Hazrat Khwaja Abul Faiz Bidar Sharif r.a


Hadrat Khaja Abul Faiz belongs to the lineage of Sadat (holy prophet’s descendents through his daughter Hadrat Fatima) family Zaidi Hussaini. He was related to Hadrat Ali bin Abi Taleb (R.A.) in the 27th lineage. He was the grandson of Hadrat Khaja Bande Nawaz of Gulberga. His ancestor’s name is Hadrat Maqdoum Abul Hasan bin Hussain, who was arriving in India from the Herat and he died in Delhi and buried in Ayaz mosque in Delhi and his sons were settled down in Delhi.

     Khaja Bande Nawaz left from Delhi and covering journey from Delhi to Husanabad Gulberga in the period of three years and he was arrived in Gulberga during the reign of Feroz Shah Bahmani during year 803 Hijra and names of his two sons are as follows.

  1. Hadrat Syed Hussain alias Akbar Hussaini
  2. Hadrat Syed Yousuf alias Mohammed Asghar Hussaini.

     Khaja Abul Faiz was the sixth son of Hadrat Asghar Hussaini and he was born in the year 811 Hijra.

     His name is Syed Shah Min Allah Hussaini Mohammed, Mohamed al-Hussaini alias Aminuddin and patronymic name Abul Faize and he was pledged to his father Syed Ashgar Hussaini and elder brother of Hadrat Syed Yad Allah Hussaini Khaja Gunj Baksh (who was buried in a small tomb in Gulberga).

     When Sultan Ahmed Shah Bahmani was died in the 1425 Georgian year corresponding to 838 Hijra and when his son Sultan Aladdin was becoming king of the Bahani Kingdom at that time he was requested Khaja Gunj Baksh to kindly visit Bider, but he was sent his brother and his caliph Hadrat Khaja Abul Faiz to Bider and sent through him his following stanza and its meaning and interpretation is as follows

Duniya Gard hind in jahnum zaja khuwaesh

Min basta um qanah wa tuwakkal ba pai khuwaesh

     And its meaning and interpretation is as follows.

If he will be given the whole world to him, then also he will not leave his place of residence at his feet are tightened with qianat (content) and tuwakal (trust in God).

     Upon the death of Khaja Bande Nawaz he went to visit Gulberga City from Bider and where he was declared there as custodian number (3) of the shrine building and he performed his duties in the shrine of Gulberga for some days and he was awarded the custodianship of shrine of Gulberga to his elder son Hadrat Syed Ahmedullah Hussaini and upon this he was returned back to Bidder Sharif. He had two wives and Bibi Khadija was related to his family and second wife Bibi Nemate who was daughter of Khaja Mahmood Gawan and who was prime minister of the Bahmani kingdom of Bider.

      He had six sons and three daughters from Bibi Khadija the details are as follows.

1.Syed Ahmedullah Hussaini Ghaleb Karamat

  1. Syed Kalimullah Hussaini
  2. Syed Gadai Hussaini
  3. Syed Karamatullah Hussaini
  4. Syed Mohammed alias Kale Hussaini
  5. Syed Sibgatullah Hussaini

The names of three daughters are as follows.

  1. Bibi Kulusum
  2. Bibi Sara
  3. Bib Tasbih

And from Bibi Namat one son Zamirullah Hussain was born.

    Khaja Abul Faiz left this world on 6th Rabil Awwal in the year 879 Hijra corresponding to 1474 Georgian calender.

His saying are as follows.

  1. To think it is compulsory to follow the Shariah (Islamic) law.
  2. There is no place of a person who does not follow Sunnat (practice) of the prophet of Allah.
  3. It is must have true tongue and true heart.
  4. One who has your fear so you should be careful with him.
  5. If your enemy is happy with then you should be careful with him.
  6. If you sit with wealthy persons, but do not forget your religion.
  7. To keep the condition of innermost well than the condition of the manifest.
  8. To leave the friendship of lies.
  9. To learn skill even with disrespect.
  10. There is no substitute for time.
  11. Do not sell such thing which is not purchased.