Hazrat Musanjaf Ali Sarkar r.a


Hazrat Qibla Hazrat Musajaf Ali Sarkar Alayhi Rahma’s father named his holiness as Musanjaf Ali. There is a great secret behind his name. First thing you would never find any other person with this name before him. Historically ‘‘Musanjaf’’ is the name of the Shield of Lion of Allah, the conqueror of the Jew’s Khyber fort, the Chief Walli-allah inaugurated by Prophet Mohammed SW personally, one and the only Haider-e-Karar Hazrat Ali-ul-Murtaza .

Some people use to pronounce his name as Musajjaf but historically Musanjaf is widely and commonly accepted name.

After He was exposed as a saint in public by Allah He Alayhi Rahma became famous with name of ‘‘Hazrat Qibla Subedar Sahib Alayhi Rahma.’’ He took retirement from Pakistan Army at the rank of subedar-major after declining commission in the army.

He achieved all the spiritual heights a saint can accomplish in his life. His spiritual flight was very high and he conquered all the spiritual pathways (Salooks) but abided by Naqshbandi, Qadri and Qalandri lines (Pathways). He never liked these distinctions and honours to be a part of His (R.E) name due to his simplicity and humbleness.

Hazrat Qibla Subedar Sahib’s Alayhi Rahma peer e tariqat Hazrat Sufi Siddique-e-Akbar Alayhi Rahma whose real name was Hazrat Abdul Ghani (One of the Khalifahs of Pir Qasim Mohrvi of Mohra Sharif ) used to call Him ‘‘Sayein.’’

(Punjabi word used for a saint or a pious /virtuous person).

After Qibla Hazrat Subedar Sahib’s Alayhi Rahma  transfer to other world His murids (disciples) call Him ‘‘ Baray Sarkar’’ and ‘‘Baba Gee.’’

The present pathway of walliyat towards the north of Pakistan came from India.From Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Auliya Alayhi Rahma it was transferred to Hazrat Pir Qasim Moharvi Alayhi Rahma to Hazrat Pir Nazir Mohrvi to Hazrat Peer Sufi Sidique-e-Akbar (Peer Abdul Ghani Alayhi Rahma ). The honourable and generous Hazrat Peer Sufi Siddique-e-Akbar Alayhi Rahma put this Crown of Walliyat over the head of Qibla Hazrat Subedar Musanjaf Ali Alayhi Rahma who finally passed on to his most pious, virtous and ambitious son Hazrat Sahabzada Haq Khatteb Hussain Ali who is presently renown as ‘Qalander-e-Douran Haq Badshah Sarkar.’

About Hazrat Pir Qasim Mohrvi Alayhi Rahma from Mohra Sharif :

His Holliness Qalander-e-Douran Haq Khatteb Hussain Ali Badshah Sarkar . His selfless and voluntary mission to alleviate the suffering of the poor, the distraught and the ailing people is very well known and deeply appreciated in religious, spiritual and the social circles both nationally and internationally. Most of the renowned saints of time regularly and frequently seek divine guidance and faiz from him.

It is to note that the real spiritual peer for Qibla Hazrat Suberdar Sahib Alayhi Rahmais the King of all Wallis Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Alayhi Rahma .Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Alayhi Rahma directly guided him bestowed him with the honour of Ilm ul La-dunnah with enormous generosity.

Qibla Hazrat Subedar Sahib Alayhi Rahma belongs to eminent Syed family and the family chain finally links to Hazrat Imam Hussain  through his grandmother.

His both parents were Walli-Allahs. His mother’s name was Hazrat Bibi Ameer-un-Nisa  and His father’s name was Hazrat Meer Khan Alayhi Rahma.

His honourable grandfather’s name was Hazrat Jaffar Ali Alayhi Rahma. He was considered to be one of the elders of the society and people use to get guidance from him in all kind of problems. It is being said that he used to have divine guidance from Allah and all of His predictions used to be very true. He was very well respected saint of his time. He was very charitable person and owned majority of land of his village Balawara Sharif. In his life he lent his land to the poor and needy people and never claimed it back.

His grandmother’s name was Syeda Hazrat Bibi Nawa . She was very pious and sanctimonious walliya and was very close to Allah. Once she woke up early in the morning to offer Tahajjut Namaz in Ramzan-ul-Mubarak and was making wouzu in a small spring near her house (The spring is still running in the basement of Astana Aliya Balawara Sharif) Suddenly She noticed that everything around her including the big tall trees have fallen in to a state of Sajda. Very quickly she realized that it was the moment of ‘Acceptance of Dua’ in the night of Qadr (Shab-e-Qadr). She immediately spread her hands and prayed to Allah to send a great Walli-Allah in her family who would be incomparable to his contemporaries. her pray came true in form of descent of Qibla Hazrat Subedar Sahib Alayhi Rahma.

As it is being mentioned that her grandmother was very pious woman, he knew about the timings of her death and decided to spend last forty days of her life in isolation (Chillah) in Allah’s ibadat. She ordered not to let any male enter in her room during that time. As soon as she finished her day 40 in isolation she passed away. She was so close to Allah that He had given her power to see the spirits/jinnat and often use to hit them with stick when they use to steal eatables from home.

Qibla Subedar Sahib Alayhi Rahma grandfather and grandmother died before his birth. His respected mother left this world when He Alayhi Rahma was just approximately eight years old and father ascended to his creator when Qibla Hazrat Subedar Sahib Alayhi Rahma was in his teens.

Qibla Hazrat Subedar Musanjaf Ali Sarkar Alayhi Rahma was born approximately in 1932 in village Balawara Sharif, Tehsil Kotli Sattian, Ditrict Rawalpindi in Pakistan. The name of the village Balawara Sharif is after the name of Qibla Hazrat Subedar Musanjaf Ali Sarkar’s Alayhi Rahma great-great grandfather Hazrat Balawal Khan Alayhi Rahma  who was renown elder of the tribal family ‘Jamial.’

The village Balawara Sharif is located in Northern hemisphere of Pakistan in province Punjab at the distance of 65 kilometres from the capital city Islamabad and almost 40 kilometres from City Murree. Strategically it is very important locality of the subcontinent, which opens doors of Pakistan towards Kashmir, India, Afghanistan and China.

This village Balawara Sharif joins the mountains of Himalayas in the north through neighbouring Kashmir and the city Murree while in south it joins the twin city Islamabad / Rawalpindi.