One of the well known Sufi Saint belong to India was Hazrat Peer Syed Jahangeer Shah(R.A) who lived at Torren Street, Port Louis in the city of Mauritius. In the year 1890(25th Jamad-ul-Awwul) on 20th January Peer Syed Jahangeer was dead. The son and the daughter of Peer Syed Jahangeer(R.A) moved to there motherland(India) after the death of there father. Once in there dream they saw there father Peer Syed Jahangeer(R.A) requesting them to make Shrine in Mauritius on his grave with the money of his own. Hence, in the year 1898 the tomb of Peer Syed Jahangeer(R.A) was opened and found the dead body of the great Saint was unchanged. After the authorisation, in the same year the construction of the Majar Sharif(Shrine) was done. The Majar Sharif(Shrine) of Hazrat Peer Syed Jahangeer Shah(R.A) is situated at the burial ground of Bois Marchand, Terre Rouge, Mauritius. There is a Mosque of Terre Rouge, which is located at Royal Road, Terre Rouge, Mauritius, is named after the great Sufi Saint Peer Jahangeer Shah(R.A).
Peer Syed Mahmud Shah Chishty(R.A), Bin Sayyed Imamuddin Chishty Ajmeri(R.A) is the father of the great Sufi Saint(Peer Jahangeer Shah), is situated in Masta, Mandvi District, Kutch. Bini Sayeda Shehar Bano(R.A) Binte Bawan Mian Saheb(Dar-E-Re-Wala) is the mother of Peer Jahangeer Shah(R.A) is in Bhuj, Kutch. Peer Sayyed Haider Shsh Al-Jilani(R.A) is known as Siyah Posh Bawa(Bhid Wala Peer) is the maternal uncle of Peer Jahangeer Shah(R.A) is situated in Bangalore, which known as Astana-E-Qadria. In the Jumma Masjid there is a Majar Sharif of Hazrat Peer Sayed Jamal Shah(R.A) in Port Louis, Mauritius, who is also a uncle of Peer Jahangeer Shah(R.A). Peer Jahangeer Shah(R.A) is also the sister’s son(nephew) of Hazrat Peer Sayed Hyder Ali Shah Al Qadri(R.A). His Majar Sharif is situated in the city of Bangalore.
There was the name Allah is written on the sky above the Majar Sharif of Peer Jahangeer Shah(R.A) when a photo was taken, this was happen as a Miracle. 
Bye Ally the watchman of the Majar Sharif of Peer Jahangeer Shah(R.A) was at the service for long 47years to the Dargha Sharif. The watchman noticed twice in the night that Peer Jahangeer Shah(R.A) was walking with his torch lamp. It is told that Peer Jahangeer Shah(R.A) used to go to the Mosque for Namaz.


The Shrine of Peer Jahangeer Shah is situated at the cemetery of Bois Marchand, Terre Rouge, Mauritius.