Hazrat Yousuf asbat r.a

He was a great worshiper and saint as well a pious person who left the worldly life and pleasure .

He got knowledge from great the saints . He got an amount of 70,000 dinars from his inheritance but he did not spent a single dinar for his personal use. He used to get his livelihood by selling the leaves of dates. He had spent a period of forty years in one old rag dress. 

He wrote to Huzefa Marshi that “ He was regret to know that you had sold away your religion for the value of two particles of gold because at the time purchasing some thing from some body you told him the price five times less to the salesman which the owner of the shop told you . And due to your status of dignity the salesman believed your statement and sold away the thing at the lesser price .” 

This event is described differently in some other books but the above description is available in many reference books. 

He told that “ To learn Quran for worldly gains is not useful and it is very bad thing. ’’ 

He told “ The truthful worship of one night is better than the incursion.” 

He told to think oneself better than others is called humility because the reward of small humility is equal to several endeavors. The person who possess politeness should act upon the orders of Islamic law and he should behave well with the creatures with politeness .He should give respect to the great saints and to bear every loss and to be content for things given by Allah . 

He should engage himself in the remembrance of Allah and finish the anger and to behave proudly with the rich persons. 

He told the following things. 

There are ten signs of repentance 

1.To keep away from the world.

2.To keep away from the prohibited things.

3.To keep away from the proudly persons.

4.To seek company of the modest persons.

5.To keep relations with the pious persons.

6.To keep on the repentance.

7.Not to commit sins after the repentance.8.

To fulfill the duties.

9.To ask for the blessing

10.To reduce the power . 

There are ten signs of mysticism 

1.To leave the things which are in your possession.

2. To fulfill the allotted service.

3. To spend the money in the charity.

4. To get clearance of the inner most.

5. To give respect to the relatives.

6. To give respect to the friends.

7. To take care even in the permitted items with the wisdom.

8. To ask for the gains of the other world.

9. To reduce the comforts.10.

To leave the wishes. 

There are ten signs of abstinence 

1.With the help wisdom to be keep away from the doubtful things

.2. To avoid the doubts.

3. To differentiate between the good and bad deeds.

4. To keep away from the tension and grief.

5. To keep away from the gain and loss.

6. To accept the willingness of Allah.

7. To take care of trustworthiness 

.8. To keep away from the difficulties of time.

9. To keep away from the dangerous things.

10.To leave the proud and pride. 

There are ten signs of patience 

1.To control the soul.

2. To take care of the lessons.

3. To take care of the peace.

4.To leave impatiency.

5.To ask for the strength for the piety

6. To take care of the worship

7. To take care of the obligations.

8.To follow the truthfulness in the dealings

9 To take care of the endeavors.

10.To keep away from the sins. 

There are six kinds of meditation 

1. To Like the things which are liked by Allah.

2. To keep the good hope with Allah.

3 To Think less or more are from Allah.

4 To feel comfort with Allah

5. To keep away from the creatures.

6. To love Allah. 

There are six kinds of truth 

1. To Take care of the tongue and heart.

2. To Take care of the saying and doing.

3. Not to desire for the praise.

4. Not to desire for the government.

5. To give importance to the other world than this world.

6. To oppose the soul. 

There are ten kinds of trust 

1.To feel peace with the things guaranteed by Allah.

2.To be content with the available things 

.3.To be patient on the difficulties.

4.To act upon the fundamental pillars of Islam.

5.To spent the life as slaves.

6.To keep away from the proud.

7.To reduce the power.

8.Not to keep hope from the creatures.

9.To enter into the truth.

10.To get the information. 

To think and act upon on the thing that without it there will be no salvation. 

To think and follow the trust that we can not get more than our fate. 

There are five kinds of love. 

1.To live in the loneliness.

2.To keep away from the mankind.

3.To remember Allah always

.4.To be patient in the endeavors.

5.To act upon sincerely 

He told to think before talking what will be its result. In the things if there is no thoughtfulness and wisdom then we can not find the good result and so it will be useless thing. 

He told do not tell bad things from the tongue and do not hear bad things from the ear. 

To keep away from the adultery.

To use legal food.

To leave the world.

To think always about the death. 

There are five kinds of desire. 

1. In comfort and peace we should not forget the death.

2. During the period of happiness we should think life as an enemy.

3. To be busy always in the remembrance of Allah.

4. To regret for the loss of grace.

5. To be happy in the condition of presence. 

He told to increase the special prayers in addition to the regular congressional prayers and to demand for the legal provision is an obligation. 

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