)!!

Umm Shareek’s faith did not waver in the least. Rather, this made her increase in faith and tawakull (reliance) upon Allah azza wa jall!  And the one who has Allah needs no one!

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The Miracle

As Umm Shareek sat there under the blazing sun while her in laws sat in a tent eating and drinking,  she started losing her physical strength due to dehydration, hunger, fatigue. It had been a little bit more than a day since her in-laws took her from Dhul Khalasa to waver her faith and have her return to the misguided way of her forefathers. Umm Shareek was visibly tired,her sight was becoming a bit blurry, and she was on the brink of fainting out of dehydration.
Subhan Allah just imagine being in such a tough situation. The average person would lose all hope. However the believer never loses hope nor does the believer despair from the mercy of Allah Ar Rahmaan! None despairs from the mercy of Allah except the unbelieving people!As for the believer, he/she should always be certain of the promise of Allah and not let the whispers of the devils from the Ins(humankind) or Jinn(devils) get to him!

The help of Allah descended from the heavens for Umm Shareek al Aamiriyyah! As she was about to collapse, Umm Shareek felt something brush against her lips. She opened her eyes and to her amazement she saw the most beautiful cup that was filled with fresh and cool water! At first Umm Shareek thought she was dreaming and seeing things or that her in-laws had given up on her and decided to have some mercy on her. However,  when Umm Shareek looked to see who was holding this cup, she saw that a rope was attached to it and that this rope was leading straight to the heavens! There was no one in sight!Allahu akbar! Excited and bewildered, Umm Shareek began drinking from the cup. She was amazed that the water in the cup seemed endless and more and more water came as she drank. Umm Shareek drank her fill and her thirst was quenched!

The cup then started moving back up as if someone from the heavens was pulling the rope back up. Subhan Allah what an amazing incident. Allah never wastes the deeds of the Good-doers!

Umm Shareek’s in-laws came out of their tent soon afterwards. They were indeed in utter amazement to see that she had regained her full strength and appeared absolutely fine as if nothing had happened! They asked, “what has happened to you oh Umm Shareek? How were you able to find water!?”

Umm Shareek proudly said, “My Lord provided me with pure water which He sent from the Heavens solely on my behalf!”

They were indeed amazed and believed Umm Shareek without any doubt for how could she have gotten water any other way hundreds of miles away from civilization, in the middle of the desert with just these men! It was none other than Allah azza wa jall who sent sustenance to His believing servant! And this incident led to the conversion of the very same men who wished to see Umm Shareek abandon Islaam and Allah is indeed the best of those who guide!

Umm Shareek never felt thirst or hunger after drinking from the heavenly water. This incident caused her to be even stronger in faith and tawakul(reliance on Allah taala)

She understood the Quranic verse,

ومن يتق الله يجعل له مخرجا ويرزقه من حيث لا يحتسب

which means,

(And whomsoever fears Allah, He will find a way out for him and He will provide him from sources he won’t imagine!) Surah Talaaq

Umm Shareek is an example of what it means to be a sincere Muslim.

She is an example of sincere and unwavering faith.

She is an example of taqwaa(piety) and eemaan(faith)

She is an example of calling to the way of Allah and patience in times of difficulty.

She is an example of the ayah,

إن مع العسر يسرا

(Verily, with hardship comes ease!) Surah Inshiraah

It is incumbent upon the muslimah to tread and follow the way of these exemplaries such as Umm Shareek. Who better than to follow than these women who knew what real tawheed and sacrifice in Allah’s way meant? Who better than to look up to than these women who passed away and Allah and His Messenger were pleased with them?!

Indeed, Allah is the greatest!

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Umm Shareek Doosia was a very well known Dai’iyah (caller to Islam) in the Makkan Period.

Even though she was such a notable Sahabiyah of the time, little is known about her. Her family originated from a tribe known as Doos of Yemen. However she moved to Makkah and was there when the revelation came to the beloved Messenger Muhamad (saws). Umm Shareek embraced Islam whole heartedly.

According to Ibn Saad, when she embraced Islam, Umm Shareek’s Mushrik (polytheist) relatives made her stand in the sun and fed her only bread and honey, which if eaten, creates great thirst. Then she was denied water and made to suffer in the heat. After three days, Umm Shareek’s relatives asked her to leave the new Deen that she had accepted but she was so dehydrated that she was unable to understand exactly what was being said to her. All she could understand was that they kept pointing to the sky, from which she was concluded that her family were demanding that she reject Tawheed (belief in Allah exclusively). So She said, “By Allah, I will remain Muslim for the rest of my life.” She would regularly stand up openly and publicly call the women of the Quraysh to Islam.

Sunan an Nisaa’i states that she was very wealthy yet she was generous at the same time.

She used to feed many people and anyone who came to visit the Messenger Muhammad (saws) from outside the city would stay in her house as a guest.

In Sahih Muslim it is indicated that during her time in Makkah, she used to look after and help many new Muslims in the struggle they faced from society.

Ibn Aseer in his book, Usul-ul-Ghaba, wrote that she used to preach Islam in its early days struggling to bring a change to society, when the Mushrikeen of Makkah came to know about her activities, she was expelled from the city.

Umm Shareek was a dai’iyah who shook the very foundation of the corrupt society that she lived in. She attacked the values and the systems of the non-Islamic society and called upon the people to replace their oppressive system with Allah’s rules. She was fearful only of her Rabb, Allah and conveyed the truth in any given opportunity. There are many lessons we can learn from Umm Shareek with regards to our role as da’wah carriers. Her sincerity, steadfastness, intelligence, and persistence all made her the noble Dai’iyah that she was and makes her a shining example for the present day da’wah.