Hazrat Sirri Saqati

Sayyiduna Sheikh Sirri Saqti (Radi Allahu anhu), Peer-o-Murshid of Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi ( Radi Allahu Anhu )

BIRTH : He was born around the year 155 Hijri in Baghdad Shareef.

NAME : His name is Sirrudeen and he was also known as Abul Hassan.

SHEIKH-E-TARIQAT : He was the mureed and Khalifa of Hazrat Maroof Karghi (radi Allaho anhu). He also served Hazrat Habeeb Raa?ee (radi Allaho anhu). He says, “Once I was sitting in my shop, when Hazrat Habeeb Raa?ee (radi Allaho anhu) passed by my shop, and I gave him some bread. He then made dua for me, and since then I decided to change my life for the better.” [Masaalikus Saalikeen]

HIS FATHER : His father’s name was Hazrat Mughlis (radi Allaho anhu). [Masaalikus Saalikeen]

HIS EXCELLENCE : He was the Imam of the Ahle Tasawwuf and he possessed in-depth knowledge. He was a huge mountain of knowledge, yet he was blessed with kindness. He was amongst the students of Hazrat Fuzail ibn Ayaaz (radi Allaho anhu) and was also Tabbe Taabi’een. He was amongst the first persons to openly spread the knowledge of tasawwuf in Iraq. Various great Sheikhs of Baghdad were blessed with being in his silsila. He was also the maternal uncle, and the Peer-o-Murshid of Hazrat Junaid-e-Baghdadi (radi Allaho anhu). Hazrat Junaid-e-Baghdadi (radi Allaho anhu) says, “I did not see any person as Kaamil (perfect) as my Peer-o-Murshid.” Hazrat Bishr Haafi (radi Allaho anhu) said, “I never used to ask for anything from? anyone but Hazrat Sirri Saqti (radi Allaho anhu), as I was very well aware of his piety and I knew that he was always happy to give.” [masaalikus saalikeen vol.1 pg.292]. It was his habit, that he performed on thousand rakats of nafil salaah daily. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (radi Allaho anhu) says, “I have never seen a more greater Aabid and Zaahid than him, and I did not see this in anyone else, that he had reached the age of 98, and the only time I saw him rest, was at the time of his demise.” [masaalikus saalikeen]

He was the perfect example of his illustrious predecessors. Once some of his devotees came to him, and asked him to explain the reality of Sabr (patience). He thus began to deliver a lecture on the topic of patience. Whilst he was delivering his lecture, a scorpion began to sting him on his feet. He continued delivering his lecture. Those, present said, “Huzoor! Kill the scorpion and move it away.” On hearing this, he said, “I am ashamed to behave contrary to that which I am discussing, in other words show impatience due to the sting of the scorpion.”

DUA OF HIS SHEIKH-E-TARIQAT : He says, “Once my Peer blessed me with the opportunity of clothing an orphan child. After I did this, he made dua for me and said, ?May Allah make the world? your enemy and may he give you freedom from this.? The power of his dua was such, that my entire life changed, and I divorced myself from the world.”

CHARACTER AND HABITS : He was a very kind and honourable person. He was also a very humble personality. Once he said, “Thirty years have passed now, and I am still making tauba because of one thing that I made shukr (thanks) for.” People asked what he meant, and he said, “Once there was a fire in the market place and all the shops burnt down except mine. When I was informed of this, I made shukr (thanked Allah). I thus make tauba, since it meant that by saying Alhumdulillah my shop was saved, meant that I felt I was better than my other Muslim brothers and that I was pleased that a worldly possession was saved.” [masaalikus saalikeen]

Once Hazrat was delivering a lecture in Baghdad, and one of the ministers of the Khalifa came with great pomp and splendour and sat in his mehfil. His name was Ahmad bin Yazeed. At the time when he entered, Hazrat was saying, “From all Allah?s creation, the weakest creation is man, yet he is so brave in committing major sins. It is sad, very sad.” These words of Hazrat entered the heart of the minister. He immediately went home and remained in silence. He did not even eat a meal on that night. He remained hungry the entire night and in the morning, he dressed in the clothes of a faqeer and presented himself in the darbaar of Hazrat Sirri Saqti (radi Allaho anhu).? He said, “Yesterday, your lecture made a great impact on my heart, so please help me to gain closeness to Allah.” Hazrat said, “The normal method is that you should read your five times salaah with Jamaat and give Zakaat from your wealth, and follow all the laws of Shariah with sincerity. The special method is this, that you should divorce yourself from the world and remain engrossed in the ibaadat of Allah, and that you should only desire the pleasure of Allah and nothing else.” Hazrat was still advising him, when Ahmad bin Yazeed stood up and immediately walked towards the jungle. After a few days, his mother arrived crying. She said that he was her only son, and she did not know where he had gone. Hazrat said, “O Dear old woman! Your son will return soon, and I shall inform you when he returns.” After a few days, he returned in the garb of a faqeer and only stayed for a while, and then left. He then came to Hazrat once more, and during that visit, he passed away in the hands of Hazrat Sirri Saqti (radi Allaho anhu). [Masaalikus saalikeen]

A DRUNK BECOMES A NAMAAZI: Once he saw a drunk lying on the ground, calling the name of Allah. Hazrat washed his mouth and said, “He does not know that he is taking the most exalted name with his impure mouth.” After he left, the drunk man became sober. Those that were present told him what had happened while he was intoxicated.? He was very embarrassed, and he began to curse his nafs and weep bitterly. He said, “O shameless nafs! Sirri Saqti has now seen you in this sad state, and he too left. Now fear Allah and repent.” That night, Hazrat Sirri Saqti (radi Allaho anhu) heard a voice from the unseen which said, “You washed his mouth for my sake, and I have washed his heart for your sake.” When Hazrat went to the Masjid, for Tahajjud Salaah, he found the once drunk man, now in the Musjid reading his Tahajjud Salaah. Hazrat asked how the sudden change had occurred in him, and he said, “Why do you ask me concerning this, when Allah has already informed you about it.” Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (radi Allaho anhu) says, “Once I presented myself at the home of Hazrat, and I found him very sad and silent. I asked the reason for his condition, and he said, ‘A Pari (female Jinn) from amongst the fairies came to me and asked the meaning of (Haya) modesty, and when I explained the meaning to her, she melted like wax.’ Even, I saw the water from the body of the Pari.”

GEMS OF WISDOM : * An Aarif is like the sun with its beauty and qualities, for its light passes over all. He is like the earth, that it holds the weight of the entire creation. He is like the water, through which the hearts gain life, and he is like fire that the entire domain is brightened by him. * Do whatever you can before you become old, since in old age you will be able to do nothing, just as I can not do anything. (Even though not even the young where Like Hazrat Sirri Saqti in his old age). *Stay away from the wealthy, those Qaaris who recite for name and fame, and from very wealthy Ulama. * One who can not control his own nafs can not be of assistance to others. *All become obedient to him, who is obedient to Allah. * A man abstains from sins for three reasons., from the fear of Allah, the hope of attaining Jannat, and through the modesty in the court of Allah. *The most intelligent and wise amongst men are those who understand the secrets of the Quran and ponder over it. * An Aarif is he, whose food is like the food of the sick, his sleep is like that of a person bitten by a snake, and his lavishness like that of a person who is drowning in water. * The bravest deed is to take control of your nafs (desires).

HIS KHULAFA : Sayyidut Taaifa Hazrat Junaid-e-Baghdadi, Hazrat Shah Abu Muhammad, Hazrat Shah urf Sheikh-e-Kabeer, Hazrat Shah Hartaboon, Hazrat Shah Abul Abbas Mazroof, Hazrat Shah Abu Hamzah, Hazrat Shah Abul Hassan Noori, Hazrat Shah Fatal Al Mausuli, Hazrat Shah Abdullah Har?raar and Hazrat Shah Saeed Abraar (ridwaanullahi ta aala alaihim ajmaeen).

WISAAL : Hazrat Junaid-e-Baghdadi (radi Allaho anhu) says, “I went to visit him when he took ill. There was a fan kept close to him, so I used it to fan him. He then said, ‘O Junaid! Put it down. Fire is more powerful than wind.’ I then asked him about his condition and asked him to advise me, and he said, ‘Do not be diverted from the love of Allah through the companionship of the people.’ He then passed from this world travelling into the hereafter.? He passed away on a Tuesday, the 13th of Ramadaan, 253 Hijri at the age of 98, in Baghdad Shareeef.

MAZAAR SHAREEFHis Mazaar Shareef is in Baghdad Shareef in a place called Shawneez.

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Hazrat Shaikh Abul Hasan Sirri al-Saqati rahmatullāhi alaihi :

Alqaab :
Sirr-ud-deen, Saalik e Malakoot.

Aap ki wilaadat 155 Hijri (772 A.D.) me hui.

Aap ke waalid ka naam Mughalis hai.

Ek baar Aap apni dukaan me baithe ke Hazrat Habeeb Raee waha se guzre. Aap ne adab ke saath sulook kiya aur un ko khaana khilaaya. Hazrat ne Aap ke liye dua ki. Aur un ki dua se Aap ke dil ka aalam badal gaya aur Tasawwuf aur sulook ki ta’aleem haasil krna shuru kiya.

Aap Tabe Taabi’een hain.
Aap ne Hazrat Fuzail bin Ayaaz rahmatullāhi alaihi aur Hazrat Ma’aruf Karkhi rahmatullāhi alaihi se ta’aleem haasil ki.

Aap Hazrat Bishr Haafi rahmatullāhi alaihi ke bahot khaas dost the.

Ek martaba Aap ke Pir o murshid Hazrat Ma’aruf Karkhi rahmatullāhi alaihi ek yateem bache ko saath lekar Aap ke paas aaye aur farmaaya ke ‘Is bache ko kapde pehna do.’ Ap ne us bache ko kapde pehna diye.
Hazrat ne dua farmai ke ‘Khuda Ta’aala duniya ko tum se door kar de aur tumhe is shugl se raahat de.’
Hazrat ki is dua ki barkat se Aap duniya se kinaarakash ho gaye.

Aap Imaam e Ahle tasawwuf hain.
Aap ne Iraq me sab se pehle Tasawwuf ki ta’aleem dena shuru kiya.

Ek baar Baghdad me bahot badi aag lagi. Jis se pure shaher me nuqsaan hua. Hazrat Sāri Saqati apni dukaan ke haalaat dekhne ke liye nikle. Waha pahunche to pata chala ke aap ki dukaan salaamat hai. Aap ne foran kaha ‘Alhamdillāh.’ Phir aap ko khayaal aaya ke ‘Khud ki dukaan salaamat dekhkar ALLĀH ka shukr maante ho magar itne khudgarz ho gaye ke tumhe dusro ke nuqsaan aur takleef ka khayaal kyun nahi aaya?’
Is baat ke liye 30 saal tak tauba karte rahe.

Ek baar Aap wa’az kar rahe the Ahmad bin Yazeed naami ek shakhs waha aaya. Wo khalifa ka wazeer tha. Aap us waqt farma rahe the ke ‘Tamaam makhlooq me insaan sab se kamtar hai. Magar wo khud ko itna bahaadur samajhta hai ke gunaah karne se darta nahi.’ Aap ke in alfaaz ka us shakhs par aisa asar hua ke wo apne ghar jaakar tanhai me baith gaya. Us ne raat ko khaana bhi na khaaya. Subah ko wo saada libaad me aap ki baargaah me haazir hua aur aap se arz kiya ke ‘Kal aap ke dars ne mere dil par gehra asar kiya hai. Aap mujhe ALLĀH ke qareeb hone ka raasta bataiye.’ Aap ne farmaaya ‘Ek aam raasta ye hai ke 5 waqt pabandi ke saath ba-jama’at namaaz ada karo, Zakaat dete raho aur ahkaam e shariat par amal karo. Aur dusra khaas raasta ye hai ke tum khud ko dunyaawi baato se alag kar do aur ibaadat e ilāhi me lage raho aur har baat me sirf ALLĀH ta’ala ki raza ki khwaahish rakho is ke ilaawa kuchh nahi.’ Ye sunkar Ahmad bin Yazeed foran jangal ki taraf chala gaya aur ibaadat e ilāhi me lag gaya.
Kuchh din baad us ki maa aai aur rote hue aap se kaha ‘Mera ek hi beta hai aur pata nahi wo kahan chala gaya hai?’ Aap ne farmaaya ‘Fikr mat karo. Tumhara beta jaldi hi waapas aayega aur jab wo aayega to main tumhe ittela de dunga.’ Chand din baad wo shakhs faqeeri libaas me aaya magar aap ki ziyarat karke chala gaya. Dusri baar jab wo milne aaya tab Hazrat ki khidmat me hi inteqaal kar gaya.

Hazrat Junaid al-Baghdadi rahmatullāhi alaihi farmaate hain ke Ek baar Hazrat Sāri al-Saqati rahmatullāhi alaihi ne farmaaya ke ‘Ek raasta aisa hai jo sidha Jannat ki taraf le jaata hai.’ Maine puchha ‘Wo raasta kaun sa hai?’ Aap ne farmaaya ‘Kisi se kuchh maango nahi, Kisi se kuchh lena nahi aur jo cheez dusre (haajatmand) ko de sakte ho wo cheez tumhare paas rakhna nahi.’

Aqwaal :
(1) Aarif (Soofi) chaand ki tarah hona chaahiye jis ki roshni se tamaam kaa’inaat ko faa’ida milta hai, wo zameen ki tarah hona chaahiye jo achhe aur bure tamaam logo ke liye hai (sab ka bojh uthaati hai), wo paani ki tarah hona chaahiye jo sab ko (sab ke dilo ko) paak karta hai, aur wo aag ki tarah hona chaahiye jis ki garmi se sab ko faa’ida milta hai.

(2) Soofi ke andar 3 khaslaten hona zaroori hai :
[1] Us ka Noor-ul-Maarifah Noor-ul-Wara (Zohad o Taqwa) se alag nahi hona chaahiye.
[2] Us ka Baatin (ilm) us ke Zaahir (Amal) se alag nahi hona chaahiye.
[3] Use apni kisi bhi Karaamat se kisi bhi Haraam cheez par parda nahi karna chaahiye.

(3) Jo shakhs apne nafs par qaaboo nahi paa sakta wo dusre ko kaise paak karega (hidaayat dega)?

(4) Zabaan aur chehra dil ke halaat zaahir karte hain.
Aur Insaan ke qalb 3 qism ke hote hain :
[1] Chattaan ki tarah mazboot hai jise koi hila nahi sakta.
[2] Darakht ki tarah hote hai jo aandhi me hilne lagta hai.
[3] Parinde ki tarah hota hai jo hawa ke saath udne lagta hai.

(5) Sacha Soofi hamesha ALLĀH ta’ala se judkar rehta hai. ALLĀH ki yaad se door hona us ka sab se bada ghazab hai.

(6) Apne Rab ke farmaan bardaar ban jaaoge to dunya tumhari taabedaar ban jaayegi.

(7) Jis ke dil dunya ki mohabbat se bhara hua ho us ke dil me Khauf e khuda, Tawakkal, Haya, Mohabbat e Rabbul aalameen aur Qurb e ilāhi daakhil nahi ho sakte.

(8) Sab se behtar Husn e sulook ye hai ke tum dusre ke zulm bardaasht karo magar un ko koi takleef na pahunchao.

(9) Jo badla lene ki taaqat hone ke bawajood ma’af kar deta hai ALLĀH ta’ala use bakhsh deta hai aur us ke gunaah ke azaab se najaat ata farmaata hai.

(10) Jo kuchh neki karni hai wo jawaani me hi kar lo kyun ke budhaape me tum neki karna chaahoge to bhi sahi tareeqe se nahi kar sakoge.

Aap Hazrat Ma’aruf Karkhi rahmatullāhi alaihi ke mureed aur khalifa hain.

Aap ka silsila ‘Saqatiya’ kehlata hai.

Aap ke khulfa :
(1) Hazrat Shaikh Junaid al-Baghdadi rahmatullāhi alaihi,
(2) Hazrat Shaah Abu Muhammad Roomi,
(3) Hazrat Shaah Shaikh e Kabeer,
(4) Hazrat Shaah Hartaboon,
(5) Hazrat Shaah Abul Abbaas Mazroof,
(6) Hazrat Shaah Abu Hamzah,
(7) Hazrat Shaah Abul Hasan Noori,
(8) Hazrat Shaah Fatal al-Mausuli,
(9) Hazrat Shaah Abdullāh Harraar
(10) Hazrat Shaah Saeed Abraar.

Aap ke wisaal se pehle Hazrat Junaid al-Baghdadi aap ki khidmat me aaye. Aap beemaar the. Waha ek pankha pada tha. Hazrat Junaid al-Baghdadi ne wo pankha uthaaya aur aap ko hawa karne lage. Aap ne un ko roka aur farmaaya ‘Junaid, Pankha neeche rakh do. Aag pankhe se zyada taaqat waali hai.’
Hazrat Junaid al-Baghdadi ne kuchh naseehat ke liye kaha. Aap ne farmaaya ‘Logo ki sohbat me rehkar ALLĀH ta’ala ki mohabbat se gaafil na hona.’
Ye kehkar aap inteqaal farma gaye.

Aap ka wisaal 13 Ramazaan 253 Hijri (867 A.D.) ko Mangal ke roz 98 saal ki umr me hua.

Aap ka mazaar Baghdad (Iraq) me hai.

ALLĀH ta’ala us ke Habeeb sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke sadqe me
Aur Hazrat Shaikh Sāri al-Saqati rahmatullāhi alaihi aur tamaam Auliya Allāh ke waseele se
Sab ko mukammal ishq e Rasool ata farmae aur Sab ke Eimaan ki hifaazat farmae aur Sab ko nek amal karne ki taufiq ata farmae.
Aur in baato ko yaad rakhkar amal karne ki aur dusro ko bataane ki taufiq ata farmae.
Aur Sab ko dunya wa aakhirat me kaamyaabi ata farmae aur Sab ki nek jaa’iz muraado ko puri farmae.