Our Saint for our correct guidance repeatedly mentioned those things which are forbidden and cause injury to our way of life. He taught affectionately to avoid them, which is obligatory for one who aspires to reach the Divine proximity. It is positive proof that it fosters a noble heart and a special system of knowing God. By his instructions one group of his devotees became patched mendicants and their way of life was similar to ascetics and free from worldly burden.

The other group though engaged in worldly occupation are full of love and have a leaning towards mysticism. Among this group he advised Mustaqeem Shah not to open his eye, Hafiz Gulab Shah Saheb to me awake day and night, Abdul Razaak Shah Saheb not to speak and to Qadar Bakhsh Saheb to abstain eating vegetables, beef meat or birds.

His instructions to mendicants were general, to avoid mean matters; it was unlawful to hoard worldly. It is necessary for a Pir to sacrifice his life in the cause of God and not to amass any worldly wealth. He also stressed that a Pir is one who owns nothing, never to rely on anyone except God, he should not hoard for the morrow, should not seek help from anyone other God. A Pir is imperfect if he calls anything his property. One who makes profession a means of subsistence is not a mendicant.

It is the dignity of a Pir to be free, independent and self-less should never fear adversity, never complain if any trouble occurs because hardship and comfort are God given and if so to who should he complain? A Pir is one who for love of God should obliterate himself. A Faker is one who has no capital in this world and after life. A Pir is one who maintains his behaviour and manners. One who relies on God succeeds and one who trusts humanity he loses. A Pir is on who should not think of other except God. A Pir is one who is always contented with God and is absolutely aloof from this world. A Pir should not pray for a friend or curse an enemy. A Pir should never indulge in making amulets or knotted strings.

Our Saint often advised mendicants not to sit on a stool or sleep on a cot. The leaven of man is mud and he should merge himself in mud. It is obligatory for a mendicant to make the hard floor his bed. To sit on stool or couch causes pride, to sit on the floor is a proof of his humility.

What Sarkar Waris preached he practised, he never made use of a stool or couch for his comforts and always slept on the bare ground. Sarkar Waris refrained from leading the prayer as it suggests his superiority and he disliked this temporary honour.

He advised his disciples never to wreak vengeance even on an enemy. Thus precepts and practices were the unique way of his advice and instructions. He instructed his disciples to carry out the practice in full. Breaking promise is a sin, greed is a prelude to dishonour. When common sense is subdued the symptom of greed raises its head. Envy is an ignoble quality and it spoils one’s faith. One should adopt the distinctive quality of the earth it bears the burden of all and never shift its load on others, one should hide one’s good deeds and never discern evil in anybody.

A patched clothed dervish said that according to instruction he was invoking the name of god during the last hours of the night but lacked concentration and sought remedy. The Saint advised that he should not at all think about others. It is the courtesy of love that to a lover everything belonging to the Beloved appears good to him. Just as the legendary lover Majnu appreciated the dog of his beloved Laila. For if one views God’s creatures with good intention the heart’s condition will become proper. Sarkar Waris also said never to speak ill of anybody’s religion.

For example it is narrated that Maulana Rumi during his last days never differed with precepts and practices of different sects of Islam. A high ranked Muslim jurist to corroborate this, sent two of his students of Maulana instructing them to abuse him and find out this truth. Accordingly they met Maulana and abused him to which he meekly replied ‘I respect the feelings or others about their beliefs”.

Sarkar Waris further stressed on his disciples that to contract dept is a reprehensible act and is a slur on their dignity. If one forwards a loan should not expect its return. If credit is given with the object of getting it back, it is against love. In Divine love as well as mystic law they will reach divine vicinity if they avoid mutual bickering. Whatever they do they should do it relying on God. Selflessness increases modesty. Ego separates a disciple from his guide. Obscurity should be regarded as a friend and publicity should be avoided. The yearnings of one’s base self keeps one away from God. But to act against one’s appetite is prayer. To be friendly with the heart’s urgings corrupts one.

The steps to a disciple’s success are good manners. The love of this world would deprive one of the advantages of the Hereafter world. The root of all evil is this mundane world. One who fears t.r,uth is not afraid of humanity and one who fears God is afraid to commit sins. If one is struck with adversity one must be patient and offer thanks when in comfort.


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