Hazrat Khaja Syed Hasan Barhana Shah Saheb r.a

The  land of  Deccan  (South India) has been a great center  for the pious persons   since long time. For this reason many pious persons came over  Hyderabad  for preaching  and propagation work of Islam in this area in large numbers and in all corners of Deccan (South India). Also the land of Deccan (South India ) is known and famous  for the shrines and their great  learning centers of Islam which attracted  the large numbers of local people.  Due to hard their tasks and endeavours of holy saints  in these centers the large number of local  persons not only  embraced  Islam, but many of  them also continued the work of  preaching and propagating of Islam  to their fellow countrymen the right path towards  Allah.  The land of Mehboobnagar district , which is near  Hyderabad is also famous for many pious persons where  many pious persons landed in that place and who did many endeavours  and hard tasks  for the preaching and propagation work of Islam  and due to their efforts and sacrifices  the large number of the  Muslim  population is now available there.

Name and genealogy.

    His name is Syed Hasan and title  is well known and famous as Barhana Shah and he belongs to Sadat (descendant of the holy prophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima) family member and his name  shows this fact. His belong to Iraq. He left his country and reached Delhi and become disciples and a devotee of Hazrat Sufi Sarmast and also he got his caliphate from him. As per his master’s style he used to live always naked condition  and for this reason his title of Barhana Shah has  become famous and well known. His name has also become famous with this name and in the Deccan (South India) he is well known and famous as Sarmast of Deccan.

 The march of army of Aurangzeb Almgir.

   He was alive at the time of arrival of Hazrat Yousuf Sahib and Sharif Sahib to Hyderabad. When Aurangzeb Alamgir’s army  was marched  from the tank Bund of Mir Alam Mir Jumla to  the fort of Golconda and in that army two great Qutubs (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) Hazrat Yousuf Sahib and Hazrat Sharif Sahib  were also present there. Due to the above reason he was asked a piece cloth from his disciple and covered his body with that cloth.Upon passing away of the  royal army of Aurangzeb Alamgir  from there he returned  cloth to  the disciple. The people  were surprised  to see his action and requested him what is the reason of covering his body upon arrival  of  the royal  army  of  Aurangzeb Alamgir?.He asked one  of his disciples to put his head  into his armpit and said there should be shame from  the human beings and not from   the animals. The person who had put his head into his armpit  said except Hazrat Yousuf sahib and Sharif Saheb  he saw all  royal army men  in the shapes of animals.

   His name is Syed Shah Burhanuddin Mahboob Sarherwardi  and his title (Alqab) is known as  Barhana Badashah. He belongs to the lineage of the holy family of the prophet of Islam and Hazrat Ali, who was the fourth  caliph of Allah’s last prophet. His native place is in Iraq. He was landed in India directly from Iraq  and he has  reached  to  Delhi . As per  the records in Delhi he became the disciple of Hazrat Sufi Sarmad  and did many endeavours and hard tasks there  and for the this reason Hazrat Sufi Sarmad  had granted  him the cloak of honour and given him permission  to guide the disciples and general persons towards the right path  of Allah.

Arrival  in the  Deccan (South India).

   He  arrived in the Deccan (South India) in the reign of Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah of Golconda Kingdom. At that time there was great ignorance which prevailed in the  area . He was settled down four miles  away  on the eastern side of Hyderabad city and now in that place his holy mausoleum is situated which is known as  a great blessed place to the citizens of  Hyderabad and other neighbouring areas.


   He was famous for his  following qualities.1.Majzub (one lost in divine meditation).2.Revelation. 3.Miracles.The people of the Deccan (South India) have complete faith  and devotion with him so for this reason they used to  visit him and get the favour and blessing of him. He was a great lover of Allah so for this reason he was always immersed and ecstatic in the love of Allah and he was a man of great miracles.Since long time the peoples of Hyderabad are extremely devoted to him. His mausoleum  in Hyderabad which is famous since long time for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit  his  mausoleum  there. During his life time large number of people of Hyderabad will come to see him and greatly benefitted by his prayers and  also  benefitted  in his holy company.


   During  his time once the gardener of Nawab Ma’ali Parst Khan, who was a minister of the Sultan Qutub Shah of Golconda kingdom  came to see him  and told  him that “ Hazrat my wife is pregnant and the delivery time is very near and I do not have any money with me  and I am very poor. Frustrated by my poverty, I have come to see you. You please Hazrat have mercy on me.”  Hazrat was in a state of ecstasy at that time and said “ Go ; Allah Ta Ala will help you.” On hearing this the gardener happily returned  back to his home. When he entered his house he was coming to know the good news that a son was born. He has seen Anol (navel string) in the plate and so the gardener went outside of the house and went into the garden to dig  the soil to bury the Anol (navel string) and  upon digging the soil he got a cauldron full of gold. He was sure that he had received this cauldron through the blessing  of the prayers of Hazrat Barahana Shah (May Allah shower his mercy on him) and  after some time he mentioned this to the minister as well. The minister had three wives, but  there were no children. He came to see Hazrat Barhana Shah (May Allah shower his mercy on him) and  requested him for children.  Hazrat said  “ The Lord Almighty is going to grant.” He gave  Nawab a cup of water or some  juice . The Nawab respectfully drank it immediately. And due to the prayers of Hazrat Barhana Shah (May Allah shower his mercy on him)  he got children from his three  wives.

Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah’s Surprise.

   One day Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah has asked Nawab Ma’ali Parst Khan how many children he has? So he has replied him that ,  I  do not know in this matter so I will ask my secretary and will inform you by tomorrow and present the list to you. The Sultan was laughing at this matter and  with surprise, he has asked him “ Khan Sahib before you do not have any children  and  now you have a large number of children and about their numbers you do not know and how it  was becoming possible.? So Khan has explained him all details of his story and blessing of  Baba Barhana Shah in this matter.

 The Sultan’s presence in the court of Barhana Sahib.

   Upon hearing all details of  the event of Nawab Ma’ali Parst Khan an idea came into  the mind of the Sultan Abdulla Qutub Shah that he should present himself in the court of Baba Barhana Sahib and ask for his prayer for grant of  male children. As there was no male child born  so for the reason Sultan was much upset and worried in this matter. So Sultan has sent Khan Sahib to see Baba Barhana Sahib for his request of male child so Sheikh has replied him to send Begum Saheba in the shrine. As Sultan  was willing to have a male child so Sultan went along his Begum Saheba and with some other companions  were entered into the shrine of Barhana Sahib. For their stay, two small tents were arranged. In one tent Sultan and  his companions were staying and in another one Begum Sahiba was staying in, which Barhana Sahib  was entered  and he started  meditation there. An idea came  into mind of sultan to find out the secret in this matter so he cut the  some part of tent’s cloth  in which his Begum Saheba  was there and he watched that Barhana Sahib was  busy in meditation and Begum Saheba was sleeping on the bed with small children. Upon Sultan’s look into the tent the small baby was suddenly disappeared from there and Begum Saheba  while  crying  she stood from the bed and she began weeping. So this was  secret of Allah,  which Sultan has observed  in the tent. Upon observation of the secret by the Sultan and for this reason Sheikh has finished his meditation and left the tent immediately.

   In the early morning of next day Sultan has visited Sheikh Saheb and request him to pardon for his great mistake in this matter and requested him with great humility for his prayer for children for him. So Sheikh told him you did mistake due to your haste in this matter as we have already prayed for continuance of your lineage till the day of the judgment, but you have tried to find the secret of Allah in this matter  and for this mistake you have lost your desire and wish. Upon hearing this Sultan left  the shrine area with great disappointment and sorrow and proceeded towards the capital of the kingdom of Golconda and till his  life he could not forget and miss this great loss which occurred to him due to his mistake in this matter.


   He was passed away from this world on 16th  Jamadi  Al-Awwal 1097 Hegira. His blessed mausoleum   is  situated at the place where he used to stay in his life.

    He was perfect  in the following things. 1.Secrets of truth.2.Source of knowledge of Allah.

    He  was  a great lover and  devotee of Allah   and he has spent his  most  part of life   in the condition  of starvation and also he  has spent the whole nights in the worship and meditation of Allah. He was a great pious person of miracles and Kashaf (revelations ). He was a beloved and sincere servant of Allah.


   He was born in Iraq in the year 1119 Hegria. He was a great pious personality and he was the Qutub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) of his time  and belongs to the great order of Sufi masters of Saherwardi. There are many miracles and events which he did in the area of the Deccan (South India) which helped for the propagation and preaching  work of Islam.

   He was used to  cover his half lower body with  the cloth  to hide his  great Velayat (saintliness) and for this reason he was well known as  Barhana Badasha and for this reason he got this title. It is a well known fact which is heard  from the pious persons of olden  time  that he used to walk some time  with a  small  plate on earth  with a fire in which he used to pour the soil and  due to this reason there will be  the fragrance of aloes wood and incense  which will spread on the way for some time. The people of his time have reported that  he was always in the grand  majestical condition.

    When he will use  to blow  on the grass, then there will arise fire on it and when used to blow second time then the fire will diminish immediately.  Whenever he used to take a rest,  then he will use  to sleep on the thorns. And he used to walk on water of the well, which is located near his  mausoleum.  It has been famous for a long time  that   during the time of  the spread of epidemics like plague, cholera and  bubonic  plague the citizen of Hyderabad used to visit him during his life time and get relief due to his  blessing.

   Even after his death the citizen of Hyderabad during the time of the spread of the epidemics used to visit his mausoleum and pray for his sake and get relief of the diseases. This clearly shows his great miracle for the relief of the epidemic diseases in and around the city of Hyderabad.


   At the age of 72 years he left the world in the year 1191 Hegira at 1.00 A.M.  in the night time. There is no death for pious and holy personalities of Allah, but as per the rules and regulations Allah transfer them one place to another and  as another world is better than this world and its transfer is well known as the death or the end of  the life.

    In the olden days it was the  practice in Hyderabad  city  that   the water of the well of the shrine is used for bathing for the bride and bridegroom  then  the marriage procedures will be commenced.

   Before the police action in Hyderabad  the Sandal Ceremony will be organized by the government of Hyderabad with  special arrangements of  the Kings of Hyderabad Government on the large  and grand scale and which will attract  the largest number of people  of Hyderabad as well as nearby and faraway places.The grand mausoleum and big shrine was re-constructed by the present  trustee of the shrine Mr. Mohamed Ghouse Pasha Quadri  some years ago.

The Urs (death anniversary).

   Every  year on the 16th  Jamidal Awwal the Urs ceremony is celebrated and  the lights are illuminated on the mausoleum. On this occasion people from various walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble to celebrate the Urs (death anniversary) which takes place on the above dates of Muslim calendar at the famous mausoleum of Syed Shah Barhana Sahib every year. Several hundred thousand devotees from near and far, irrespective of religion and beliefs, gather  there to seek blessings.

   During the Urs (death anniversary) time the visitors in large number will visit the shrine for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of  the Sheikh’s name. In this way the above ceremony will be arranged on a grand scale  and the visitors will visit the mausoleum from near and far away places in large numbers will visit  the shrine and pray Allah for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes  for the sake of the Sheikh’s name. The Urs (death anniversary) ceremony is being performed by the trustee of the shrine every year in  the best possible manner in the comfort and  best service to the visitors of the shrine.