Sufis of Latur

1-Hazrat Sayyad Nurddin Nurul Haqq Ishaq Qadiri Pirpasha (Nilanga):
Sayyad Shaha Nuruddin Noorul Haqq Qadiri Pirpasha was the famous
Sufi Qadiri saint in Nilanga region. His father Sayyad Shaha Asadullaha
Shaha Muhamad Qadiri was the descendent from the heirs of Shaikh Abdul
Qadir Jilani, the founder of Qadiria Silsilah. Pir Pasha born at Kalyan
region. There is a Dargah, named Sayyad Nooruddin Qadiri, the
grandfather of Nurul Haqq Ishaq Qadiri. Nurul Haqq setteled at Nilanga.
He built a well for water supply to the agriculture and common people.
He died at 21 Rabbisani 1199 AH.
2- Sufi Haydar Wali (Nilanga):
He was the famous Qadiri saint in Nilanga region. The successors
of Haydar Wali settled in Hyderabad. They visited to Dargah for Urs
festival in every year.

3-Suratshaha Wali (Latur):
He came from Delhi to Latur and settled here. His Dargah has Khanqah
and dome. Lingayat people have very spiritual attachments with this
4-Hazrat Sayyad Sadaru Din (Udgir):
The Udgir city has a glorious historical background and is known
for the well built fort from Bahamani age. The fort is bounded by a 40 ft
deep trench, as the fort is built at the ground level. In the fort are several
palaces Durbar halls and the Samadhi of Udaygir Maharaj which is 60 feet
underground level. Udgir was named after the famous Hindu Saint
Udaygiri Rishi. There is a famous Jamia Masjid located at Chaubara which
is one of the two biggest mosques, the other one is Maqbara mosque which
is located in the centre of the city.

5-Haqqani Baba (Chakur):
Hazrat Haqqani Baba Dargah situated at the hillock near Chakur town.
Dargah open for common people at all day time, but closed at night.