Hazrat Sheikh Mohiuddin Peeran r.a

Hadrat Sheikh Mohiuddin Meeran Chisti Quaderi was born in a small village in Yeldurti in Medak district in well to do family on 23rd August in the year 1916. His father’s name is Mohammed Qasim and his mother’s name is Amana.
Early education
         He  completed his early education in the village school and afterward he was continuing his studies in Darul Uloom high school Hyderabad where he was studying up to the seventh class there. Then he passed the Punjab Munshi examination in the year 1941 with distinction in first division from the Delhi Centre.
      During his beginning life of 25 years he was passed from extraordinary tragedies. During the year 1936-1939 he was married two times, but both of his wives were dying in the short period of life.
During the above period he suddenly left his house and he was reached to Gulberga city and where he was met pious personality of time Hazrat Shah Abdul Quader Chisti Quader Bijapuri and he made his pledge to him so the above Sheikh of time was becoming his spiritual master in Gulberga and afterward he was coming back to his native place upon obtaining the permission from his spiritual master.
       He was used to spend all his time in the worship and mystical exercises and during this time he was married a third time. In the year 1943 he was appointed as clerk in the Subedari (governors) office in Gulberga and from where he was transferred to the Subadari Office in Hyderabad in the year 1947 but upon reaching to Hyderabad he was resigning from the post.
       Afterward, he was beginning his endeavours in the ‘Saum Dam’ (fasting all day of this life) and he was starting his endeavours in the worship and mystical exercises of Allah during the day and night.
Afterward, he came back to his village Yeldurti for some period of time and he was camped on the famous hills of Mallanna Gutta along with his wife and his small child and he was staying there for some period of time. During his stay on the hillside a large number of his disciples and devotees visited him there and were benefitted greatly by him.
Afterwards, while visiting and staying at many places he was entered in Hyderabad city. Upon too much insisting of the disciples and devotes he settled down there in Hyderabad permanently.
       In Moinbagh street his residence was become centre of his preaching and instruction and where he was addressed in meetings to the disciples and devotees about teaching and preachings of Islamic religion successfully and it was witnessed that in his meetings, large number of disciples and devotees not only from Hyderabad but also from many districts were used to come and attend the meetings and a large numbers of the disciples and devotees have effected by his teachings and preaching of Islamic learning and due to this reason they have changed their lives as per Islamic code and Islamic Sharia law.
     He left this mortal world on the 19th Rabi Thani in the year 1434 Heigra at the age of  97 years at the house of his daughter during a short period of illness at the time of morning (Fajr) prayer.
He was buried in the Bundalguda street near Zenab Masjid in Hyderabad.