Hazrat Moizuddin Turkey Kohir R.A

Moulana Moizuddin’s real name is Syed Mohammed, but he was becoming very famous with the name of Moizuddin Turkey. He was a great scholar and a famous Sufi saint of his time. It is a well known fact that he was king of Turkistan and  he  had left   Turkistan in the search of right path of Allah and in his search in this matter he had reached Delhi  and became a disciple of Hazrat Khaja  Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi.

   Due to  his hard endeavours and great efforts of  worship he had become the special disciple of the Sheikh and the Sheikh was taken  great care of his spiritual progress  and for this reason he had attained greater heights of mastery in the Sufism and he had passed many mystical stages of Islam and work hard for the progress and preaching of  work Islam in the foreign land.

    His name as Ghulam Musrur was recorded in the book of disciples of Hazrat Khaja Nizamuddin Auliya. For many years he was under guidance and spiritual training of Hazrat Khaja Nizamuddin Auliya and he was benefitted greatly during his stay  in Delhi in the  company of  Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. As per order of his Sheikh he was  proceeding towards Deccan (South of India) for the propagation  and preaching  work of Islam in the areas which are near  to  Hyderabad   in his old age.

   During his stay in Delhi he had become close friends of Tajuddin Najfi.  When Moizuddin Turkey  proceeded towards Deccan  so Tajuddin Najfi also accompanied with him there along with Shabuddin Surherwardi and along with his many disciples .

   Upon reaching there they began the preaching and propagation  work  of Islam successfully and become  very famous there due to their great efforts and  hard endeavours for the preaching  and propagation of  religion of Islam in the areas of Deccan.  At that time the name of Kohir was  known as Ankharapatanam and which was ruled by  Raja Pratap and his capital was Warangal. The  Raja had constructed  an underground tunnel from Warangal to Kohir. At that time  Kohir City was part of  the  Bahmani kingdom  of Bider. When Raja Pratap  revolted against Bider kingdom then Sultan Hasan Gangu marched  towards Kohir to  fight against him  but he was unable to defeat Raja Pratap in the war so the sultan was very  much worried  and upset with this  matter. When he heard about  Moulana Moizuddin Turkey and  Moulana Tajuddin Najfi’s names and fame for  the spiritual heights in Sufism and mystical progress so he had approached them at their place and requested them for their prayers for the success in the war against  Raja Pratap of Warangal. They have accepted his request and proceeded to Bider along with him .

   When Sultan Hasan  Gangu Bahmani of Bider   proceed  along with his military  for the campaign  against Raja Pratap of Warangal  so these great Sufi masters along with Shabuddin Suherwardi were also accompanied by  the military men of the  sultan. The army proceeded towards Kohir via Shaikhupura and at that time that place (Shaikhupura) was the  border  post of Raja Pratap  and at Shaikhpura  Raja  Pratap was  camping there with his 40,000 strong  army men  and there  fierce  war was taking place  between Raja Pratap and  Sultan Hasan Gangu Bahmani  in which  Sheikh Shehabuddin Suherwardi and Tajuddin Najafi were killed fighting  bravely for the cause of Islam and  its propagation . Due to the kind prayers of Moizuddin Turkey and Tajuddin Najfi,  Sultan Hasan Gangu Bahamani  was  becoming successful in the war against  Raja  Pratap of Kakatiya Kingdom of Warangal.

   Upon the death of  Moulana Tajuddin Najfi in the war  Moulana Moizuddin  Turkey had called his son from Najaf and  upon  arrival of  his son   Tajuddin  from Najaf  the Sultan had granted him the title of “ Ainul Muluk” and also given  him  length of land equal to 342 bed spreads along with his royal  decree  with seal and signature. But he did not accept  anything from the royal grants. He was uncle and teacher  of Hazrat Khaja Bande Nawaz of Gulberga as well follower of the  Sufi order of Quaderia and Chisti.

   The name of Kohir was Ankharapatan and there was one mountain of diamonds at that place  and for this reason Moizuddin named it  Kohe Hera (The mountain of diamonds )  and due too much usage of this  place name it had  changed as  Kohir instead of Kohe Hera. No information about marriage , his sons and daughters are available so it is said that he had no successors  and for this reason there were no trustees from his family members  are coming to the holy shrine at Kohir Sharif  and from the above information it is also  clear that he was died as single without marrying.  In the history records his date of his death is not available and it is said that he left the world on the 15th Jamadil Akhir but the year is not available. The annual Urs (death anniversary ) is celebrated every year on 15th Jamadil Akhir on the large scale with so many good arrangements  and  there will be a large number of attendance of devotees  from many corners of Deccan (Hyderabad ) and from other neighbouring  states of Karnataka and  Maharastra  as well as  from other areas of India.His grave is situated in the open ground near the Kohir city.  At the time of the annual Urs  (death anniversary)   large number of visitors usually visit his holy  grave  from all communities .

    On Urs (death anniversary ) ceremony  and on  all other weekdays  the visitors in large numbers will visit  the shrine and pray Allah for the fulfilment of their desires and wishes  for the sake of the Sheikh’s name

    There is one  grave near his holy shrine which is said  to be  his spiritual teacher and on the  left side of his  grave there are many graves which are said to be the graves of his followers and servants and from their lineage the trustees are   coming  and who are  doing their service at the holy shrine for the benefits  of  the visitors round the clock.