Sufis of Daulatabad Region

1-Hazrat Momin Arif Billah Suharawardi (Daulatabad):

Hazrat Momin Arif Dargah lies at the foot of the hills due east of the
Daulatabad fort. He was come to Daulatabad before the time of the Khalji
conquest of the Deccan, means around 1200 AD. Meaning of his name is
Mumin ‘believer’ and Arif ‘knower’. Sabzawari recorded that Mu’min Arif
was descended from the eighth Shii Imam, Ali Riza, and the his death is
observed on 20 Safaaar, just as in the case of the Imam. 73 But also in
today, is connected with the Suhaarwardi Sufi silsila, and the cus tomary
weekly Thursday visits and annual festival prevail.74 He started the Paper
industry in Kagjipura, near Khuldabad first time.

2-Hazrat Shaikh Bahaud Din Shuttari Qadiri Langotband Ansari
Shaikh Baha ud Din Shuttari Qadiri was famous Qadiri saint in
Deccan. His father Ibrahim Bin Ata ullah Qadiri Hussaini Shuttari was a
renowned personality in Sirhind. He died in Zilqada 921 AH. His shrine
located at Char Kamni Masjid, in Daulatabad.