Hazrat Syed Dawood Hussain alias Syed Zian Uddin Sahib alias Bawis Khaja r.a

 Hazrat Syed Dawood Hussain alias Syed Zian Uddin Sahib alias Bawis Khaja.
His name and lineage genealogy.
His name is Syed Dawood Hussian and he was given title from his Murshid (spiritual master) and the people will call him with the name of Bawis Khaja and he is famous with this name. His father’s name is Khaja Hussain and paternal uncle’s name is Khaja Umru. Hazrat Khaja Hussain and Hazrat Khaja Umru are both real brothers and their father’s name is known as Syed Mahmood Shirazi Bin Syed Mohammed Rouz Miya.
Hazrat Syed Zian Uddin was born in the year 701 A.H.in city of Shiraz in Persia. During his childhood his mother was died and she was well known for her following qualities.
1. Abida (worshipper).
2. Zaheda (ascetic).
He was seven years old when his mother left this world. After his mother’s death his father Khaja Hussain took care of his bring up.
In his younger age he went to Hajj pilgrimage under guidance of the following two pious personalities of Shiraz and in this way he left his home city Shiraz and reached to Makkah and he was visited all holy places in Makkah and Madina.
1. Moulana Nasir Uddin Sahib.
2. Moulana Shahab Uddin Sahib.
As per his fate the key of the doors of success was with Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib so for this purpose he came to India from Arabia and arrived in capital city Delhi.
Upon his arrival in Delhi he was memorized holy Quran in very short period of time and started learning many knowledges. He was learned knowledge from Moulana Kamal Uddin Samana and other famous Mashaiqs (learned persons) of Delhi and obtained certificates from them.
Arrival in Doulatabad.
At the time of Sultan Mohammed Tuqhlaq when he ordered Delhi persons to migrate to Devagiri then he was also went there with his teacher Moulana Kamla Uddin Samana.
In Doulatabad he was become famous and well known for his knowledge and wisdom so for this reason many famous learned
persons (Mashaiq) and students came to see him to obtain knowledge from him.
He was always used to busy in one mosque teaching and explaining the exegesis of Quran and Ahadis (traditions of holy prophet) of Allah’s final apostle and he was also busy there in the following.
1. Teaching and instructions.
2. Mystical exercise and worships.
He used to ignore Sufi pious personalities and will not like them also will not listen Samah (ecstasy) and for Samah he used say remarks of taunt in this matters.
During those days there was great fame and name for the pious personality of time Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib and his Samah (ecstasy) meetings were well known and famous in Khuldabad Sharif.
Many disciples of Hazrat Zain Uddin used to participate in the Samah (ecstasy) meetings of Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib and due to his attention there was much favor available to them. So for this reason Sheikh Zain Uddin was upset and angry with their disciples in this matter.
Event of his pledge.
One day Hazrat Burhan Uddin’s one disciple who was also deciple of Syed Zain Uddin went to see him to learn the book ‘Miskawat al-Misbah’ and upon finish of the lesson he was joined in the ecstasy meeting of Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib and due to attention of Sheikh there was condition of ecstasy on him and this news spread to Hazrat Zain Uddin.
On the next day in the presence of many Mashaiq (learned persons) who were his followers he called his disciple and he was upset and angry with him and told him that “He is also present in the company of dancing people and for this it is very sad thing that he have destroyed whatever knowledge which he have taught him.” So for this reason that disciple was silent and not said anything in this matter. Again he told him that he will ask one thing so he should reply truly in this matter whether he is better in knowledge and wisdom or his other spiritual master. In the beginning the disciple was silent and not replied him in this matter. But when there too much pressure on him then he replied him that “He is his lower servant and so he could not dare to reply in this matter and he could not able to know his status and position and as well as Hazrat Burhan Gharib’s status and position in the fields of knowledge and wisdom and so for this reason to show the superiority
of each other he is helpless and not able to reply in this matter” . But Syed Zain Uddin told him that it is sad that being of his disciple he is not saying truly in this matter. So until he will not say truly then he will not be relieved in this matter. So in this situation the disciple thought that his master is very upset and angry in this matter so there is no relief unless to tell the truth. So he helplessly told that as a matter of fact he is superior in the knowledge of manifest but Hazrat Burhan Uddin is more perfect in the knowledge of innermost due to favor and attention of his spiritual master Hazrat Khaja Nizam Uddin Auliya. So the edge of his shirt will not get its dust in this matter. Upon hearing this Sheikh was become very upset and angry in this matter. So he went into his room and brought four sheet of papers on which were written the following items and problems which he was faced during his entire life of teaching and instructions of knowledges.
1. Difficult dictionary items.
2. UN-soluble question.
To answer the above questions the learned persons of time were become helpless in this matter. As per his daily practice he used to write the same and hope that he will get the answers from the holy Harem (grand mosque) in Makkah upon his visit to that place. So he brought the four sheets of papers of his questions and told his disciple
that if his master is superior in the knowledge of manifest and innermost than him then he should bring the solution of these question in this matter and he will allow him a period of six months to solve these question to him otherwise he will punish him severally so that he should not speak such useless talking in the meeting of the learned persons. So that disciple went from there to see Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib’s house. On the way he began thinking that if he will have not went there to study then such difficult and problem would have not been arise in this matter. So thinking in this matter he reached Sheikh Burhan uddin Gharib’s shrine. When Burhan Uddin Gharib looked at him and told him that come soon here he was waiting for him since long time. Without his reply he told him that upon the time of difficulty of Syed Zain Uddin due to help of Allah he used to keep to write all answers on the some papers. Solution of all problems have been explained in different styles so go inside the room and bring 8 paper sheets from the room and hand over the same to Syed Zain Uddin. After conveying his Salam tell him that the solution of all questions are available on the paper sheets. Upon hearing this the disciple was very happy and took 8 paper sheets and went to hand over the same to his master Syed Zian Uddin. So he went there and sit there in the position of folding his two legs with great respect handed over 8 papers of solutions of the questions to him. Upon seeing the
disciple he was smiled and he thought that due to urgent come back of the disciple which shows that Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib is helpless to answer his questions. So it is impossible for him to answer his questions. His was thinking as above but during this time the disciple told him that the solutions of his all questions are presented here with. Upon the checking the papers Syed Zain Uddin come to know that the papers which the disciple was brought were not the same which he was sent through him.
So he began his careful study of each and every question from the beginning and find every question was thoroughly answered clearly and upon study of all answers the veil of ego was no more there on his eyes of pride and there were indication of changes on his face and there tears were started from his eyes. So for this reason all disciples surprised upon the condition of their master but no one could not able to ask the reason in this matter. At last his heart become restless and so he stood to see Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib with so much interest and affection in this matter and he was started towards the shrine of Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib. Also some of his disciples who were perfect in many knowledges were also accompanied with him as the fate was written on his face the line of felicity .So when he reached in his shrine and when he saw him and run towards him and put his head on his foot and Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib told him this is not good as
per Islamic (shariat) rule. So Syed Sahib told him that he used to think this practice against the Islamic rule and for this reason he was kept away from the grace of innermost in this matter.
As per tradition when he left towards Shrine of Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib then he instructed all his disciples to kept away from the un-Islamic acts but when reached upper side of Ghat Doulatabad and when he looked at the residence of Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib then suddenly he bow down his head and continued his journey towards his shrine. When the disciples saw his master’s action so they could not control in this matter and at last one of disciples dare in this matter and asked him sir you have acted against the Islamic law and you have prohibited us in this matter and now you have doing against your instruction and so what is its reason in this matter.? So first he become silent and then upon their too much insisting in this matter so he told them that do you not see that two tigers are running at his sides if he do not respect of Hazrat Burhan Uddin to this extent in this matter then he did not know what they will do for him.?. So in this way he reached the shrine of Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib and kissed his foot so he told him “Oh : Dawood Hussain this act is not legal as per Islamic rule” and Syed Saheb told him that sir when I did not know in this matter so he was not aware of the grace of innermost (batini).
Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib removed his dust of repentance from his face and with great respect asked him to sit at his side and called servant Shad Bakht who is famous with the name of Kaka Sahib to bring something for Moulana Dawood Hussain so he told him that “Spiritual master know well that nothing is there in the kitchen now.” So he told him in the house of Darvesh there will be something available so go and bring the same from there. So Kaka Sahib went again in the kitchen and found there was hot halwa (batter pudding) and cold water jug was available there so he brought the two things before Hazrat Syed Zain Uddin and Moulana eat the Halwa (batter pudding) and drink the cold water. Then he asked his disciples to leave from there and after this he pledge to him along with compiler of the Moulana Rukun Uddin Kashan who compiled the book ‘Tafas Anfas’in the year 736 A.H.
When the last time of Hazrat Khaja Haruni came then he had given
the following things to Hazrat Khaja Moin Uddin Chisti and told him one saintly dress is for you and another saintly dress should be kept with him as entrusted thing (amant) and which will be reach to Hazrat Syed Zain Uddin by the chain of this Sufi order.
1. Two saintly dresses.
2. Order of calphipate.
3. Order of Amanat (entrusted thing).
So for this reason during his whole life Hazrat Khaja Moin Uddin Chisti kept the above things with him and when his last time came he was handed over the following things to Khaja Qutub Uddin Bakhtiar Kaki.
1. Saintly dress.
2. Order of calphipate.
3. Order of Amanat (entrusted thing).
So these things have reached to Doultabad thourgh the following chain of Sufi persons whose names are as follows.
1. Hazrat Farid Uddin Gunj Shaker.
2.Hazrat Nizam Uddin Auliya.
3.Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib.
Hazrat Nizam Uddin Auliya was given the above three things to Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib at the time of his departure to Deccan and told him that Hazarat Moulana Dawood Hussain Shirazi will entered into your Sufi order so give him saintly dress and to keep the saintly dress as amant (entrusted thing) with him and with saintly dress and
give the order of caliphate to him. When he made pledge to him in the year 736 A.H. and from that time he was used to live in the company of his spiritual master Hazrat Khaja Burhan Uddin Gharib and who trained him in the following things.
2.Mystical exercise and worship.
3. Daily engagements and recitals.
4.Zikar (remembrance of Allah).
He was awarded him saintly dress and order of caliphate and all other things which he received from Hazrat Khaja Nizam Uddin Auliya on 18th Rabil Thani in the year 737 A.H. So was freed himself from the burden of responsibility in this matter.
Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib left this world on 8th Safar in the 738 A.H. So he was become his successor and caliph after three days and started his teaching and preaching mission.
Saintly dress.
The saintly dress which was reached to Moulana Dawood Hussain Shirazi through Hazrat Khaja Haruni and in this matter it is said as per
confirmed tradition and it is well known fact that the holy dress belongs to Allah‟s final apostle.
It is well known and famous in Doulatabad that there are two things which are available are as follows.
1. Saintly dress.
2. Moui Mubarak (relics of Allah’s last prophet).
The saintly dress is available in the north side of the mausoleum and Mau Mubrak (relics of Allah’s last prophet) is available in the mausoleum of Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib in the hall which is known as Darchak‟s southern room.
Ziarat (public show).
Every year on the 12th Rabil Awwal after Zuhar (afternoon) prayer it will be kept for Ziarat (public show) for the people. First there will recitation of Quran session will be organized and after some time some Natia Qasaid (encomium on the holy prophet) are recited then one wooden box will be brought from the room in which there will be available in one small box in which Mua Mubrak (relics of Allah’s last prophet.) is kept and it will be brought on the head by the trustee and upon sitting on the pulpit which is there under a molsari ( tree bearing jasmine like flower) tree and they used to open the box first and upon opening it they will open small box and from the box the persons used to watch the Mou Mubrak. (Relics of Allah’s last prophet.) Upon watching this all persons used to gather in small shrine to watch the saintly dress
there. Where also after reciting Quran and Natiya Qasaid (encomium on the holy prophet) the trustee used carry the box of the saintly dress on his head and will come out of the room and then he will used to take it to the pulpit which is situated in the tomb of Syed Zain Uddin in the eastern side with great respect and honor and the saintly dress is taken from the box and upon this the people will watch the same. The visitors and custodians used to pour scent and rose powder on the saintly dress. Among the kings of Deccan Nawab Mir Usman Ali Khan was honor of to see it many times.
Journey of Delhi.
At the time of revolt of courtiers of Doulatabad against Sultan Mohammed Shah and when they dethroned Ismail so for this reason Sultan Muhammed Shah came to Doultabad to solve this problem there and upon settlement of this problem he arranged return journey of all residents of Delhi who were residing in Doulatabad and he was sent them to Delhi and he also requested Sheikh Syed Zian Uddin to move to Delhi. So for this reason Syed Sahib also went to Delhi along with royal army on Friday in the year 847 A.H. and he lived there some years in Delhi and come back again to Doulatabad.
Sultan Feroz Mohammed Shah who was best friend of darvesh persons came into his presence and requested him that not go anywhere and live in Delhi and to favor and pay attention of the mankind there. So he told him “Oh : Sultan forgive me in this matter as he want to die in the shrine of his spiritual master Hazrat Sheikh Burhan Gharib.” Upon hearing this the Sultan arranged his travel arrangements for his journey to Doultabad.
Departure from Delhi.
At the time of his departure from Delhi Khaja Sheikh Nasir Uddin Chiraq Dehlavi and many other disciples and Mashaiq (learned persons) and courtiers and princes came at Shamsi reservoir . At that time Sheikh Nasir Chirag Dehlavi prayed at the side of the Shamsi reservoir at the direction of Qibla (direction in which Muslims turn in prayer) and put his turban on his head and he was given him many relics of Hazrat Khaja Niazam Uddin Aulia .
In Pakpatan.
From Delhi he was reached to Pakpatn. Upon his arrival the custodian of the shrine Hazrat Sheikh Mohammed Sahib came out side of the shrine to welcome him despite of his old age of over 100 years due to his status and position of Syed Zain Uddin. He was busy there day and night in meditation for a period of 30 days while closing the door of the shrine and he will be out only for the congressional prayers. Upon his stay for a period of one month in Pakpatan he left from there. At the time of his departure Hazrat Sheikh Mohammed Sahib was given him some relics of Hazrat Baba Farid Uddin and up to one destination he came to say him goodbye. In Pakpatan large number of persons pledge him and among them great Sheikh of Islam Mufti Sader Uddin is well known and famous.
Arrival in Ajmair.
From Pakpatn he came direct to Ajmair city and visited the grand mausoleum of light of Hazrat Khaja Moin Uddin Chisti. He was stayed lonely in the tomb and in a period of 28 days he was memorized the holy Quran and he was attained great favor and attention from the mausoleum of Hazrat Khaja Moin Uddin Chisti. Here also many persons become his disciples and devotees and after his stay of one week he left from there towards Deccan.
Reached back to Doulatabad.
Upon leaving from Ajmair he reached back to Doulatabad and graced this city. This time large number of persons and Sultans and Amirs (courtiers) visited him and got favor from him.
The period before death of Hazrat Syed Zain Uddin Sahib.
It is word from Turkish language and its means fort wall. In Khuldabad Sharif there is one building which is known and famous and all Muslims think it as holy place. As a matter of fact its structure is not grand comparing to other grand buildings of Doulatabad but its looks as holy place. But other buildings are tall and well decorated with impression and art work but other buildings will not reach to its greatness. Because in this building Hazrat Syed Zain Uddin lived his whole life. Since long time this building was known and famous for
blessing and greatness and due to this importance it was visited by the peoples large numbers in the past. Now the condition of this building is not good but the first floor on which he used to live was also damaged and only walls are available. Now this building was damaged and deserted. Maulavi Ghulam Ali Azad wrote one reference about this building which is as follows.
“ Once one darvesh was coming from the jungle with bundle of firewood on his head to the shrine building. Due to hardships of way and sun heat he was kept the bundle on the side of the house building and he took some rest there and later he came into the shrine building. They tried to used the wood in the kitchen but there was no effect of fire on the wood. So for this reason all persons in the shrine asked the darvesh the details in this matter. So he told them he kept the fire wood bundle for some time at the side of the house of Hazrat Syed Zain Uddin while coming from the jungle. After this event when there will be any death in Doulatabad then the people used bring the funeral and pass under the north wall of the building so by the grace and mercy of Allah there will be protection to deceased person from the fire of the hell.
Prediction about his last resting place.
Three years before his death he was stayed on the first floor of his house and two years before his death at the time of chast (mid-
morning) prayer he was called Khaja Shahab Uddin and left from the prayer mat and went towards eastern Daricha (door) where his mausoleum is situated and he pointed out him his final place of resting and told from this place to clear the earth up to Jamat Khana (meeting place) and this place will be used for his mausoleum. When as per his instruction they cleared the earth from there and Khaja Shahab uddin requested him to proceed there so he went there and inspected the spot and said his living and death will be happen on this place.
On Monday on 13th Rabil Awwal in the year 771 A.H. he become ill due to cold and fever . Despite of his weakness he used to perform his prayers in the standing condition. All obligatory prayers as well he will also used to offer the following prayers.
1. Sunnat (practice of the holy prophet) prayer.
2. Nafil (supererogatory prayers) prayer.
3. Mustahsab (desirable) prayer.
In those day one disciple told him that the weather condition of Roudah is very cold so if he will like then we will take him to Doulabad so that upon his health recovery he can come back to Roudah again there. So he said that leave him there because he want to die at the shrine of his Sheikh because where ever he will die then they will bring him back to Roudah.
He was seriously ill for a period of complete 12 days and since beginning to ending of his illness he did not eat except he lived on water only. On Sunday as per practice on a particular time he recited Sura (verse) Fatiha (first Sura of holy Qurn) for the following purposes.
1. First time for his Sheikh.
2. Second time for Safety of the mankind.
3. Third time to keeps away from calamity.
Reciting 3 times Sura Fatiha (first verse from holy Quran) was his daily practice and routine. Before Zuhar (after noon) prayer some servants of Hazrat Khaja Shahab Uddin and Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib were present there. Khaja Shahab Uddin told him that servants want to say something with him and if there will be permission in this matter so that they present their request. So he told I know it. After some time he put his thumb on his eyes and asked whether Azan (prayer call) was over?. So Khaja Shahab Uddin told him the time is near but prayer call of Azan was not begin. He told yes time is now for the prayer and asked all persons to ready for the prayer and he went on the prayer mat. When all persons have finished their prayers then all servants came before him so that he can give them final advises there.
As per reference in the book „Dalail Salikin‟ in which it was written that at his last time there were no goods available with him. Some things which were left with him and which were given to him as gifts so he asked the servants to distribute these items and went on the couch. The
persons who were present there requested him for his final advises and to appoint his caliph. Upon hearing this he was turned his face at the Qiblah (direction in which Muslims turn in prayer). Moulana Nasir Uddin with dares reminded him in this matter. So he told in Hindi language the following words and its translation is as follows.
“Do not call me.”
When Shams Uddin Fazal Ullah who was present at that time and asked all persons to be silent there and told them there is no situation for this these things. So he did not appoint his successor and caliphate and not given permission to anybody to make disciples. During the period of illness he told his special servants that he is not found suitable persons for his caliphate due to their skill and qualities as well as their endeavors in this matter.
At the time of Asar (evening) prayer there was some condition of un-consciousness which was prevailed on him and time becoming out for him. Moulana Aziz Uddin Imam came from his head side and Khaja Shahab Uddin came from his foot side and have informed him about prayer time. So when he heard about this then there was some condition of un-consciousness was over on him and he sat on the couch without help of pillow or servants and from there he was got down on the prayer mat and completed his prayer. After his obligation prayer was over he prostrate his head and he left the world on 25th Rabil Awwal 771 A.H. on Sunday after Asr (evening) prayer. His mausoleum is situated in
Khuldabad Sharfi which is well known and famous and due to this reason the visitors in large numbers will visit the shrine and pray Allah for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of the Sheikh‟s name.
As status and position of the Sheikh was increased so in the same way his miracles were also increased. In his life history he performed so many miracles on different occasions. So for this reason it is not possible and it is very hard and difficult task to mention all of them in this small episode. Due to this fact some miracles are mentioned as follows. We are mentioning herewith one surprising miracle of the Sheikh which is as follows.
In Delhi one person who is called as Mir Hasan who was young, educated and handsome, best singer of Delhi was there. His father arranged his engagement with a very lovely and beautiful girl and in her a local cruel ruler was much interested and want to marry her by his force and by illegal methods due to her grand beauty and loveliness. Mir Hasan‟s father tried his best in this matter and he was successful to marry his son with that beautiful girl. Upon this marriage the cruel ruler come to know the details in this matter and for this reason he was very upset and angry and he wanted that Mir Hasan should not do intercourse with girl in that night so that he will try his best in this matter next day. So for this reason Mir Hasan worried in this matter upon hearing all
these news in the city. So he went to the house and thought if there will be intercourse with the girl then the ruler will leave his ill will and ignore the girl so he did intercourse with the girl in the day time to be free and safe from this great problem. When this matter was known to the cruel ruler then he was upset and angry in this matter. One day he ordered his policemen for his arrest and sent him to court for the jugdement and ordered to cut his genital. So for this reason Mir Sahib suffered many problems in this matter. As kindness of Allah was there so he recovered from the problem and left Delhi due to his disrespect as his name was become bad there and so he directly reached Doulatabad and present in the service of Hazrat Syed Zain uddin. Upon depeature of Mir Hasan the ruler called the wife of Mir Hasan in his palace by force. Due to kindness and mercy of Allah when the girl went into the palace from that day the ruler was suffered in many diseases and problems so that he was not become successful in his illegal desire and wishes for the beautiful girl of Delhi.
In Doulatabad Mir Hasan used to live in company of Haztat Syed Zain Uddin Sahib and some time he used to recite poetry of praise of God and encomium on the holy prophet and one day he recited some poetry to him and due to this reason there was condition of ecstasy on Hazrat Syed Zain Uddin Sahib so he stood and started walking here and there and he was walking for long time. He asked Mir Hasan what do you need? But he was silent in this matter. Second time he asked him
what did he want ?. Then also he did not replied in this matter and continued his singing. Third time he asked him in loud noise what did he want.? So Mir Hasan told him the event of Delhi and requested his help in this matter in the Persian couplet for his favor of consideration and necessary action.
Upon hearing this he told him to go in side of the corner and see the miracles of Allah. So Mir Sahib stood suddenly and went into the corner and looked at his private part and he saw that the genital which was cut by the order of Delhi ruler was already available on his body due to kind miracles of Hazrat Zain Uddin Sahib. So in this way he got back his lost property and due to this reason he thanked Allah in this matter and ran suddenly and kissed the Sheikh‟s feet and for this reason he was become his disciple upon his pledge to him. Slowly the details of event of Mir Hasan Qawwal and the miracle of Syed Zain Uddin Sahib become famous and well known to the general persons.
On the other side the ruler of Delhi who was suffered badly due to his bad acts and sins and one day upon getting chance visited Doulatabad from Delhi and visited Hazrat Syed Zain Uddin Sahib and he also present that beautiful woman in his presence there and explained his all details of events and he regretted in this matter.
“ Due to his great sin and for this reason he position and status was got down and for this reason he is still facing many problems and difficulties of health and bad results. If your honor will help him in this matter then
it is possible that he will be free from these difficulties and problems”. And he also presented the woman in his presence and told him that still he did not touched her with his hands. From the event of that time he did not get peace and comfort of a single minute in this matter and since that period he is suffering from many diseases and problems. So for all these details you can also get confirmation of facts from this lady. So Now I want to hand over this lady to her legal owner. Sheikh Zain Uddin called Mir Hasan and told him this is your wife so you can take her away and she is still pure and nobody did not touch her so take her to your house. As a matter of fact Mir Saheb‟s had another love as his world of life was changed so he told him that now he did not need her. So Sheikh told him if you have no desire of her then divorce her. Mir Sahib given her divorce at the same time. After completion of Eidat (probationary period of 3 months for divorced woman) period he was married with the Delhi ruler and both the husband and wife lived in the company of the Sheikh for some time. After some days the rulers was regained his health due to kind favor of Allah and due to prayer of the Sheikh. Mir Hasan was died during the life of his Sheikh and he was buried in the Alang area and the visitors also visit his grave upon visit of shrine of Hazrat Syed Zain Uddin Sahib.
Urs (death anniversary).
The Urs (death anniversary) ceremony usually commenced from 21th Rabil Awwal every year and its schedule is as follows.
21t Rabil Awwal white washing work.
22nd Rabil Awwal Farrashan.
24 Rabil Awwal night, Sandal ceremony.
25 Rabil Awwal illumination of lights.
26th Rabil Awwal Recitation of holy Quran.
All the Urs (death anniversary) formalities are performed same as per Urs (death anniversary) of Hazrat Muntajib Uddin and Hazrat Burhan Uddin Gharib. On this occasion the number of people will be less than Urs of Hazrat Muntajib Uddin Sahib but its number will be more than Urs of hazrat Burhan uddin Gharib Sahib. In the Urs (death anniversary) ceremonies of Khuldabad its last ceremony of the year so for this purpose all persons of Khuldabad used to participate in it.
Recitation of Qatam (recitation ) Sharif Khajagan of Chist Bahshit.
On the 26th Rabbil Awwal Nabat (kettle-drum) will be continue till 11‟o clock and mats are arranged under tents and the visitors used to sit there with by holding plates of sweets in their hands in the line and upon commence of Qatam (recitation) they used to lit the lamps in which ghee is used instead of oil and from the start of Qatam (recitation) till its end nobody will not allow his lamp put off . Upon reciting Fatiha (first verse of holy Quran) sweets will be distributed among all the visitors and Qawwali (mystical chorus) programs will be started there.
In the reference from book „Rouda Alqatab‟ it is mentioned that this Qatam (recitation) is best in all Qatams (recitations) through out of India as which is recited there due to the following reasons.
1. Respect.
2. Titles.
3. Method.
Those who are interested to listen it then they should visit the shrine at the time of Urs (death anniversary) and get the favor and benefits in this matter.
Reference book :
‘Fiazan Auliya’
By Mohammed Ali Khan Mujjaddi.