Hazrat Mansur ibn ‘Ammar r.a

He was from Iraq and  a great saint who was famous for revelation and preaching . For this   reason many of saints described his qualities.

  The reason of his fame is that once he  got a paper on the way on which it was written  Bis Milla Irrehman Nirrahim.( In the name of Allah the most beneficent  and merciful ) .For the sake of respect he   made a pill from the paper and swallowed it and in the same night he heard  in his dream in which Allah told him that “ He will widen the means for  his wisdom  and sagacity  as he    respected his  name.” After that for a long time he was busy in preaching  and propagation of Islam.

 A wealthy person  sent his slave to the bazaar to bring some thing for him from there but the slave was joined the meeting in which he was preaching. There was a poor derwesh ( mystic) person so Mansur   told the gathering to pay four dirhams to that darwesh and for this he will pray for them for their  four wishes. The slave who was going to the bazaar with four dirhams and he was given four dirhams to that  darwesh . Upon this Mansur   asked the slave “ Which  prayers he wanted.”

The slave h   told  him that  “ First he wanted to be free and

Second  may Allah grant   repentance for his master , and

third he should get reward for  the helping darwesh person  so he may get returned back  his four dirhams .

Fourthly Allah may bless him  and the persons who were  present in this meeting.

So accordingly Mansur   prayed  for the above wishes of the slave. When the slave  reached back to the house of his master  and he was very angry and asked him the reason of his delay.? So the slave   told him all the details and upon hearing the story he  freed him and paid him also  four hundred dirhams and he was repent. In that night the master saw in the dream in which Allah told him that “ Inspite of your bad characters I have blessed you and your slave and the persons who were present in that  meeting and Mansur Amer.”

  During his  preaching meeting   some body presented him  some lines of poetry  and the meaning of which is as follows .

 That one who is not pious one but he is advising others for the pious path is like a doctor who himself is patient but he is  treating the other patients.  

  One night he was passing from a house and heard a voice of hymns “ Oh : Allah I have committed sins  not due to  disobedience  but due to  fraud of the Satan and sole so forgive me due to your grace and kindness.” When he heard this he  read the following  Quranic verse in the un-controlled condition  “ Oh :  the people of faith  protect yourself,  your   family members  and your   sole from the fire of hell . The  men and stones  are  the fuel of hell . ’’  In the next  morning when he was passing from that house and  he   heard some body was weeping so asked the reason for it. They told that some body  recited one verse at the door during the night and when the boy heard the same and due to fear of Allah he was died. When he heard this  he   told “  He was killer of  that boy.”

 Caliph Haroon Al- Rashid  asked him “ Who is great learned person  in the mankind.? And who is a great ignorant man ?”. He   replied that  “ The great learned person   is one who is obedient   and having  fear of Allah. The greatest ignorant man is one who is a poor and sinner .”   “ The heart of mystic saint is the  center of remembrance of Allah. The heart of a person who loves the world   will be  the centre of greed and desires . He   told further that “ There are two kinds of mystic persons . “

First one  who himself takes interest in efforts and mystic exercise .

  Second one is  that person who for the   pleasure   of Allah  joins  the way of rightness and do worship.

How the wisdom acts in the following persons.

  1. Hetold wisdom  speaks  the language of affirmation  in the heart of mystic persons. 

  1. The wisdomspeaks  the  language  of explanation in  the heart of  ascetic person .

  1. In the worshipper’s heart it speaks the language ofguidance.

  1. In the heart of followersit speaks the language of thinking.

  1. In the heart of learned personsit speaks the language of  remembrance of Allah .

     The best person is one whose occupation is worship and his wishes and desires are darweshi (mysticism) and loneliness  and   he will think  about  death and life after the  death and who always think for repentance.

     He   told  that “ The heart is source of light and if the  desire of the world enters into one’s  heart then that  light will finish in him  and darkness will  cover it.’’ One who follows his sole then he will kill himself in this way. One who is not patient on his difficulties then  he will face difficulties in the next world. One who left this world it means worldly matters and   loves   Allah  then he  will never face any grief and the silent man will not face any apology. We should  keep away from any sin and  it is better for us otherwise we will become a great sinner.

    Upon his death Abu Hasab Sherani saw him in his dream and asked him how Allah blessed  him.? He  told “  Allah  blessed him  and asked  him  to do praise and eulogy for him  in presence of angels same as he used to praise and  eulogy for him in the other world.”  

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