Hazrat Khawja Sufi Karamat Hussain (Rahmat Ullah Alaih )


The great Sufi master Hazrat Khawja Sufi Karamat Hussain (Rahmat Ullah Alaih) who was born in a family of saints at Kontzilla Sharif, a town in District Jehlum. His grandfather was a great sufi and Wali-e-Kamil of that time. His birth was result of the prayers of his grandfather. All great saints and Sufis of that time.gave the exhilarating and invigorating news of his birth. He came to Gujranwala for service. Meanwhile he had bai’t on hands of Hazrat Zarrien Zarbakht Khawja Nawabuddin of Mohri Sharif, a great Sufi saint of Naqshbandi Sufi lineage. On that very first day his Murshid gave serene attention to him and revealed his hidden Sufi traits. He had great reverence and respect for his murshid. He had an exemplary life; a life lead in love of murshid. 

When his murshid realized that his disciple is covering salook (Path of Sufism) very quickly, he awarded him with cloak of succession and made him custodian of the great Sufi lineage Naqshbandia Mujaddadiya. He, likewise his predecessors great Sufis, also conveyed the message of peace , love and harmony. He promoted the most desirable traits of love, patience and forbearance.

Thousands of people specially youths changed their lives through his highly amicable way of preaching and educating people. He always attributed his Mureeden (disciples) with name of Sangi which means friend. He preached Islam and its message of peace and love relentlessly, held and presided hundreds of gatherings of Zikr that turned people into business of remembering Allah and praising his beloved Prophet (peace be upon Him).

He served human beings for years, helped them purify their hearts. He used to hold regular gatherings of Zikr weekly, monthly, biannually and annually that also includes Urs-e-Mubarak of The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Whoever came to him he always taught him the right path, the path and Allah and His Prophets and His friends, and educated him the way of remembering Allah and always prayed for them “O Allah , I have done what was unto me, now only You can turn his heart toward You as only You are the Maqlab-ul-Qaloob” (One who can turn hearts).

Before moving to the eternity he performed Hajj and after returning back, with the permission of The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) he appointed his son Hazrat Khawja Muneer Hussain as his successor and custodian of the great Sufi lineage Naqshbandia Mujaddadiya. He announced his life to be 63 years (as conveyed) and finally the time came on 11-1-1981 when he left this world for eternity with remembrance of Allah and praise of His beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him ). He left thousands of disciples and mureedeen. His blessed shrine is located in Gujranwala which is center of spirituality in the region.