Hazrat Tamim Ansari r.a

Born Medina, Arabia
Burial Mausoleum of  Hazrat Tameem Al Ansari, Kovalam, Tamil Nadu, India
Full name
                             Tamim ibn Zayd Al Ansari
Tribe Bani Maran ibn al-Najjar
Father Zayd ibn Asim al-Ansari

hazrat Tamim ansari

Tamim ibn Zayd al-Ansari (Arabic: تميم بن زيد الأنصاري‎‎) was a Muslim saint whose Dargah (shrine) is located in Kovalam, Tamil Nadu, India which is 59 km from Chennai. Al-Ansari was born in the city of Medina, Saudi Arabia and is a Sahabi (companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Dargah has an area of 3 acres (12,000 m2).

    The first Thursday after the first full moon of each month is a day of devotion. Though the Dargah is open from 5 A.M. to 10 P.M., and some devotees spend the night there. Sahaba (companion)  was said to be companions of  Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). But Hazrat Tamim Ansari was buried by Arcot Nawab Muhammed Saadatullah Khan in around 180 Hegira.

His name is Tamim Ansari and  his father’s name is Ahmed Ansari  and in this magazine have mentioned  many of his details of millions of characters and conducts as well as his endeavours and miracles are available in it. He was a famous companion of the last prophet of Allah. He was a resident of Madina city in the country  of  the Saudi Arabia.

     The reporters of right sayings  and informers of the  newspaper of the truth have been informed in this matter that once Hazrat Umar bin Qattab was sitting in the grand of the mosque of the prophet in Madina after the morning prayer of Fajr along with his friends and companions  and suddenly at that time one woman in veil was arriving there and  she was  asked about the Hazrat Umar bin Qattab and the people have pointed towards him. That woman told him that “Oh the ruler of the Muslims my husband is absconding since three and a half years and his where about are not known and till now it is not known the news about his  life and death. So I am facing great problems to bring up the children in this matter,  so I request you to kindly allow me to re-marry with some other person.” The caliph  of the last prophet, Allah has asked her “Who was his husband ?, and how he was vanished away from Madina.?” That woman told that “My husband’s name is Tamin Ansari and he was vanished away from the house since three and half years suddenly  and she has been searching  him since for three and half years and but still she could not able to get his news and  where about in this matter.” The caliph of the prophet told her that, “ She has not given permission in this matter till the four years will not be over and during this period your husband may come back or there will be any news on this matter from any side.” The woman began crying and wept very much  and she has requested, “ Oh caliph of the Muslims how she will maintain and bring up the children of Tamim Ansari and she is poor and helpless and she did not have any Dirham with her so how she will pass the period of the four years.?” The caliph of the Muslims told her that, “ You do not worry for  the expenses of the bringing up of the children as she will be given money from the Baital Mall (public treasury) as per the requirement in this matter. So go and take care of the children and in reality Allah will solve all problems of the men.” In short, that woman was returned back  to her home in happy condition and she has spent a period of four years in waiting of the husband in her house. After the end of the four years she   goes to see the caliph of the prophet again and she said “ Oh caliph of the Muslims now four years have been completed and now give her permission to re-marry and he told her that she should complete further more four months and come back and see him. At last this  period was also have been ended and during this period also his husband      ‘s where about and news were not found by her. So she went into the presence of the caliph of the Muslims and she said “Oh caliph of the last prophet that now she could not have patience in this matter. And at that time some persons were present there. The caliph  told in the loud voice “ Is anybody is there who can marry this woman.?” So one person  among them was standing  and he said  he can marry with her woman. At that time the caliph of the prophet  married that woman with the man there. Then that woman and husband along with children were began living in the happy condition.

    One day that man was performing Asar evening prayer and at that time there was loud and cry was begun in the house. He  completed his prayer  and was asked her wife about  this matter that whether there is good news  and with whom she is fighting in the house and who was entered into the house. The woman has told that see there is standing one person in the naked condition there  and the young man stood and went near the naked person  and was asked him in the angry condition who are you?, and why did he enter into his house without any permission.? It seems that your ill luck has brought you here.? So you should leave my house urgently otherwise there will be bad consequences in this matter. Upon hearing this that naked person entangle with the  young man and fighting  was started in between both of  them there in the house. The pious woman was began loud and crying and she said “ Oh neighbors come on soon someone is killing my husband. It may be the same Devil who was taken away my first husband. Now he came  there gain, and while becoming the enemy of my second husband.” The`neighbouring persons upon hearing loud and cry  and they run towards their house and entered into the house and with much difficulty and problem they have separated fighting of the two persons in the house. The neighboring persons was taken away Tamim Ansari and have asked him  to tell truly who are you.? And which place he belongs.? And what is your name.?,. And that naked person told them that “ He is Tamim Ansari and he is  the husband of this woman and all children are belong to him. He was involved in many problems  and due to the grace and help of Allah, he was  able come back again to Madina.”Due to this problem long time was passed away and night was started so the neighbours have advised both of  them to live in patience during the night and in the morning they should appear in the presence of the caliph of Muslims Hazrat Umar Bin Qattab to represent their case for the settlement there and tell him their whole story  and  get his kind order on this matter and act upon it. In short the whole night was passed in the fighting also with each other and for this reason nobody could not sleep in this house for this problem.

    In the morning all of them went into the kind presence of Hazrat Umar bin Qattab in the grand mosque of the prophet in Madina and have been telling him their stories there. Then Hazrat Umar bin Qattab have asked that naked person “What is your name and the place of his residence.?” That person told him that “His name is Tamim Ansari and he is  a resident of Madina city. Whether you are forgetting your friend and this woman is my wife and all these children belong to him and he is their father.” The woman told Umar bin Qattab that  “This man is a lair and where is the man and where is  the devil.

So why she  belongs to his wife. And how he will be her husband for this reason. During the whole night he has annoyed us  and caused problem to all persons in our street. He is becoming an enemy  of my husband and want to kill him on this matter.” That naked person told him, “ Oh, ruler of  the Muslims  what happened to you that you are not recognizing him and he is not hearing his story on this matter and you are hearing the talk of  the woman.” Then the  ruler of the Muslim told him “What you are saying  and I know very well and I am looking towards him. Tamim Ansari in fact was his companion and his image is there in my mind, but no sign of him is not found in you so without investigation then how he can take any decision on this matter. So prove your identity and submit any witnesses.” Upon hearing this the naked person told that  “His witness is Hazrat Ali bin Abu Taleb and he will recognize him surely. The biggest reason of recognizing on this matter is that the prophet of Allah was telling about my condition.You take me to him and he will recognize me. Hazrat Umar stood immediately and along with all other persons he was reaching in the presence of Hazrat Ali bin Ibi Taleb and he said Assalam Alaikum  Ali  and Hazrat Ali replied his Salam  and Hazrat Ali told  him  “Whether there is everything good  and  why you have reached to see him in the early morning with so many persons there.” Hazrat Umar bin Qattab told him “He was brought into your presence this strange creature.”Hazrat Ali upon looking  the strange creature told him “Are you not Tamim Ansari ?”, and that person told him “Yes, I am Tamim Ansari your old friend. He was in his presence after a period of seven and a half years. He was in the prison of the Devil  so for this reason he was upset and worried for his life. And for this reason he was reached to this condition and his condition was changed so nobody is not recognizing me and even nobody did not believe that I am a human being.” Hazrat Ali told all of their friends to sit down and from him to hear his story. This man came back here after seeing many strange things as well great wonders of the world. It is happening that one day prophet of Allah told that after me there will be rise many strange things in the world. Among them there will be one story of Tamim Ansari. Upon saying this Hazrat Ali bin Taleb asked Tamim Ansari  dear friend tell your story and what  did happen to you?, and what you seen  the great wonders?, and which places you have visited in your journey?.” He told “Oh, ruler of the Muslims what I have  seen the  things  in  the wake up condition which were not seen such things by any person in the dream.” Hazrat Ali told him “To tell the whole story.” He began his story as follows.’


     “That one day I have done intercourse with my wife and after its completion and I asked  with my wife to bring soon water so that he will have bathing as the prophet of Allah has said that one who have done intercourse then he should have bathed  soon and become clean as this is  a time of overwhelming of the Satan. Usually an un-bathed person in this matter will involve intricacy and problem and for this reason he will face difficulty in this respect. My wife for  the sake of the joke told at that time  “Oh Devil takes him away from there ” and upon saying this she went to bring water. He was sleeping  in the upper storey and suddenly one Devil came there and took me towards the sky  and I have reached at the highest level and from where the earth seen like a clod. Due to  divine power of Allah one piece of the cloud was touched with the neck of the Devil and due to this reason there was pressing on the neck of the Devil and for this matter Devil began getting down while closing his eyes  and he was dipped in the big sea  and at that time my condition was such that due to fear I was stopped taking breath and I was becoming helpless there and there was no hope for me that I will be free from the claw of the Devil. He began taking me some time  in the light and sometime in the darkness and suddenly the Devil freed me from his hold so I was becoming unconsciousness and falling down to the earth.  When I was came   back in consciouness and  opened my eyes and  I was found myslef in the huge garden where there were many thousand trees of fruits were there and there were available water springs everywhere and there was a cold breeze was moving in the garden and there was mild fragrance  was found every where and due to this reason there  came life again in my dead body and it was like that there was no more tiredness in me and there was happiness and joy in my heart and there was created light in my eyes  and due to such  reasons heavenly atmosphere was found there. So I stood immediately and watch here and there and but could not find anybody there. I have desired which ever fruit and plucked and eaten there and in such condition I went towards one side. At one place  I was looking suddenly at one creature and which  did not belong to human beings. Then I was able to know that these creatures belong to Devils and surely they will kill me there. Then I told “ Oh Allah you have now given safety from one cruel Devil and after that other problem  from another creature came  there. So give me salvation from this creature also. Due to fear of the Devils I was hiding in the clump of the trees and was there for a period of two days. Even though there was no trouble from them for me, but I was shivering  due to their fear and problems. On the third day two persons came there and said Salam to me and asked me “Who are you?, and how you have reached there.?”. I have replied them that “He is a human being  and I do not know which is this place.? And  the black Devil brought him there.”  They told me that “They are in  the fifth region of the world and it is  the countries of the devils.” They told me that “My house is 5,000 miles away from there.” Oh the rulers of the Muslims when I heard this then there was the condition of the unconsciousness which prevailed upon him. I think that if I will be going out of this country  and then my age will be very short for this reason so I could not able to return back to my house in Madina. There was no more hope with me to reach back into my house in my country. When I became conscious then I was going back in my previous place and sat there. In one night It happens such that I was heard many kinds of the sounds in my ears and there was very much loud and cry. Due to fear I was climbing on a tree and  after some time I was seen from there  that many horse riders while holding naked swords  in their hands were coming there and it was an army of the fairies. When they reached there they attacked on the Devils in the night upon them. The Devils also prepared for the counter attack with holding  the weapons in their hands and get ready for the fight with the army of the fairies and battle was started there. Oh, ruler of the Muslims there was severe fighting was among them, which I was not seen before by my eyes. At last Muslim fairies were able to successfully in the fight and infidel Devils were killed. When the successful army was passed from me and there I was seen that one fairy was riding on the horse and emerald  and rubies  were fixed there in the saddles.In the bridle of the horses there was fixed rubies and jewelries. The  fairy  who was the rider of the horse  was just like flying in the air. Suddenly the queen, fairy was looking at me and sopped her horse and she asked me, “I believe that you a human being  and who have brought you there.” I stood immediately from the ground and kissed the foot the Queen fairy on the horse. I have explained her all details of events to her and began weeping there and told her that since long period of time  he has been away from his household and do not have any power to reach back into my house in my city. The queen fairy  became  very kind to me and told me that I should  not be sad in this matter and she was instructed one fairy to arrange one horse for my riding. When there was arrangement of the horse, then I was along with them in the third region of the world, where there  a residence of the queen fairy was there. The throne of the queen fairy was shining with  the jewels of the rubies, emerald and rubies of Yemen and she was sitting on the throne and large army was  standing  before her while folding their hands. Due to the kindness and favour the queen fairy was calling me there and she  asked me to sit on the royal throne.She  asked my name and I told her my name Tamim Ansair and she was asked about my country. I told her that I belong to Madina,  the city the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). When she  heard all details, then, she becomes very happy and she asked me  “Whether he had seen the last prophet of Allah.?” I told her that “He was in the service of  the felicity of the last prophet for a long period of time.” Upon hearing this she said “ Oh Allah, there is thousand thanks to You  that these eyes have seen pure prettiness of the prophet and You have given  her a chance to see such eyes. Upon saying this she  kissed my eyes and she has asked whether the last prophet still living there in Madina city.?” I told her the prophet left Madina city to meet his great friend in another world.  Upon hearing this queen fairy was sad in this matter and she was began weeping in loud voices for this reason, and along with her all courtiers were also began weeping in the louder voices. After sometime queen fairy told me, “Oh Tamim Ansari  for me, you are like my adopted son.I have seven sons with me and they are unaware of the holy book of Allah. I have   the desire with me that you for the sake of god and for sake of mediation of the last prophet of Allah teach my children the holy Quran and I will fulfil your desire as per your fate in this matter and there will be no excuse in this matter.” So I told her that “I have accepted her offer.” So she was given orders to bring one horse and asked me to ride on it and she was asked two fairies to accompany with me and to take me to the residence of the children of the queen fairy and he will be there along with them and teach my children holy book of Quran there. And see that there will be no complaint for  his hospitality and  try to please him and  after one week she will come there and visit my children  and if there will be some difficulty caused to him then I will give severe punishment to both of you. “Oh the ruler of the Muslims the speed of the horse is very fast so it is very hard and difficult to describe its speed in this matter. Due to such speed and flight I was becoming unconscious so I could not know where I was going. At one place they get me down and then I opened my eyes and I was gaining my consciousness there and  I have noticed that it was time of later afternoon Asar prayer so I have done ablution and prayed there.At that time the children and relatives of the queen fairy came to see me and they have paid very much respect and honour for me and they presented many kinds of valuable gifts to me. The children of the queen fairy asked me “When  did you  depart from the place of our mother.?” I told them that “ I left that place after praying Fajr prayer and reached here at the time of Asar prayer.” They asked me “Do  you know how much distance you have covered during this journey.” I told him them that  “I think that I have covered more than 40 or 50 Farsang (one Farsang = one league=3 miles). All of them laughed for this and they said “Dear sir, you have covered journey of the one region of the earth and as per human speed standard it is  a journey of 1000 years. There are four  such regions are there upon this region in which human being used to reside in the those regions.” So hearing all these details I was surprised in this matter, there was so much strange thinking came into my mind. With patience, I have started teaching of the Quran to children of the queen fairy. After one week queen fairy came there and she has called me in her palace and paid very much attention and favour for me and she has asked about the teaching details of the Quran to her children there. I have informed her about the details of  the teaching of the holy Quran during this period to the children of the queen fairy.In this way she used to come there and check the teaching of the Quran on the children. One day when the teaching of the Quran of the boys was over and queen fairy was coming there and on that night I have seen a dream and for this reason I was very upset and worried and due to dream I began weeping there. Suddenly my weeping voice reached to the palace of the queen fairy  and at that time she has called her caretakers and heralds and asked them to check “Why, the man who belong to human beings is weeping  and so check on this matter why he is weeping and find out reason in this matter whether somebody was given him trouble to him  so he is weeping in this matter. So inquire all matter in this matter and bring that man before me.” Upon inquiring all details from me they have taken me towards the palace of the queen, fairy, they have informed the queen fairy that “Nobody among  them did not hurt him and given any trouble. The man is weeping by remembering his children and family members in his country. Tonight he was seen in his dream his children and his householders who were standing and visiting  the mausoleum of the holy last prophet of Allah in Madina city. Upon seeing them the love of the father was increased and there was uncontrollable  an condition in this matter and he wants to embrace all of them, but at that time his dream was over and he could not find them. So for this reason due to   the very much grief and sadness he was begun weeping and crying in this matter.” Upon hearing this queen fairy was become very kind to him and she told him to inform her “What is his desire in this situation.” I told her that “ I do not any desire and wish expect to see my children and my family members in Madina city and also he wants to visit the holy mausoleum of the prophet in Madina and  so for this reason he is eager in this matter.” As the queen fairy promised me to send back to Madina city upon completion of the teaching of the Holy Quran to her children. Now their Quran reading work was already finished there. By chance my dream was caused for the fulfillment of queen fairy’s promise for sending back me to my country.She immediately stood in the throne  and due to her kindness she asked me to hold her hand. So I caught her hand. She has taken me and began flying in the air.”


      “Oh, ruler of the Muslims while flying in the air we have reached in the forest area and where one fort was there which was locked. When queen fairy reached near the fort  then lock was opened automatically and it was falling on the earth. The queen fairy was entered in the fort along with me. What I see there in that fort there that many thousand rooms  and verandahs were available there.In every room there was imprison one devil in it in the iron chains. The queen fairy was checked each and every room and asked with every devil his name. Due to fear of the fairy queen all devils began shivering and could not able see her face. At last the queen fairy reached in the room of the black devil and she was inspecting his room. Oh, ruler of the Muslims, it is very difficult to describe the greatness and  the horror  of the devil and which is as follows.

  1. Face was like a great tomb
  2. Mouth was like a cave
  3. Height was like a great mountain
  4. Eyes were like lawn of the river basin
  5. Nails were nails of the elephant


     He was imprisoned in thick  iron chains  and due to seeing of the queen fairy  and thinking that whether his killing  will  done  by the queen fairy so for this reason he began shivering like a cane. The queen fairy told him that if you agree for  the faithfulness, then agree that next time you will not disobey our order and always you will abide and fulfil our orders faithfully and there will no room of any complaint in this matter. Then in that case you will be freed from the prison, otherwise take warning that you will be killed here immediately. The Black Devil while folding his hand by lowering his head he said that in fact he has made  his mistake so I request you to kindly forgive my mistake in this matter.I will promise that always I will obey your orders and never disobey your instructions.Upon hearing this talking queen fairy told him that I bestow kindness upon  your worst condition. Well, I will free you on one condition, that as you have brought this man from Madina and you have separated him from his family members. Now you should only take him back to Madina  and upon sending him back to Madina bring me his acknowledge of his reaching to his country. The   Devil to get  release from the prison so for this reason  very soon he was agreed to take me back from there  to Madina city in happy condition and mode. The queen fairy was released the Devil from the prison and she asked me to ride on his neck and she has taken  from his promise to take me to Madina within a week. Oh the ruler of the Muslims at the time of departure from there the queen fairy was taught me one supplication which is as follows.

      And she told me that “ There is no guarantee of the promises of the Devils. They involve in the acts of breaking of the promises and Satanic acts. I will teach a supplication in this matter to help you against their misdeeds and atrocities so remember it well. If Allah wills due to  blessing of this  supplication   there will be  no calamities and dangers  and you will be safe  and secure in this matter.”


 hazrat Tamim ansari 1

Bismilla ar-Rahman Nirrahim

(In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful)

 Ya dalil mutayarhin wa ya ghayas al-mustagsin wa ya mujib dawat al-muztarin wa ya ilahi al-almin wa khair al-nasirin ba haq eyaaka nabudi yaka nastinwa sallaa wa ala khair khalaqhe Muhammadin wa elha ajmain berahamatik.Ya arrahma alrahimin.

  The queen fairy recited the above supplication upon me and she said goodbye to me from there. And the devil was taken me towards sky and and his great flight was started.Suddenly there came an ill will as well as a bad idea in the heart of the devil so for this reason he want to throw me towards down side.So I have recited the queen fairy’s supplication and due to its blessing, Allah was saved me from this problem and difficulty.Now the devil began angry with me and so for this reason he began trying to give trouble to me and for this   reasib he began flying in the air and some time he began diving in the rivers, but due to blessing  of the supplication there was no damage to me in this matter.Oh, ruler of the Muslims one time that devil was reached at such higher height in the sky so I have heard the voices of the angles from the sky. I heard it carefully and the angles were  reciting the following verse from the holy Quran.

Bismilla Arrhaman Nirrahmi (In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful)

Wa safat safan wa zajirat zijran

That cursed one due to his bad habit he began flying higher in height in the sky and the angles throw fireball at him and so he was burnt down and becoming ashes and due to the  blessing  of the  supplication, I was falling down to the earth safely and securely and I was in the condition of unconsciousness for a long period of time. When I was coming back  in the normal condition then I was found that due to the kind grace of Allah, I was in the condition of  safe and secured. Oh, leader of the Muslims I thought that I will be broken into pieces due to my  great fall from the sky to the earth and there will be no particle of the my body will not be found there on the earth. But Allah kept me safe and secure.In short, I was finding myself in the desolate jungle and where there was not found any bird and animals.In all four sides I have tried my best but could not find the way to leave from that jungle area. Also, there was not found any human beings and any persons. Also, there was not found any grain for eating and to wear clothes there and as well there was no water available there. In the jungle there was prevailing rustling of the winds  so I was afraid in this matter due to fear and danger into the huge jungle area. So for this reason I was began weeping and crying there. I was weeping very much and made loud and cry there in the wilderness of the jungle. So told myself that oh Allah what I should do now there?, and where should I go?, and  in such grief and suffering I was seeing an animal  and his legs were like  pearls and his beak  were like shining ruby and who was approached towards me and began talking with me. And he said “ Oh Tamim you, do not worry in this condition of grief and problem and do not lose hope and trust on Allah.” I told him that “ I was weeping and crying due to loneliness and helplessness.” Due to surprise, I was seeing that animal  and questioned him. “Oh cock who are you.? “ And you have spoken like a human being or whether you belong to group of the Jins.?,” He told me that “ He did not belong to the category of the Jin or human begins,  but he is an animal and he has been deputed for this work from the prophet Ishaq (A.S.) and my work is showing the way to the travelers and persons who lost their way and for hungry passengers I will provide  water and food supply. You are a traveler. Who was lost the way of the journey and you are hungry and thirsty. Now  you stood here and I was there in that jungle for a  period of 40 days and nights. I have eaten many kinds of food of grace there. After forty days I told him that he wants to go from there and  so he should guide  me and show the way for my journey. That animal showed me the way and I was started towards the direction of Qibla (direction in which the Muslim turn in prayer). By walking on the way I was reached in the jungle. I was watching two shapeless creatures  who are proceeding towards me.When both of them have reached towards me, I found both  are in the round shape, and they do not have eyes, ears and head as well as foot and stomach and  coming towards me by  rolling down  so for this reason I was surprised so they told me that  “Oh Tamim Anrsari be comfortable you will reach surely to your house.” I  asked them “Who are you.? Do you belong category of Jins.?” They have told me that “They belong to the category of the  devils. Allah created us  so that on the day of judgement they  will separate the infidels  from the Muslims there  and take them to the hell” I told them, “  Oh the persons of the devils he was wandering here and there due to worry and problem in the desert of the death. And  I do not  know where I am going and where is my destination.? So help me and guide me towards my final destination.” They told me that “ I should not leave the direction Qibla  (direction in which Muslims turn in prayer)  and go directly towards its direction. I said goodbye to them and went towards the direction of  Qibla. There was passed a period the six months in my walking journey  and at the time of the hunger I used to eat  whatever available in the jungle area and whenever I will tire then used to sit there into the jungle. But used to ride on the tree and to watch the grace of Allah that no animals  or tigers and wild creatures did not kill me and given any harm or damage me during my journey towards my home town Madina city and any wolf did not take me away or any snake did not bite me in the wilderness of the jungle area. But every wild animals and dangerous reptiles used to see me and go fled from the spot. By covering long distance by foot I was reached to a big mountain on which one old pious person was busy in the prayer there. So I reached near him and upon his finishing his prayer, I said Salam to him and he  replied to my Salam and  he told me “ From where you have come and  how you have come to this place.? No human being did not reach this place by the way of the road on the earth and every year one boat used to reach this place by way of the sea. When people get down from the boat then he used to see the human beings at that time.” I told him “ Oh old pious person I came to this place with the kind help and grace of Allah, I do not know from which place I was coming there and I do not know where he is going.?. But I want to go back to my country.” That old pious person by holding my hand get down from that big mountain and he was taken, me towards one direction and where he introduced me to one  gentleman there and to whom he has explained all details of the whole story which belong to me. I told him further that “I was traveling  by foot journey since long period of time and I do not know where I am going.?” That young man  given me the good news  that  I will reach back to my home city surely and he will take back  to me to my home city of Madina. Even he will make  me a king of the area so you promised that whatever I will say you should obey and follow such instructions.” I told  him that “ I promised  and obey all his instructions in this matter.” That young man has taken my hand in his hand and he shakes it  and he told me to stay here and he was vanished from there. After  an elapse of some  time he has brought a tray with full of many kinds of    dishes and sweets and he put  the tray before me and I was  eating full of my stomach. When I have eaten many kinds rich  food items, then he was asked me whether still  you obey your promise? I said “Yes.” He said well and he was vanished from there.  The next day he was also brought such kinds of  many high quality food items and sweets in the tray for me. When I was eating many kinds of  the rich food items, then he asked me whether I was firm on  my promised and I told  him, “Yes”. Upon hearing this he was given me one pellet in my hand and he told that keep it safely. He said “He will put himself in the fire and he will burn in it. Then you put this pellet on the ashes, then I will become alive again and I will take you back to his home in your country and I will give you  the seven climes kingdom to you. I have lots of thanks to him in this matter. In his hand there was rope also which he was given to me. Then he told me “Oh my friend hold my  two feet.” Oh Ali, I have caught his two feet and he was taken, me and  began flying in the air. In short time we both were  reached on a mountain and its length and breath is very difficult and not able to describe its details.That person was a magician and who sat me on the mountain and he was vanished away from there. He came there after some time and  he asked me that “Whether I was firm on my promise.” I asked him which is this mountain.? He said this is the mountain of Qaf (Caucasus). Upon hearing I was becoming unconscious  of thinking how I will reach back to the country.? When I was becoming well then I asked him that, “ You have promised that you will take me back to my home town  and what you did that you have brought me on the mountain of Qaf and  so why you have not fulfilled your promise.?” He told me that “I should not worry in this matter. I will surely take you to the home. So do not object in this matter why he has taken him on the mountain Qaf. I will give you a kingdom of  the seven climes to you. So you should firm on your promise and hold my two feet firmly.” Upon his saying I caught his two feet firmly. Then he began flying in the air. For many days and nights he was continued flying in the air. At last he reached at a  cave. I have seen that  there was one door in the cave on it is written  Islamic creed in large plain

Handwriting  and he went near the cave’s door and changed his shape. He asked for me to be firm on the promise. I told him that “I was firm on my promise. But I do not know who are you and to which places he is taking. I do not know what you will do for him,?” But he did not reply in this matter. He went forward and strike the rope on the lock of the door  and by touching of the  rope so for this reason it was opened at once. He took me inside. I have seen in the cave there many rooms are  available it. In every room there is one  devil is available there. When they saw us they began angrily and they began to try to kill both of us. The rope with which lock of the cave opened was shown to them so for this reason they put down their weapons and stood by lowering their necks and followed their obedience and submission to him. By leaving them as I have proceeded further and have reached  a great  building  which was there  and which was built in lavish style  and its description is beyond my ability. In that building there was one throne, which was laying there  and on it there  was sleeping one pious young man in  the finest dress and he is putting one hand on his chest and other hand on his stomach. In his hand there was one ring in which there  were four gems which  were shining brightly. On the four sides of the throne there is one python, which was sitting there. I was surprised and asked by him, “Who is sleeping on the throne and all wild animals and birds, python was guarding and taking care of him there.?  He said “ Oh Tamim Ansari, he is prophet Suleiman (A.S.)  under his control and authority  were all wild animals and birds, python  during his life period and  they all  also will be  remain under his control and authority after his death.  The rope which  I was given to you and which belongs to the  magic and with its power of magic it have kept all things under my control and authority and I have reached up to here. If I will get the ring, then all things will come under his control and authority.” That person was thinking like that then at that time one angle came down from the sky and  he hit him with  his hand in that person’s neck and for this  his neck was cut and  he was falling down on the ground and blood discharge was started there. Upon seeing this I stood away from there so that  the angel may not kill me. When I have seen him then find in his look the  love and affection, and there is no look of  and anger and rage, so for this reason with the feelings of the fear and worry. I have reached near him and I have asked him “Oh Darwesh for the god sake tell me and explain me the details of this person to whom you have killed.?” That person did not take  me with him into my house in Madina and also did not explain me his details and his condition. It is also not known why he brought me this place. What is this miracle.?” He told me that “ This person who was more powerful than the devils and fairies. During his life period he did not become obedient of the  prophet  Suleiman (A.S.) and also he did not present in his service and he did  come there to steal the ring of the prophet Sulaiman (A.S.) and for this reason he was killed. So it was  not good of your living  with that cursed one and so you throw pellet and the rope now and in these things there is magic in it and all these things are not useful for you. The Muslim person should be away from all these things. I am an angel and as per  the command of Allah I came down from the sky. This is prophet Sulaiman (A.S.) who is sleeping on the throne. All these things are kept for his safety and security.” I told him that “God bless you,   I am a person who lost the way and away from the home at a distance of many millions of miles so show me the way to where I should proceed.” He told me to wear the ring which is there in the hand of that cursed devil and thrown pellet and  a rope and I have gone away on the way which was shown to me by the angel. By walking a journey of long distance I was reached to a fort  and was entered into it. What I have seen there that one most beautiful woman who was sitting there  and I have never seen in my life, such a beautiful and graceful woman before and who was sitting on the throne. When she looked at me then she was standing and get down from the throne  and he said Salam to me and she told to me “ Are you Taimim Ansari.” I told her, “Yes, the devil who was taking  you here and now where he was,?”. I replied her that “He was killed near the throne of the prophet Sulaiman  (A.S.)” and then she said that “I think  before that he will be killed when he will reach at that place. I have advised  very much in this matter, but he should go to the palace of the prophet  Sulieman  (A.S.), but he did not understand my advice and he was killed for this reason. At last I have read in her  book that in such and such month and on such and such date at such and such time one person in such shape and such  and  such name  who will arrive there and he will among the companions of the last prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and from him there will be guidance to me and I will accept the faith of Islam. Now recite me Islamic read La Ilha-Ilah Mohammed Rasool Allah.” She was reciting the Islamic creed and was become Muslim there. I told her “Oh woman it seems that you belongs to  a category of the  human beings.” She told me “Yes, no doubt.” Upon hearing I was becoming happy very much in this matter as after a period of long time I have seen a human being there. Then I  asked her “How did she came there.?” She said that “Her father was king of such and such kingdom and her mother was queen of that country. She was most beautiful and graceful woman that like her there was no personality of such beautiful woman was not found in the whole world. When she was in  the stomach of her mother then that devil who took you towards the throne of the prophet Sulaiman (A.S.) and who was killed there and who was becoming a lover of my mother   and  by deceive and fraud, he was taken, my mother from the palace  and he brought here and my mother told him that be careful that I am pregnant so do not touch me. Till she will not deliver baby  he should not come near to her. So for this reason that devil was away from any act of mischief. To see the kind help of Allah,  with which He helps his pious personalities from the grip and prison of the cruel things. When the time of delivering of the baby came I was delivered then at that time my mother queen was praying to Allah that,  “She is one of his slave women and who in nothing now  and You are  the protector and owner of the respect and honour. Now this devil wants to intercourse with me and expect You there is nobody is there who can protect and secure my respect and honour. I seek your help  and custody as well protection  and refuge in this matter, so take me towards You from the world so that she will be safe and secure from the maltreatment of this devil.” The supplication was accepted in the court of Allah and she was dying there suddenly and in this way she was left this mortal  world with respect and honour due to kind grace and mercy of Allah. The devil made loud and cry and then he was become silent and but he was becoming kind and favourable to me. He was taken great care and attention to my bright up there and his favour and attention towards me was such that due to his affection for me than all devils and fairies who were faithful to him were also becoming  faithful to me. One good looking person used to come there in the palace and taught me education and training there. Since long time she has a desire to see  the human being belongs to Islamic religion  so that on his hand,  she can accept the religion of the  last prophet Allah.  So for reasons Allah has sent you to her. And Allah  awarded me the wealth of Islamic religion. Now you have  to take a rest here for some days as you are my Islamic brother and your Islamic sister is there in this place. So you teach me matters of Islamic religions. I stayed there for some days and was given  the information  and the  rules and regulation of the Islamic religion to her there. One day I was remembering my family members and I  have a desire to see them. So suddenly stood there  and have intended to proceed from there. I have asked permission from that Islamic sister. In the beginning she was insisting me not  to leave from there. But she was seeing me in the condition of  worry and upset then she told me to stay a while so that she can call one devil  and who will take you towards your city Madina. So you do not have worry in this respect. Even though your home is very far away from here, which at a distance of travel of 2040 years, but he will take you back to your home town sure.Upon hearing such a long distance of my home town and so  for this reason  I  was very much worried and for this reason there was  the condition of unconsciousness which prevailed upon me. At that  time she was called one devil there  and she told him that “He is my Islamic brother  and he is a  resident of Madina city and  she wishes that you take him to his home city.” The  Devil told that “Yes and he will take back him to his home very soon.”  She asked him in “How many days he can take him swiftly to him there.” The devil told her “Within 3 days time.” When I heard this  then there was relief and relax condition which prevailed upon me. Then she asked me to ride on the neck of the devil  and then she said goodbye to me there and at that time she was instructed me to recite the supplication which  was taught by queen fairy so that  due to the blessing of the supplication you should be safe and secure from every danger, on your journey, go I have surrendered to you in the custody of Allah.” That Devil took me to the sky and want to kill me there it means he want to throw me from the sky. So I began reciting the supplication of queen fairy. Due to its blessing he could not do any harm to me and he was fallen in the river and I was  falling and standing  on the mountain. Then that devil came to me. So I asked him that, “Why he is trying to kill me there.” Then he told me that except this there is no way before him. On that way there are many dangers are there. I asked him “What is there,?” He told me that “On that way there is  a heavy body devil reside there and who is my enemy  and when he will find both of us there, then he will kill us together there.” I told him “What remedies in this matter.” He told “Except breaking agreement, there is  no excuse in this matter. You give me your ring to me  so that due to its blessing I can defeat that great devil and take you back safely to your home.”Oh, ruler of the Muslims and oh Ali and I have given that ring from my finger. The devil puts the finger ring in his mouth and left away from there. So I was surprised in this matter that what to do and where to go in this hard situation.? After waiting for some time there in helpless condition I  proceed towards in one direction. Upon passing some distance I have seen one throne of jewels on which a great  black  horrible devil like an elephant  and who was keeping his trunk was sitting there. Upon seeing me he want to kill me. I thought it was better to be killed because I was finding difficulties and problems in each and every step. So it is now good and be free to die instead of facing such a large number of problems and difficulties. Due to thinking of this, I was falling down from the mountain to the earth. Upon falling I was becoming unconscious there. I was sure that my body will be broken into pieces after a fall from the huge mountain. When I was becoming in conscious condition then I was found myself in good condition. I was regretting that  there was no death  caused to me. Then I started my journey towards one direction. Except everywhere there was jungle and no human being habitations were not found there. Everywhere wild, cruel  animals and  like tigers and wolves were there and due to kind grace and help of Allah, no wild animals and snakes did not do harm  and any injury to me. I used to wander in the jungles and when there  will be prevail, conditions of hunger, then used to eat grass and where ever I will find green grass then used to sleep there. During the night eat grass in the jungle and take  the rest of the night and used to go from the jungle towards further travel on my journey on the feet. One day I reached under a huge tree and which I could not see before in my whole life and in its shade there can stay 10,000 soldiers  and as I was so tired and got good places of rest. So I was sleeping there. After some time due to hunger, I was standing  there and began searching something here and there so that to stop the fire of hunger. When I look at the upper part of the tree, then what I was seen that one heavy body person was imprisoned there in thick chains,  and he was sitting there and when I saw him then I was afraid for this reason and suddenly lowering down my look  and began thinking what big problem will prevail there.? That heavy body person called me, “Oh Tamim Ansari you have suffered very much difficulty  and now do not worry  and you will reach back to your home soon and your wish will be fulfilled. Due to the consolation  and comfort  and talking of  the heavy body person  and so for this reason my fear was over and hope was created for me. With much fear and horror, I asked him, “Oh,  the gentleman who you are? And why you sit here,? And why you have imprisoned in the chains.?’ But that man did not disclose me his name and other details in this matter and he told only that “By order of the Allah, he was imprisoned there, Oh Tamim Ansari I want to know some details from you whether still the prophet Mohammed is living or not.?” I told him that “He already left this mortal world.” He asked me “Whether people are involved in adultery”  and  I told him “Yes.” “Whether the people are involved in the acts of gambling” and I told him “Yes”. He asked me “Whether people  are involved in acts of giving false witness.” I told him, “Yes.” He asked “Whether people used  to drink wine.?” I told him “Yes.” In this way he  asked many questions  from me. After this he was forced with a great strength  so for this reason his thick chains were broken and he was freed from that place. Then he made a slogan due to this reason  there was  a great uproar in the jungle areas and there came earthquake in the earth and the mountains. In every place, the earth was broken there and its  dams were becoming slower. At that time one angle came from the sky with a heavy, thick bough and hit him on head and he said to him, “Oh cursed person still that time did not come for which you are awaiting there. How you become free from the chains?” and that person did not say anything to the angel of the sky and he  was standing there  silently. That angel put the heavy chain to that person again and fixed by him with the tree. When I have seen such dealing so I become surprised for this reason  said to myself “Oh Allah what is  the matter in this respect.?” Then that angel told me, “Oh Tamim Ansari what happened to you that you have talked with this cursed person.” I told him, “Oh pious person  may Allah bestow grace upon you and so inform me who are you.”?, and who is this person who was imprisoned in the chains.?” He told me that “He was  an angel from the sky sent by Allah. This cursed person is antichrist and who will come into the world at the time, on the  day of judgment and he will deceive all the mankind and misled all of them. The  prophet  Mohammed (peace be upon) was described all his details in his holy sayings and he was mentioned the some signs before his  coming into the world. The cursed one is asking with you details in connection of the those signs.Oh Tamim Ansari this is that antichrist and I if would not come there, then he would kill you  immediately here in this jungle place and he will not leave you alive. When I come to know this condition and  then return to my problem of wandering in the jungle and told him that from such and such time he is wandering in the jungles in surprised and worry condition and he is covering long distance of travelling in the jungle by foot and in the mountain area. For god sake, you guide me and show me the way so that I can reach back to my home. That angle was ready to help and he was accompanied by me and was showing me the way and he told me “To go on the way of the Qibla  and do not see here and there. If you leave this direction then you will lose your way.” Upon saying this the angle was vanished from there. As per  the guidance of the angle I was following the way  as per shown by the angel. In the day time I used to travel and eat grass and drink  water there and in the night time  I used to sleep by eating grass and water in the jungle areas. In this way long period of time was passed away. One day by walking on feet what I was seen that  there is a big fort is there  and its parapet are touching with sky. I said in my heart that whatever there will be problems and difficulties came there in the way, but he should visit the whole area of the fort and should come to know the details of secret of the big fort there. By thinking this I was entered in the fort by walking very fast. What I see there is one table of sandal is available there on which l  saw emerald and costly pearls and jewels are fixed on it. On one side there is a spread dining cloth and on it there was available many kinds of  rich food items and water jugs with full of the water were also there. Oh the ruler of the Muslims as I was very hunger so I have eaten plenty  of the  food items and drank cold and cleaned water there. When I have eaten then I was looking towards the rooms in the fort, which are full of wealth, of gold and silver and jewelry and with its  there was very much shining  was there. When I entered in the room, then I found many people  were killed there and were lying  and there were also many swords were there. When I looked this bloodshed and killing them, I was surprised on this killing and bloodshed. In the heart I said oh Allah what is the reason of it, where ever I will go and in such places I used to found surprised and wonderful things. It is matter of thanks of Allah that  he is safe and secure from any problem and difficulty. And me Allah is taking in His custody. When I was thinking this then I have seen four horse riders there who were holding their swords in their hands and they were standing at the doors. I was surprised to see them.In my heart told  now it is difficult to go away safely from there. They may kill him  there. But I said in my heart that one day I should will be dying and if there will be death in such place then nobody will save him there. So with courage I proceed towards those horse riders and said to them Assalam Alaikum. They replied my Salam and  with kindness and favour they told me, “ Oh Taimim Ansari you have suffered many  hardships and problems in the journey. So you should not lose your heart. If Allah wills, then you will reach back to your home town successfully. Upon hearing this I was very much happy and there were no limits of my joy in this matter. I told him, “There may be mercy of Allah on all of you  and  please inform me who  are you and how you have recognized me without knowing me and who are persons killed here and who killed them and for god sake tell me such information and all details.”? They told me that “They are angels of Allah and by the order of Allah, they are posted there as security guards of the treasure in this place. These are persons who belong to the companions of the last prophet and who are killed on the way of Allah. This blood  flows from such time and it will be flowing till the day of the judgement. The food which you have eaten  and which will be available into the trays and which will not decrease or increase there and whoever sent by Allah will eat this food items here.” Then I told them, “Up to what time and for how many years  he will be wandering  in the jungle and mountains.? Whether he will be going back to his country of origin.” So for this reason he is facing many problems and difficulties in this matter. For god sake, show me the way of Madina. So they were kind to me in my worse condition. One among them was accompanied with me as guide and he was with me for some distance of the journey and upon showing me he went back to his place. I  proceed on the way which was shown by the angel of Allah. On the way there was one garden and in which  I was entered into the garden. What I see there that one pious person was busy in the prayer under a tree. I  reached near him  and when he was finished his prayer, then I said Salam to him. He was replying my Salam and he told me “Are you that person whom people are searching you in Madina  city and your name is Tamim Ansari.” I told him “Yes, he is  the same person who has lost the way of the journey and he is away from his home country in the jungle and mountain areas.” He told him “To proceed further then you will find one old pious person ahead and explain him all your details to him.” So I proceeded further. After journeying of many days I was finding a grand garden and thought in my heart that the old pious person will be available there and whose signs were shown by a pious person in the previous destination. So without any fear  I was entered into the garden freely. What I see there that inside of the garden that there was found many kinds of the trees of fruits were there and one pious person was there who was praying under a tree. I said Salam to him and he was replying my Salam  and he said same phrases which were told by the previous pious person in the previous garden. I told him the whole story of my journey on the feet. Then he consoled me and he said to me, “ Do not worry and upset with this matter as your days of the worry and problems are over  and if Allah wills he will be returned back to his home  town as soon as possible. But  do one work that the mountain which is seen before and upon your reach there and on which  you will find the graces of Allah  on that mountain. So for this reason as per order of that pious person I went on the mountain very soon.  Where I find that there is  a garden  which is 1000 times very bigger than the previous garden and in which there were large numbers of the fruit trees  were there and all were full of the fruits on the trees. There was no such tree was there in which there will no fruits on it. There were also many thousand trees were available there on which there  were available many kinds of the scented flowers were there on the trees and flowers and fragrance were full in the large garden area and many thousand lovely and beautiful birds were chirping in the garden in melodious voices and there was one canal in the garden. This was  a very good  place of atmosphere. I have not  seen and  not heard by any  such a grand and beautiful garden in my whole journey and in my whole life period. Oh the rulers of the Muslims I have visited well that grand and beautiful garden and I have plucked very much fruits from the trees and eaten too much fruits. I have not eaten such best and better fruits in my whole life period. When I was thirsty then I was search water here and there  and after some time I found one beautiful water reservoir there. I have reached there  and find its water clear and cleaned well with like a pearl  as I was thirsty so I drank very much water there. I have seen one old woman who was sitting at the corner of the water reservoir and who was wearing full of riches and jewels and her hairs were in the curling style there and hanging at two sides of her head.  There was one Miswak (tooth brush) in her hand and in  the other hand she was having a big rosary. When she looked towards me then I said Salam to her. But she did not reply my Salam. And she was shown picked her beads and shown it to me and she meant in this matter that she is engaged in reciting of something there. So she could not able to reply me in this matter. But  at that time I could able understand the secret in this matter and I asked her, “Oh woman who are you? And why she is sitting there.?” And she is not talking and not giving reply to my Salam to her. At that time from the corner of the garden there was heard  a horrible voice  in which it was heard “Oh Tamim Ansari what you are doing.? Go immediately from this place.? Whether you do not fear of Us.?” Upon hearing this voice I was afraid in this matter  and somehow I left from there and went to see the previous pious person. That person told me “Have you seen the divine power of Allah there.?” I said “Yes.” After some time I have asked by that old person that “Who was that person  who have sent to me to  see you here.  And the woman who was seen by me in the garden and who was in her pretty and fine dress  and who was she.? And whose horrible sound was that.?.” He said  that “He is prophet Ilyas  (A.S.) and I am prophet Khizer (A.S.) and that woman is the world  and the horrible sound belongs to Yajuj and Majuj (Arabic: يأجوج ومأجوج‎‎ Yaʾjūj wa-Maʾjūj), and it was good that you have come here. So  you have rest of some days here  and stay with me as you have suffered many hardships during long period of journey by the feet so for this reason you are tired in this matter.” I told him, “ Oh Khaja god bless you  and there will be mercy of Allah upon you. It was my luck that which brought me in your kind presence and under your employment.  Now on you there is dependence of  my life. By sake of  kindness and favour tell me how far my country is away from here and when I will go back to my home from here?.” He told me “ Your home is away from here for a journey period of  200 years.” I told him “Oh Khaja it is sad that he is age will not  be sufficient for covering the return journey to my home  town and so keeping of the hope of return journey now seems to me useless and with fruitless.Khaja Sahib told me “Oh Tamim  do not disappoint in this matter and have trust on Allah and Allah have divine power so he can take you back to your home town within a second.” At that time one piece of cloud came there and thundering  was started. Khaja Sahib asked him to come  near. He came near to him and said Salam to him. Khaja Sahib asked the cloud, “Where you are going.?” The cloud told him that “Such and place he will go and fall down there  and will cause rain as per the order given to him. Is any work is there which is required  by him to be attended by me there.?” Khaja Sahib told him “To go to such and place as per the order.” Upon seeing this I was satisfied very much in this matter. I  stayed with Khaja Sahib. After three days other cloud was appeared in the sky and it also said Salam to him and he said Salam to him and asked him “Where you going.?”. The cloud told him that “He is going Madina  city as per the order given to him. Has any work been?.” Khaja Sahib said “Yes, there is one work that this person who belongs Ansari tribe in Madina city and his name is Tamim Ansari  and he is a resident of Madina and he was taken by Black Devil in the 5th region of the earth. By grace and favour of Allah, he was freed from the claw of that devil. After facing many thousand difficulties and many thousand problems  he was reached here. I have kept him here so that any cloud which will go to Madina and take him  along with him. As you are going to Madina  so taken him on your shoulder and take him to his house there. The cloud came soon down as per instruction of Khaja Sahib and who took me on his shoulder. Khaja Sahib said goodbye to me and asked the cloud to leave from there. The cloud was covering the journey of 200 years in one part of the day  and it was reached to Madina and falling there and rain was started. Oh, ruler of the Muslims these are events which are passed on him. After such hardships and difficulties and problems he was reaching back to Madina city. When he was entered into his house this event was happening there. It seems that everybody is becoming his enemy.”


     When the ruler of  the Muslims was heard, his whole story, then on the witness of the Hazrat Ali bin  Abu Taleb (R.A.) so he was given back the women to Hazrat Tamim Ansari  and with whom her second marriage was done was giving up and she was separated from him. He was  given advice to both of them and sent back to their home.

     After some days Hazrat  Tamim Ansari left Madina for the preaching of Islamic propagation mission work and while  visiting many places he was reached to Karachi port city and he was staying there and he was dying there. He has his testament that on his death to put his body in the coffin and put that coffin in the sea water. Where the coffin reaches to the shore  there  then he should be buried. When the coffin was reached on the shore  of the (Sadat Bandar) Kovalam Sharif by  flow on the sea water. The fishermen tried  many  thousand tricks to catch the coffin, but  they could not able to catch  it. When this news known to the ruler of the place the Nawab of Wallajah, Nawab Muhammed Saadatullah Khan, so he himself came there at the  Kovalam seaport and he paid his attention towards  the coffin, then at that time coffin  came  near the ruler of the Kovalam. When it was opened in which it was found the dead body of the one pious person  and the shroud was found in the coffin. It was seen that the pious was dying just now. As per testament it was known that pious person’s name is Hazrat Tamim  Ansari of Madina  city and he belongs to the companions of the last prophet of Allah. At that time the year was 75 Hegira year. About 400 years, this coffin was flowing in the sea water and from red sea, Arabian sea and it were reached to Indian ocean and at last it was reached to Bay of Bengal. The above said ruler of the Kovalam was performed funeral prayer and buried him at the same place and he was constructed maisoleum over his grave and at the beginning of the magazine his name and some details were mentioned.

     His mausoleum is in Kovalam Sharif which, is famous even today for the fulfillment of desire and wishes of the persons who visit his grave.

Syedna Hazrat Tameem bin Ahmed Ansari (Allah is pleased with him) in the Kingdom of Sindh.

 The mausoleum is located in Kovalam Shareef, near Mamallapuram, about 30 km from the Chennai city. Syedna Hazrat Tameem Bin Ahmed Ansari (Allah is pleased with him) was born in Al-Madina Al-Munawara and joined in  the Islamic religion in  the city of  Makkah  before the migration of the last prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to  the city of Madina. He belonged to the tribe of Al-Kajraj and his father was Yu-Aar. He is one among 313 Sahabas (companions) who participated in  the  battle of the Badr. He stayed in the world of Jinns (A’lam-ul-Jinn) to teach Jinns about the teaching and preachings of the Islamic religion for a period of five years,  which was commanded by  the prophet of Allah before his visit to  the region of the Jinns,  and he was gifted with a holy ring which was bearing “Asma-ul-zalzalooth” by the prophet Mohammed  (peace be upon him) and  he was told that it would be on his holy finger till the day of judgment, when he meets  the last prophet of Allah in Mahshar Maidan. He visited  the continent,  Asia during the time of  the caliph of the prophet, Hazrath Umar Farooq (Allah is pleased with him).The Kingdom of Sindh was under the rule of Syedna Hazrat Tameem bin Ahmed Ansari (Allah is pleased with him) for a period of 18 years and  before his death  and he had instructed his disciples to cast his Janazah Mubarak (remains) into the sea in the coffin after his death.

      After the last instructions from Syedna Hazrat Tameem bin Ahmed Ansari (Allah is pleased with him) as stated above, when the Hazrat Tamim Ansari (Allah is pleased with him.) was dead, then his companions or disciples did the same and it is said that the holy corpse  was put in the coffin and placed in sea waters and  which was  in the sea waters for a period of about 5 years and it was guarded by the big fishes during this time. Eventually, one big fish brought the  corpse nearer to the sea shore Of Kovalam in Chennai city.

     On the other hand, according to some accounts, the Nawab of Wallajah, Nawab Muhammed Saadatullah Khan, had a dream in which Syedna Hazrat Tameem bin Ahmed Ansari (Allah is pleased with him) requested him to proceed to Kovalam, where he would find the latter’s  corpse on Kovalam beach, and asked him to bury it there. When the Nawab reached the beach, he found the holy corpse and when he opened the same, he found the sacred body fresh along with some documents, which proved that he was Sahabi-e-Rasool (companion) of the last prophet of Allah.
     The saintliness reflected from the sacred face of Syedna Hazrat Tameem bin Ahmed Ansari (Allah is pleased with him) touched the hearts of the all who participated in the funeral ceremony. The Nawab duly buried the sacred body of the great Sahabby-e-Rasool (companion) and built the mausoleum (Dargah Shareef) at the site.