Hazrat Shah Zainul Abedin ‘Abid Mian’ Sahib (RA)

Hazrat Shah Zainul Abedin ‘Abid Mian’ Sahib (RA) Son of  Hazrat Imamus Salekeen Hazrat Shah Mohammad Taqi-Aziz Mian Sahib (RA)

Born on 10 Rabi-us-sani 1348 AH, ie, 15th September 1929, he was an exception at that time in the sense that he got admitted to a convent school at Bareilly and obtained education in all modern subjects. At the same time he studied Arabic, Persian, Fiqah and Hadith from Moulvis and Ulema present in Khanqah. He did MA in Urdu. Spiritual training he got from his father and ‘Pir’ Hazrat Imamus Salekeen (RA) who later bestowed him with Khilafat  and assigned Khanqah Zarifa, Gawalior as Sajjada Nashin. He was advised to strictly adhere to shariat (norms laid down by Holy Prophet (Pbuh) and this left a deep impact on his personality. He was very particular about prayers and about observing fasts. At the same time he used to say that for spiritual progress only the prayers or fastings were not sufficient and a person should develop qualities relating to divine love, and taqva (fear of God in all actions) and be well bred and righteous. He further explained that one should be very particular about one’s duties towards fellow human beings and help the poor and the orphans. He led a life full of simplicity and modesty. He was very considerate to all his relatives and used to frequently take care of his in laws. He did accompany the marriage party of his brother in law to Hyderabad along with his two sons.
He had sound literary taste. It is reflected not only in his formal writings but in the informal correspondence that he had with friends and others. He, as a matter of fact, treated letter writing as an art and always suggested that through letter writing one can have taste of partially meeting the person concerned. He was a great poet and very fond of poetry. He would listen to poetry of others also for hours together, a quality generally not seen in those who are poet themselves.

He has written a book on Hazrat Imamus Salekeen (RA) entitled Izhar-e-Aqeedat and another on Hazrat Hasan Mian Sahib (RA) under the title of Sultanul Asheqin. He also started a magazine entitled ‘Niazi’.
He spared four to five hours daily listening to the woes of needy people and people in trouble and tried to resolve their problems. He had hundreds of disciples throughout the country but mostly in Madhya Pradesh where he undertook frequent visits. He visited Pakistan also a number of times to help his disciples there. He kept a veil of secrecy around him in true tradition of his ancestors but there was occasional demonstration of his supernatural powers.
Once while he was in Madhya Pradesh, one of his disciple, Waris, an  electrician himself got a severe electric shock and appeared  to have lost life. Narrating this incident himself he said he then made a special request to Hazrat Imamus Salekeen that in case this person was not revived, he shall stop visiting this area. And the  person got completely cured.
Once a Moulvi Sahib not favourably  inclined towards sufis, came to Hazrat Abid Mian Sahib (RA) along with his wife and mother in law who was required to undergo major surgery on the next day. His wife insisted Mian Sahib to give same holy inscription (Taweez) so that the old lady could get cured without surgery not advisable at her age. And he did oblige them and also gave some medicine. The lady got cured and the doctors were astonished as to how could this be possible without operation.
A few months before his visal, he had started giving indications of his leaving this world. On some occasion he is said to have observed that he had two months time at his disposal and that the day shall be Friday. And it was just after a month  and twenty five days and on Friday that he very quietly breathed  his last on 24th August, 2003 coinciding  with 25 Jamadiual Awwal 1424 A.H. at 2. 10 pm. He had checked time at 1.30 and talked to his family and then lied down.  A little later it was discovered that he is no more. He is buried in the compound of tomb of Hazrat Bibi Gharib Nawaz, his great grand mother.