Also Known as MEERAN SAHEB
(Rehmatullah’ Allaieh)
(May Allah Shower his Mercy Upon Him & his Family)

•Dargah Located at : Village: Vishalgad
District: Kolhapur, State: Maharashtra

Another way: VishalGad…From Kolhapur 88 km Kolhapur-malkapur-vishalgad Kolhapur-malakapur-amba-VishalGad.you can also go by Ratnagiri Road.


Ziyarat of Dargah on You tube


A Great Saint (Awliya Allah) from the land of Konkan Mostly Famous as Malik Rehan Dargah or Vishargad Dargah.
A Saint Belongs to No Silsila nor Any Title while He is Himself Became saint (Awliya Allah) without any Peer o Murshid.

Hazrat Malik Rehan (Rehmatullah Allaieh) Survive in the Era after The Era of Hazrat Qutub e Konkan Makhdoom Ali Mahimi (Rehmatullah Allaieh).

• Travelled •

In One of Old Record says it is said that
He Travelled From Arabia From the Land of Maliki Based Family Of Arab while He Left his Home Town To Spread Islam a Religion of Peace & Truth.
While some of Records Says That He used to Live In Mountains Area where by he is Not an Traveller

(Allah knows Best what it is and What it is Not But By Another Act of Awliya it is confirmed that he is an Maliki Arabian)

•Meeting with Saints of Other Lands

In His Era The Most Famous Awliya From the Land of Arabia Those of 7 Brother who Travelled from Arabia in order to spread Islam Hazrat Haji Malang & Hazrat BabarShah Peer and etc.
Considered as
That He Met Hazrat Shaykh Babar Shah (Rehmatullah Allaieh) Whom Makhdoom ali Mahimi (Rehmatullah Allaieh) Considered as a Sultan e Ratnagiri in Vision.

While He Met many Awliya Allah Those of Who Travelled from other lands of Arabia Which Mentioned
Hazrat Shaykh Sayyad Hisamuddin Al Qadri (Rehmatullah’ Allaieh)
Hazrat Peer Shaykh Sayyad Zahid Ali Shah Qadri Al Baghdadi Al Dastagir (Rehmatullah’ Allaieh)
Hazrat Peer Shaykh Sayyad Kamal Shah Qadri Awliya (Rehmatullah Allaieh)
And etc

•Area of Zikr & His Personality•

A Truth Mind with Soft Nature Personality is Considered to Hazrat Malik Rehan (Rehmatullah allaieh)

He used to Do Zikr All the time while He is the one of the Most Zahif (Old) in his Last breath. It is said that At one moment he is even not able to walk properly because of Zahifiyat (old Age).

Even in his Old Age He used to Remember all the Linkage of Saints from one of Them Hazrat Shaykh Sayyaduna Ghaus e Azam Dastagir Al Qadriya Al Baghdadi Dastagir (Rehmatullah Allaieh).
It is Said that He Always wanted to be In The Group of Sayyad Qadriya Family While He left them because of Sayyad Qadriya Family ask him to Migrate and Spread Islam as They will that Work much then his Presence with him, While Hazrat Sayyad Zahid Ali Shah Qadri Never met him again after the Spiritual Announcement.

•QARAMAT E ILAHI UL AWLIYA Miracle Which Surprise Scientist•

After The Social Media Flooded with Miracle Video of Automatically Door Open Incident in dargah during urs
some of Foreigners & a Group of Technology Mint Scientists from USA Visited dargah for Finding the Reason.

Scientist states that Its An Magnetical field By The Source inside From someone that Door used to Open so we are going to Expose it.

Scientist Asked authority on the action of Research by Government They Fit Out all the Cameras In side the Dargah before Eid Ul Adha and on first day. While They fit camera even next to tomb of Saint.
On next day when Door closed by Khadims of Dargah and People Gather Around the Silver Door of Dargah.

All the Screens Eye of Camera On the Situation while When Door Is Using to Shake or Vibrating
Camera showing none of Human Personality around the door from inside..
At that Time by The Order of Allah Azwajal the Most Powerful .Allah Servant Malik Rehan Did Miracle While in seconds All Camera Lost they Connection & Gone off and Door Started vibrating Even In seconds It opened automatically meanwhile All the Foreigners Shocked with the incident that Newly High tech Camera Failed & even lost connection in seconds while after the miracle occur camera grab they connection back and live showcase it. While checking it there were no evidence & etc of Miracle recorded in Camera.

Watch Out Full Video of Miracle on You Tube

What a Miracle Awliya did by the Order of Allah

•Mountain Range Tomb

Dargah Located on Mountain While With Huge Green dome with Small dome plus Minarates as even place known as vishalgad.

•Urs e Mubarak

dargah sharif of Hazrat Malik Rehan Shah (Meeran Saheb), very famous wali of Kokan (Maharashtra) on occation of Urs lacs of people gathers there every year to see this miracle.The door of Dargah sharif opens automatically.

Urs is celebrated twice here once in Bakra Eid and once more in January.
In both the URS mubarak this miracle can be witnessed.