Hazrat Utbah bin ghulam r.a

He was among pious personalities of innermost qualities and who attained perfection. His teacher was Hasan of Basra. He was popular among the pious persons as well as in the general persons. Once he was walking with Hasan of Basra on the bank of a river and suddenly he started walking on the water. Due to this Hasan of Basra was surprised and asked him “How he got such a great position?” then he replied him “You are doing according to the orders given but whatever I will do as per the will and pleasure of Allah.”

After his penitent for his love with a beautiful women to whom he expressed his love in some manner to her. So that women sent her servant and asked him “Which part of her body he had seen?” He replied “He saw her two eyes and was fallen in her love.” So that  women  when  she came to know the details of his love then she took out her two eyes and sent the same through her servant to him and informed him that the things which he liked are sent for him. When he saw the eyes and got her reply and due to this there was strange condition on Utaiba and he went to see Hasan of Basra for his penetration and due to Hasan of Basra’s innermost qualities he started his worship  and there were great changes in him. He used to  cultivate barley for himself and grind it for flour. Then he used to mix the water in the flour and dry the wet flour and after that he will make the tablets. He used to eat one piece of tablet for one week and he will used to engage himself in the worship of Allah. He used to say “He is ashamed to go to toilet daily due to the presence of two angels who are writing men’s good and bad deeds.”

Once people saw him in the winter in one simple shirt and his body was with sweat. So for this reason the people asked him “Why it is so?” He replied  “Long  time  ago some guests were in his house who took some soil from the neighbor’s wall without the permission of the owner. So from that time till now when ever I look on the wall I regret for the act of my guests and this is the reason of my sweat even though the neighbour already has forgiven me for this mistake.” Some persons asked with Abdul Wahid bin Zaid “Do you know any  person who  ignores others due to his frenzied condition.” He replied “Yes and asked them to wait for some time as he will come soon there.” At the same moment “Utaiba entered that place and the persons asked him have you met any person on your way? And he replied “I have not met any person” but  even though he was coming from the bazaar. He never ate fine food or wore fine dress. Once his mother asked him “Oh Utaiba be pity on your condition “and he replied her “I have desire for pity on me on the Day of Judgement which is good for always for me as this world is only for some days. So if I face the difficulties of this world it is better than the difficulties of the Day of Judgement.” For many nights he could not sleep and he repeatedly told this sentence “Oh Allah either you punish me or forgive me and in the both conditions you are my friend.”

Once in his dream he saw a beautiful hourie who said to him “Oh Utaiba I love you so I have desire that you will not do any such thing which will cause separation of us.” He told her “He divorced the world and at  the time of meeting with you I will not look at the world.”

Once some body told him that many persons used to ask about your affairs. So please show me one of your miracles. He asked him “What do you need?” That person asked for fresh dates and as there was no season of dates at that time. But at the same time he gave him a bag full of dates to him.

One day Sammak and Zanon Masri were present in the house of Rabiya of Basra and at that time “Utaiba entered that place wearing new dress and he was walking proudly. So Sammak asked him how he was walking that day? He replied him “His name is Ghulam Jabbar (Slave of Jabbar) so he is walking proudly” and at the same time he became un-conscious and fallen on the ground. When they approached him to see, he was already dead.

After that some body saw him in the dream in which he saw his half face black so he asked the reason for it? He told him “Once in his student life he saw a beautiful boy with long beard and moustaches.”


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