Hazrat Sahwi Shah Sahib r.a

The city of Hyderabad due to sacred personalities  is called the center of the pious person. Among such holy personalities Hadrat Sahwi Shah is one  all of them and who is so much famous and well known so there is no such personality available in the history of the  Deccan. And who was born this mortal world on the sixth Rajab in the year 1345 Hegira Islamic year corresponding to 23 February 1923 on the Friday. And he has left this earthly world at the age of 56 years on 18th Jamad Thani in the year 1399 Hegira year  corresponding to 15th May in the year 1979 on a Wednesday night.

 His father Hadrat Ghousi Shah named him as per invisible advise and divine inspiration of Hadrat Sheikh Akbar Mohiuddin bin Arabi  as Ahmed ibn Arabi Sahwi and later he was becoming  famous and well known  by name of Hadrat Sahwi Shah in Hyderabad and in all over Indian Sub-continent and as well as in throughout of the world. He was perfect and had good knowledge of the following.

1.Knowledge of Quran.

2.Knowledge of Hadith (sayings of the last prophet of Allah)

3.Fiqh (Islamic law).

   His books became famous throughout the Islamic world and the details of books are  mentioned as follows.

1.Tashriah Tarjuma Quran (Translation of Quran)

  1. Parwar Tafsir (Exegesis of Quran part-wise)

3.Kitab Mubin

4.Bidat Hasna

5.11 Majalis

6.Akas Latif

7.Usul Din

  1. Mauj Hawa

9.Translation of  chapter of Quran Alam Tara   and Wanas in poetry

  1. Ramadan and Roze

11.Sair Abdidat

12.Khun Pare

13.Taqasdus Shair


    Hadrat Abdul Majid Daryabadi and Hadrat Abdullah Sahib has praised him too much for his book Tafsir (exegesis  Quran. As his above books gained too much popularity and fame ,but  also there are many other books are  well known and famous which are mentioned as follows.

1.Bidat Hasna

2.Jawaz Fateha

3.Jawaz Melad

4.Ya Mohammed Kahna Ya Ghouse Kahna Jahiz

   And the above books have been published with different names. Also, his last book Istat Alim Ghaib  and  this book were published with different names and has become most popular. The book  which was written by him 38 years ago Rad Munafiqat was become famous and popular in the world.

     Hadrat Sahwi Shah Sahib for the fulfillment of a condition of  argument  has sent his letters and statements to big powers in the world in this matter and he has pointed them in his letters the mistakes and faults done by them in the world. So in this way, he has fulfilled his right and duties properly and did work properly in the best possible way.

    His  number  of disciples range is very wide  and spread in India, Pakistan, America, Africa and Saudi Arabia.

 The following personalities have been appreciated his Islamic endeavors  and writing of important  his Islamic books.

  1. Moulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi
  2. Moulana Abdus Samad Saram al-Azahari
  3. Semab Akbar Abadi
  4. Moulana Niayaz Fatehpur
  5. Moulana Abdullah Shah Sahib
  6. Moulana Badshah Hussaini
  7. Hadrat Rashid Pasha

   During his life period, Hadrat Sahwi Shah has appointed his successor and given caliphate  to his son Maulana Ghousi Shah and authorized him to accept pledges from the disciples. He was given him special knowledge of Quran, Hadith (saying of the last prophet of Allah), Fiqh (Islamic law)  as well as he was given him some other special knowledge.

    After the demise of the sun of knowledge of Deccan  Hadrat Sahwi Shah, Hadrat Ghousi Shah was fulfilling his duties and his work as well his endeavor of teaching and preaching of Islamic knowledge among the people  since a period of 37 years in Hyderabad  and around Hyderabad  and in  many other places continuously and un-tiring in the best possible way .