Hadith: Maula Ali ka zikr ibaadat hai.

*_Shane Aliul Murtuza ع_*
_Ka Zikr Karna Ibaadat Hai_

*_Maula Ali ع Ka Zikr_*
*_Karna Ibaadat Hai_*

_Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa رضي الله عنها Se Riwayat Hai Ki Huzoor ﷺ Ne Farmaya_
*_Maula Ali ع Ka Zikr Ibaadat Hai.”_*

_Reference Book_
*_Musnad-ul-Firdaws [Writer_* *_Imam Daylami Al Mutawaffah 509 Hijri] Vol 2 Page 244 Hadees 1351_*
*_Scan Page_*

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