Hazrat Memshad Denuri r.a

He was famous saint for the pity and mysticism. He got knowledge in the company of many Mashaiqs  (sheikhs) and for this reason he was respected greatly by the people. As per historians he died in the year 299 A.H.

He used to keep the doors of his shrine always closed and no body was allowed to enter it. If he heard any knock on the door of the shrine then he used to ask are you travelers or local person.? If he would  find  the travelers then  he used to open the door otherwise for the local persons it is kept closed for all time.

During the traveler’s stay in the shrine he used to treat them greatly with his whole heartedness. If  any  person visits from the local residents then he would return them by saying that with your stay there will be love and affection with me and so at the time of your leaving it will be a matter of difficult thing for me.

Some persons asked him to pray for him then he replied him to reach into the court of Allah and said my prayers are not needed there. So that persons told him I do not know the court of Allah? And if you want to  send  me there then please inform me the address and its place. He told him that “The court of Allah is there where your existence will be finished.” When that person  heard  his reply then he went  to the lonely place and started remembrance of Allah. So Allah blessed him with great felicity.

Once there was dangerous flood came over there and all houses of the city drowned into the water but his shrine was on the higher level so there was no damage of water and for this reason all persons of the city over there for the shelter and stayed there. At that time he saw that person who came over there by sitting on his prayer  mat  and which was floating on the water. So he asked him “How



he got such higher position”. And he has replied him that “All this was due to his bounty and  due  to  its  miracle Allah freed me from all relations and all which you are looking here is due to your prayers only.”

When he heard this and he told “Now I come to know that for indigent person the endeavours are must and necessary things.” After this event he decided that he will not make fun of any darwesh person.

He used to tell that “Once a darwesh asked him if he likes then he will prepare halwa (sweet) for  him?  And when I heard this then he suddenly told him that what is relation in between devotion and halwa (sweet)?

When that darwesh heard this he left my place by telling what relation  is in  between devotion and halwa (sweet) and he reached in the jungle and died  there.  When  he came to know the details of the event, so for this reason he repented in this matter.”

He told once he was in debts for some money so he was worried in this matter and heard a divine call in his dream in which it was told that “Oh : miser we will pay all your debts so why you are worried for such small amounts of loan? And all for your needs it is your work to take the loans and it is our duty to settle your loan amounts.” After that he never asked the debtors for the loan amounts details and he used to pay loan amounts as per their demand.

His golden sayings are too many and so it is very difficult and tough task to gather all of them.

He told there are many kinds of idols.



Some person worship idols of their souls. Some person worship idols of their wealth.

Some person worship idols of their wives and children. Some person worship their industry and business.

Some persons worship their Prayers and Zakat (religious tax as a basic in function of Islam).

From the above sayings we can know well that all creations are busy in the worship of some thing or other and nobody is free from such worships. But such person

will not be called the worshiper one who will not follow

his soul’s good and bad deeds because he  will  always scold his soul. It is must for the disciple to do service to his master and respect his brothers.

One should follow Sunnah (the practice) of the holy prophet by leaving all desires of his souls.  He  told  “I never met any pious person unless I could not leave all of my knowledge and experience. Upon leaving the above things when I reached in the company of pious persons and heard their sayings then I benefited due to their blessings.”

Due to the above reasons Allah blessed me and has granted me higher status. He told “If one person who met with pious person even with some lesser pride and  ego then for him the pious person’s company and sayings are useless for him.” He told “In the company of any pious person there will be peace and goodness in the heart and

in  the  company  of  mischievous  persons  there  will  be

tribulations and problems in the heart.

There are following three reasons of the worries.



  1. To like prohibited things as per the saying of the holy prophet that the persons like such things which are prohibited for them.
  2. 2. To know the  events  of  the  persons  who  are  passed

away from the world.

  1. For the waste of the present time which is available with him.”

He told such time is better for us in which we are near to Allah and away from the creations. To clear such things from the heart which are liked by the creations because such things are not good for us. If one person who gather wisdom and good deeds of the pious persons who were passed away from the world and claim himself as pious person then he will not have the higher status of pious person because Marafat (the knowledge of Allah) require indigence and requisites by saying Allah, Allah. He told there are three kinds of Marafat (the knowledge of Allah) for which one  should study the  following things and  to think how such things were created by Allah.

  1. To think about all matters.
  2. 2. Destiny.
  3. Creations.

He told the meaning of jameh is that and it is added in tauhid (unity of Allah) and tafriq (dissension) is that for which Shariah Law (Islamic law) differed it and not approved it.

The way of Allah is far away and it is very difficult to

have patience on it and there are problems and difficulties on  it.  Its  meaning  is  that  to  get  the  knowledge  is  very



difficult thing and on its way it is very difficult to have patience  for  the  troubles  and  difficulties.  He  told  wise persons get wisdom by thinking and by following silence. The  souls  of  the  prophets  are  busy  in  revelation  and observation.  The  souls  of  truthful  persons  are  in  the nearness of Allah. He told “While cleansing the heart one should do the acts which are liked by Allah and to keep away from the mankind is called mysticism.”

He told “The mysticism is in between choice and un- choice and the name of it is called expression. To leave un-necessary things is also called mysticism. To leave the thing which is liked by soul and heart is called trust.” He told “To pray  in the condition of hungers and  to  sleep when there is no energy is called indigence. Allah does not keep the darwesh person free from the following things.

  1. To give him strength.
  2. 2. Or send death on him.
  3. So that he will be free from all troubles and difficulties.”

At the time of his death the persons asked how are you.?

Then he told them what you are asking with me.? The persons told him to say kalima (Islamic creed) so he changed his direction towards the wall and told “I finished myself fully for your sake and so this is the reward of keeping you as my friend.” He told again  “Since  thirty years the heaven was presenting before me but he never liked it. And since three years I have lost my heart but I never wished for its recovery as truthful persons wish to



annihilate their hearts in the personality of Allah.” He said this and died.