A brief statement is necessary to describe that instructions were given by Our Saint concerning all out endeavour by his devotees and how they could discard the worldly comforts and wealth to attain their heart’s desire to win the affection of their Beloved entirely.

A few examples of his devotees will bring out the miracles of revolution in their life due to effects of love and to gain it. In spite of the sacrifices they had to endure they were always absorbed in the thought of their Beloved, all their mundane leanings and cravings were effaced from their heart. This eternal hardship is an extraordinary effort and truly it is an attribute bestowed by Divine favour.

Thakur Panjim Singh Saheb Warisi a resident of Mallevall, Manipur district was wallowing in wealth and comfort, spending his leisure in shooting and indulging in recreations and amazing activities. Due to the tormenting affects of love within a wink of a moment his life was thoroughly changed. He discarded his dignified life of pomp and glory and descended to the level of a common man, wearing the common garb of a mendicant and spent his life in the name of Vaqas Shah. Thus he discarded the evanescent riches for eternal honour.

Similarly Syed Muhammad Waseem Shah sahib Warisi residing in Maulanagar, Manghyr district whose income from his lands was annually twenty thousand rupees, due to the blessings of Our saint gained honour and disgusted with the worldly authority, tore as under the worldly shackles and in a zeal of love garbed himself in mendicant’s clothes and spent his life in a garden like a recluse.

Thus due to the affects of love many devotees of Our Saint became uneasy and perturbed, so that there was a remarkable change in their ordered life and they lost themselves in contemplation of their Beloved, losing completetouchwiththe mundaneworld.

Hindu Pandits who were proficient in Vedic knowledge and spiritual leaders of their belief and creed, due to the heart rending affects of love, found a sudden and revolutionary change in their lives. Pandit fazul Shah Warisi, whose former name was Ramavtar Shastri, was a Sanskrit Spiritualist and was far superior in meditation. When he became a disciple of Our Saint and practised uttering prayer of love, he attained highest degree of knowledge because of absorbing himself in Divine love and submission. He discarded the outward forms of worship till his death and remained in Radhawalli Shereef.

Similarly Pandit Sita ram a well to do priest, came to pay respects to Our Saint. During their mutual conversation Our Saint advised him to know and find out God. He replied that he had just found God in whose quest he was wandering from door to door. He further, asked, “when I have found Him, where should I go?” smiling our Saint gave him a mendicant’s garb advised him not to go home and to embark on with travels and never to stretch hand even if he were to starve for a week.

A similar incident happened about Pandit Keshawa Rao of Malabar. Although he was a deep scholar of learning he was in search of Divine truth. He joined the fold of our Saint and learned the lessons of love. The result was that he became a mendicant wearing a patched dress and spent his life in Deva Sheriff lost in prayer.

Hundreds of our Saint’s devotees who were educated men of intellect and wisdom after undergoing training in the school of Warisi love became self forgetful and discarded their previous mode of life, native place and spent their life in wandering without means and stayed away in travelling. They had no comfort during day and rest during night. Every moment they were lost in thought of their beloved, ceaseless in their efforts to reach their goal. In fact love is an extraordinary endeavour to reach their goal. Our Saint instructed his devotees to engage themselves in different kinds of efforts.

To some our Saint instructed to be spare in their food and others to abstain from relishing food and to be satisfied with simple fare, to others to be vegetarians, ordered some to fast continually. Hence Faizu Shah Saheb fasted twenty six years Abul Hassan Sahib Warisi resident of Etawah for twelve years and Babu Kanyalal Saheb Warisi vakil of Aligarh for fourteen years, Haji Makki Shah Saheb Warisi resident of district of Barabanki. Miskeen Shah Saheb Warisi. Bibi Sakina Sahiba Warisia, daughter of Gulab Sahib of Agra and Haji Ramzan Shah Saheb, resident of Fatehpur for life.

Rumi Shah Saheb Turk, Miskeen Shah Saheb Warisi, resident of suburb of Allahabad were ordered to fast for life and so also Bibi Naseeban Shah Sahiba Warisia abided by our Saints, command breaking her fast with water for two days and on the third day by food, Ahmed Shah Sahib Warisi of Akbarabad for twelve years spent his life in nocturnal prayer and Maulvi Barkatullah Saheb Warisi to recite everyday twenty four thousand four hundred times Darood Sheriff (i.e. to recite blessings for our Prophet). In Lucknow Syedani Bibi Warisia was instructed to recite Kalam-aytaiyaba and also to implement it. She was so absorbed in reciting that she left off speaking with yone and was taking food once a time and that too by pressure lest she might commit a mistake in recitation. So, different sets of efforts were prescribed to various disciples.

There were disciples of Our Saint beyond India who carried out his commands wholeheartedly, For example Mohabbat Shah Warisi a resident of Punjab states that during his tour of Iraq was going towards Beirut accompanied by Karam Ali Shah Sahib from Baghdad. They lost their way and reached a place where there was a solitary mosque facing the pole star a portion of which was in ruins. There was a water reservoir in the courtyard and they sat beside it to rest. After sometime Mohabbat Shah wanted to answer the call of nature and felt a fragrant smell emanating from the ruined portion of the mosque. So he and his companions searched the place and discovered the fragrance emanating from a cave. When they entered they found an elderly person seated. Whom, they mistook to be Sarkar Waris. They wished him and were directed by a gesture to sit down. During the course of the conversation the name of Sarkar Waris was mentioned and the venerable old man enquired about Our Saint, when asked how he knew him he replied with a deep sigh “I became his disciple when he was hardly fifteen years old. I accompanied him from Shahjahanpur till this place where he ordered me to sit here saying “We will come again.” From that time I am awaiting the arrival of my guide. “


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