Hazrat Mohammad Ibn Sammak r.a

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He was great worshiper and mystic saint as well as a great preacher.He was popular in the private as well as in the general persons.

Maruf Karqi was a great admirer of his good preaching. The caliph Haroun Al-Rashid was also his great admirer. He told him “Oh : Haroun, honor of mysticism is great honor.”

He used to say the meaning of humility which is as follows. “The man should think himself low and he also told the example of persons who were passed away from the world are like medicines from which the persons were used to get cure but the  example  of persons  of present time are like pain who are making healthy persons un- healthy.”

He told “In the past the preachers think preaching a difficult task is same like the persons of present time find difficulty to act upon the knowledge. In the present time there is shortage of learned people like the shortage of preachers in the past.”

Ahmed Huwari told once I took his urine to the doctor when he was ill and the doctor was a fire worshiper. When I was returning back from him and met a pious person on the  way  and  that  person  asked  me  from  where  I  was coming back? When I explained him all the details then that  person  told  me;  “It  is  very  strange  that  Allah’s beloved person is taking help from his enemy. So tell him to put the hand on place of pain and recite this verse. “Awouzo  Billahi  Minash  Shaitanir  Rajim  Wa  Bilhaqqi Nazalna  Wa  Bilhaqqi  Nazal.”  So  when  I  came  back  to him and explained him all the details which happened on the  way.  He  recited  the  verse  and  put  the  hand  on  the

place  of  pain  and  he  was  recovered  from the  illness  at once and told him he was Khizer (as). At his last time he told “Oh :Allah at the time of doing sin I used to love your beloved  friends  so  for  this  reason  help  me  and  forgive me.”  When  the  persons  asked  him  to  marry  then  he replied it was difficult for him to face two Satans (devils). Upon his death the persons asked him in the dream how Allah blessed him and he replied them “Allah blessed him but  he  could  not  get  the  position  of  persons  who  are married in that world and suffered difficulties to maintain them.”