Hazrat Shah Chirag Gilani (Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih)

Shah Chirag

Syed Abdul Razzaq, popularly known as Hazrat Shah Chirag Gilani
Date of Urs
16-17 Rabi Us Sani
Date of Wasal(Death)
22 Dhu al-Qa dah 1068, 12 Aug 1657
Silsila (Order of Sufism)
Adjacent to Lahore High Court, Mall road Lahore

Hazrat Shah Chirag was a Sufi saint of the Gilani order of Sufism.His real name was Syed Abdul Razzaq and was famous as Baba Shah Chirag((Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih). Title chirag was given to him by his Grand father, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Sani ((Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih) who was also a wali (Friend of Allah).
At the time of his birth, his grandfather said: A Charagh (lamp) has been born in our home that will enlighten our family. So he became called Charagh since the day.

Shah Jahan, the Mugal Emperor was a great believer of Baba gi. Emperor requested Baba Shah Chirag (Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih) to marry Baba Shah Chirag ((Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih) son with his daugter but Baba Shah Chirag ((Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih) refused. 

God blessed Baba Shah Chirag (Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih) with seven sons including Syed Mustafa Gilani (Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih). Syed Mustafa Gilani was also a prominent Wali(Friend of Allah) at his own right. He completed his spiritual training under guidance of his blessed father Baba Shah Chirag ((Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih). 

After having lived a life of piety and virtuosity, Hazrat Baba Shah Chirag (Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih) died on 12 August 1657 ( 22 Dhu al-Qa dah, 1068 according to the Islamic Calendar). 

He was buried near graves of his blessed father and grand father near Lahore High Court. His mausoleum was build through order of Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan, who was a great admirer of Baba Shah Chirag (Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih). 

Inside his mausoleum, there are about seven other graves including Syed Jeven Gilani bin Syed Muhammad Ghos Bala Peer (Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih), Hazrat Zain ul Abideen bin Syed Abdul Qadir Sani(Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih), Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani (Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih) bin Syed Abdul Qadir Salis (Rehmat-ul-Allah alaih) and Syed Abdul Qadir Salis. 
There are also many graves out side his mausoleum including his sons, grandsons and few other nobels. 
At South of your mausoleum, there is a beautiful mosque, built by Nazim of Lahore (At that time) Nawab Bahadur Khan. Mosque have 5 doors and 5 domes.