Hazrat Shaikh Abul Hasan Bo Shanji r.a

He was a famous pious person in the following. Revelations,Miracles and piety.

He met many great pious personalities of his time. He left his native place Busanji and lived in Iraq for many years.  But  when  he  returned  back  to  his  place  and  the

people  of his  place  called  him  hypocrite  so  he  went  to

Nishapur and he lived there till his death. Once a villager lost  his  donkey  so  he  told  him  that  he  was  stolen  his donkey and asked him to returned back his donkey. But he told him that he did not took his donkey and at last he prayed Allah to free him from that trouble.

Upon his prayer immediately the villager got his donkey

and regretted him for causing him the trouble in this matter.The villager told him that  “I know well that you did not steal my donkey but I know also that Allah will accept your prayers and will not accept my prayers so I caused you trouble for it.”

Once on the way one person punched him mischievously

and when knew that he was Abul Hasan then he regretted him for his mistake but he told him “I do not blame you for this act and this is not from you and I think Allah will not commit mistakes. So I do not complain you nor complain Allah for this event because I think I was deserve for it.”

Once while he taking a bath and he told his servant to give his old dress to some darwesh but the servant replied him that he will give his dress after he will finish his bath but he told him that during his bathing time the Satan will try to change his mind so do not delay in this matter.

It is bravery from the Nakirain (the two angels questioning man in his grave about his faith) to keep away from Haram (illegal) things.To continue on the action is called the mysticism. He used to tell  to  love  good  and good deeds and to oppose the soul is called an act of courage.

The sincere act is that which the angels (the Nakirain) could  not  write  and  the  Satan  could  not  destroy or  the creatures could know it.

He told to believe that no body could not get providence less than his fate and this called the trust in Allah.

One who think himself a man of respect to whom Allah

will bring disgrace. He told man should check all types of the tribulations.

One darwesh visited his grave and demanded the benefits of the world and he saw him in his dream in which he told him that to go to the graves of the kings for the worldly benefits and if he want the success of the other world then come to us.

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