Sufis of Parbhani

1- Hazrat Sayyad Shaha Turabul Shanshaha Turatpir (Parbhani):
He was the disciple of Shaikh Mukroddin Shirazi of Iran. He visited
Mecca, Madina, Nishapur, Baghdad and other Islamic places for spiritual
knowledge enhancement. He migrated to India by the order of Shaikh
Shahabuddin Suharawardi of Baghdad. He meat to Khwaja Garib Nawaz
Muin ud Din Ajmeri in Medina. Then he migrated to Ajmer. After that
come to Parbhani and established the Khanqah. He died in AH 590 in
2- Baba Tatposh (Parbhani):
His original name was Sayyad Qutbuddin Qadiri. He was the disciple
of Khwaja Muhammad Sayyad Badshaha Chishti of Halkatta, Dist.
Gulbarga. He settled at Parbhani in 1383. He used only one ‘Tat’ or bedcloth
for rest in whole life. Then he knew as ‘Baba Tabposh’. His shrine
is situated at Gangakher road, in Parbhani. Hindu and Muslim devotees
came every Friday for spiritual wishes.86